[Solution] Walmart EBT Online Not Working?

Walmart is everyone’s first go-to option for online grocery shopping. Founded in the year 1962, this American-based multinational retail company has established itself as a top-level grocery retail company.

For 50+ years now, Walmart has delivered the best customer service and experience. The reason for the popularity of Walmart among its consumers and the people of America is its discounted price. 

The second reason behind Walmart’s success as people’s first choice of online grocery shopping is the convenience of payment. Apart from cash payments, Walmart accepts most payment methods, from credit cards to debit cards. It also accepts checks, EBT, and SNAP credits.

But wait, Walmart customers have recently started complaining about the issues with the EBT payment mode. The internet is filled with various issues about Walmart EBT online not working and how to fix the Walmart EBT payment option.

In this blog, we have decided to help you with your Walmart EBT not working online problem. So, to know more about the steps, read further and tune in with our blogs as we have shared a short guide to help you with your online EBT payment trouble.

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Why is Walmart.com EBT not working?

There could be various reasons why your EBT funds are not working at the Walmart online website, application, or even the physical store. With the following points, we will help you to understand the possible reasons why Walmart EBT delivery not working. 

  • EBT Card is expired: One of the most common reasons why Walmart services are not accepting your EBT funds could be that the card is expired and isn’t working anymore. In that case, you will have to get your card renewed. 
  • The Walmart Server is Down: Although it is rare to accept a down server trouble from a company as big and popular as Walmart. But it is probable to happen. There could be various reasons that can cause the server to be down for a certain period of time. In that case, try again after some time, and once the server is live again, you can then use your EBT funds to do your monthly grocery shopping from Walmart’s online store.
  • Multiple Cache to your Walmart Application: It is quite possible that the problem is not with the Walmart store or your EBT funds. Maybe the reason why your Walmart app EBT not working is that there are multiple cache files gathered in your device’s application. In this case, you can either clear the cache from the app info settings or simply uninstall your Walmart application and then reinstall and log in with your credentials.
  • Weak Internet Connectivity: Another reason why EBT not working on the Walmart app could be the weak or unstable internet connection. As irregular network connectivity might trouble you while trying to use EBT funds for Walmart shopping.
  • Activate your EBT Card: Another probable reason why your EBT card is not working at the Walmart store could be that the card is not activated. If that is so, you won’t be able to purchase the products or make the payments anywhere from your EBT card. To activate your EBT card, you will have to generate the unique pin with the help of your respective OTP code or mobile number.
  • Check if your selected items are available for Order: Sometimes Walmart doesn’t support you to order certain items, as they might be out of stock or there could be some possible trouble in delivering that item. In such cases, recheck if Walmart is allowing you the purchase such products.
  • Make sure your EBT Card is connected to your Account: This is the apparent reason why you can’t use your EBT card if it is not connected to your Walmart account in the first place. In such cases, try adding your EBT card and linking it to your Walmart account. 

How to Use EBT Card while shopping on Walmart online store?

What if you are having trouble to do checkout your order at Walmart Online shopping because your EBT card is not yet connected with the Walmart database. In that case, follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to connect your Walmart online store with your EBT card.

  1. Step one: First of all, login or sign up to your Walmart delivery account with your credentials.
  2. Now click on the ‘payment methods’ options in the menu sections.
  3. Click on the Add your EBT card option.
  4. Now enter your EBT card credentials and click save.
  5. Your EBT card is now added to your Walmart account.

With these steps, you can easily shop at Walmart.com. And these steps might also help you solve the walmart.com EBT not working online problems.


Does Walmart accept EBT payments?

Yes, Walmart is one of the most customer-friendly e-commerce websites. It enables its customers to use EBT-based payment methods. To use EBT cards at the online Walmart store, one can refer to our ‘how to use EBT card while shopping on Walmart online store’ section of the blog.

What things can you buy with an EBT card at the Walmart store?

Many EBT cardholders don’t know that there are certain items that Walmart refrains its customers from purchasing. With the EBT cards, a user can only buy regular grocery or food items from the online Walmart online or offline store. 

These items include bread, cereals, dairy products, packaged food products, snacks, personal care essentials, medicines, alcoholic beverages, fruits or vegetables, raw meats, eggs, pets’ food, etc.

Though if you are buying some other items and the EBT card is declining the payment, make sure that the item is purchasable with an EBT card. If not, try removing the item from your cart before attempting for final checkout.

Can you use the EBT card option at Walmart pickup and delivery locations?

A common question that people generally ask is if they can use their EBT cards at the Walmart Pickup. Yes!

Walmart does accept online pickup and delivery options for its consumers. And Walmart also allows its users to use SNAP and EBT card benefits for checkout. As providing a satisfying buying experience is the first thing Walmart looks for to give its consumers.


In this blog, we have talked about how you can benefit from Walmart’s EBT payment options. And we have also shared a short manual to help you troubleshoot all your Walmart EBT not working online problems. For more of such helpful content, do consider subscribing to our blog posts. 

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