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What is Single Use Restricted PS5?

What is Single Use Restricted PS5 and Unrestrict My PS5 Account

PS5 has been out for almost three years, and Sony’s newest console shows no signs of slowing down. Sony PlayStation gaming consoles are products that do not need any advertisement or marketing to get you sales. Unfortunately, the high demand for PS5 games has caused a shortage in the market, making them very challenging to acquire.

Apparently, Walmart, a global retailer, came into the idea of ‘Single Use Restricted PS5‘ for such situations. In recent months, Walmart has become one of the most common places for shoppers to see PlayStation units.

What does Single Use Restricted PS5 mean?

If you have logged on to the Walmart website to get the PS5 product, you might find out that they sell only a single-use restricted PlayStation 5 console, even for customers using Walmart’s EBT Card. So, what exactly does that mean for you?

With the advancement of technology these days, hackers are getting more intelligent. They are making use of the bots to purchase from the Walmart website. These bots are often used by unscrupulous dealers who want to make some profits at the expense of others. It can harm the authenticity of genuine buyers who want to get the gaming console themselves.

To overcome this situation, Walmart has used the Single Use Restricted PS5 purchase process for genuine buyers. You can get one product per family. That means they send you a link when you request to purchase the product. When you want to order the PS5 console, you have to submit that link to do so.

Note: Sony confirms the PlayStation 5 crisis is over, and customers can expect improved availability.

Why is Walmart Selling Single Use Restricted PS5?

Walmart has implemented a Single Use Restricted PS5 method that uses private links to limit each account to purchase only one unit of the PlayStation 5. This helps to curb bot activity. When you receive a notification stating that your cart has been reserved, you can proceed with your purchase at your convenience.

The Single Use Restricted PS5 has been introduced to give real people a fair chance at buying the console amid high demand. This method helps to prevent resellers from using bots to purchase bulk quantities and sell them at inflated prices on other e-commerce sites like eBay.

How do I Unrestrict my PS5 account?

If you’re wondering how to remove restrictions from your PS5 account, here’s how to change your console restriction passcode:

Step 1: Sign in as the family manager on the PS5 console.

STEP 2: Navigate to the “Settings” menu.

STEP 3: Within the “Settings” menu, select “Family and Parental Controls.”

Family and Parental Controls PS5

STEP 4: Locate and choose “PS5 Console Restrictions.”

STEP 5: You will be prompted to enter the existing console restriction passcode. If you haven’t set one previously, the default passcode is 0000.

ps5 Console Restriction Passcode

STEP 6: Select “Change Your Console Restriction Passcode.”

Is the PS5 stock crisis resolved?

Recent news from Sony indicates that the shortage of PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles has been resolved. Sony has stated that customers should no longer experience any difficulties locating the console’s stock, and this improvement is expected to be applicable globally. PS5 availability will, however, be largely determined by location, retailer, and model preference.


Can you get a PS5 via scalpers?

This decision entirely depends on you. You can proceed if you are willing to shell out the required amount and are confident about the dealer. Ensure the dealer or scalper is reliable and provides real stuff.

You may want to go with somebody who has purchased products from the individual. That is the best way to ensure you will not get conned. Scalpers are not reliable or genuine people.

They deal with dark shades that make them even bolder to do the same. But not all of them are unreliable. Some are genuine and provide the goods if you pay them inflated prices.


By introducing the Single-use Restricted PS5, Walmart has addressed the issue of bots and resellers snatching up consoles, leaving genuine buyers empty-handed or forced to pay inflated prices. This purchasing method distinguishes real buyers from bots by providing a unique single-use purchase link.

While this doesn’t guarantee a purchase, it does provide genuine buyers with a fair chance of securing the highly sought-after PS5, so it is imperative to act swiftly when stocks become available.

FAQs on Single Use Restricted PS5

Does Walmart have a limit on PlayStation 5?

Walmart has limited their sale of the PlayStation 5 to only one per person or household. Besides, when you want to get it for your household, you must have a PSN account and be signed in on

Why is the price of PS5 higher than the retail price of Walmart?

There is no specific answer to that question at the moment. Several users sell their consoles to outsiders at a higher price. PS5 models are sold on the black market for more. You may also be eligible for a discount if you have a Walmart+ membership, so you can buy one for $500 if you belong.  

Can someone lock a PS5?

Yes, it is possible to lock a PS5 communication restriction. It is usually done as a parental control for your kids. If you do not want your kids to play with adult content or view unwanted content, then you can do how to change age restrictions on PS5.

What are PS5 console restrictions?

The PS5 console restrictions are enabled on your console, so your kid or child does not watch unwanted content. As a parent, you get to choose the restriction levels for your children.

How To Change Age Restrictions On PS5?

Go to Settings > Parental Controls/Family Management > Family Management. To set age restrictions for a child’s family member, choose their profile and select the feature you want to adjust.

How To Turn Off Communication Restrictions On PS5?

To stop receiving messages, follow these steps: Go to “User and account > Other > Console sharing and offline play” in your settings. Disable sharing and save the settings. This will log you out. Once you log back in, enable the setting again.

How do I reset my PS5 console restriction passcode?

To access your PS5 console, the initial passcode is set to 0000 (four zeros). You can alter the passcode by navigating to the “PS5 Console Restrictions” menu, selecting “Change Your Console Restriction Passcode PS5” with the X button, entering the present passcode, and then choosing a new one when prompted.