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How To Clean Mouse Wheel In 2022

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How To Clean Mouse Wheel

Did you recently notice that your mouse wheel is not working properly and it requires to be fixed? Maybe the scroll down button to your computer’s mouse is sticking a bit, or maybe it is taking a long time to respond than usual.

Do you know how it could be fixed? Well, here we are with our today’s blog to help you with mouse cleaning and to give you the mouse scroll, not working solution.

Why do you need to clean mouse wheel?

There are different signals that your computer’s mouse might give you to get your attention towards its problems. When the mouse is required to be cleaned, you may experience problems like sticking, slow working, latency, or lagging, etc.

Now if you are facing all such problems while operating through your mouse, then there is a high chance that your mouse is stuck with some dirt and oil that requires to be clean. And well there is nothing to be worried about these experiences, as in today’s blog we will discuss easy steps and solutions to the mouse cleaning procedure.

How to Clean Mouse Wheel?

Though cleaning the mouse wheel is a crucial step towards the mouse scroll not working solution. In this section of the blog, we will discuss the required steps that must be taken care of while cleaning the mouse wheel of your system. In the further section of the blog, we will also see how to fix a mouse wheel by cleaning it.

But before coming to that part of the blog, let’s start with the materials that you will need to fix this issue.

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Materials you will need to clean the Mouse Wheel:

  • A small size screwdriver – to open the nuts and joints of the mouse.
  • A piece of stock paper, wiping tissue, or cotton swabs.
  • Compressed air can (optional) – to blow out any kind of dirt that might be stuck inside your mouse.

Fixing the mouse by cleaning the mouse wheel

And here we are finally in the most important part of the blog, I.e., how to clean mouse wheel. Now once you have collected the required materials, we can head forward to cleaning it.

Here we will require to open the parts of the mouse, by separating the top shell of the mouse to the bottom shell of it. But before continuing with this step or any of the following steps, make sure that the mouse is disconnected with the system. And if the mouse functions on battery power, then before proceeding, it is important to remove these batteries from the mouse.

Now once you have successfully disconnected any source of power or connectivity to your mouse, you can now move on with the below mentioned steps.

  1. Flip the mouse such that the bottom most flat surface part of the mouse is facing you or the ceiling of your room.
  2. Locate the various screws fixed to your mouse, that has hold its outer layers altogether.
  3. Now, loosen and remove all the screws from the mouse. Don’t forget to keep these screws safely as you will need it again while fixing it back after cleaning.
  4. Now, gently remove the outer shell of the mouse by lifting it upward once the screws are loosened and dispositioned.
  5. You will now see the internal circuit board and the attached scroll wheel button.
  6. Now immerse a piece of cotton in isopropyl alcohol solution or any other cleaning solution. Now slowly tap and drag the cotton swab around the circumference of the wheel. As this step will clean up all the oil and dirt build up across the scroll wheel of your mouse.
  7. Now once the wheel is completely dried, fix the mouse components again as earlier with the help of a screw driver.

And with these simple and easy steps you can easily fix your computer’s mouse with the help of a screw driver and other required materials. But wait, what if the screwdriver isn’t available with you in the current moment.

Or what if you are not willing to take apart the components of your mouse. Well in that case, continue to the next section of this blog, I.e., how to clean the mouse wheel without taking it apart.

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How to clean mouse wheel without taking it apart

Now this is a pretty easy one. Do you remember that we asked you to have compressed air as an optional material that might be required to cleaning the mouse wheel. Well to clean mouse wheel without taking it apart, I.e., in this case having a compressed air blower is a must.

Now to clean the mouse wheel without taking it apart through a screw driver. Take out the can of your air compressor or the blower. Keep the air compressor at a distance of 4 inches apart from the mouse scroll wheel. Now, compress it to remove the excess dirt or oil buildup inside or across the mouse wheel.

And with these simple and easy steps, you are all set with your clean mouse to use and function without any lag or problem.

Best way to open mouse

Though there could be various approaches and materials used to open a mouse. The best one to do so, is to open the screws from the screw holes with the help of screw drivers. As these are the most traditional, reliable, and convenient methods of opening the mouse.

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How do you fix a sticky mouse wheel?

The sticky mouse wheel problem could be caused by the oil and dirt buildups across the mouse wheel. And to fix this issue, one must clean this dirt and oil build up with the help of an air compressor, or cotton swabs, or any other suitable ad convenient steps. But the main part to fixing is to clean the mouse wheel.

Though apart from the dust and oil build up, there could also be some other factors and reasons resulting in the sticky mouse wheel experience. But there is a major chance that this problem would be internal and could be easily diagnosed by opening the components of the mouse with the help of a screw driver and then by checking if there exists any problem with the mouse wheel.

What is the best way to clean a mouse?

The best way to clean a mouse, is already been discussed in our today’s blog. But to give a short overview, you should disassemble the mouse and its components with the help of a screw driver to clean it.

And further to which, you should consider dapping the mouse and the mouse wheel area with cotton swabs, wiping tissues, or stock paper. And once it’s done you can reassemble its parts and components.

And though this process could appear to be a little complex, it is one of the most effective methods of cleaning the mouse wheel. To read the step by step process of doing so, scroll upwards and read the shared steps of this procedure.


In today’s blog we discussed how to clean mouse wheel. Further we also discussed the steps to disassemble and reassemble the components of the mouse. That could also help us in cleaning the mouse scroll wheel with the help of cotton buds or wipes.

But for the ones who don’t want to go through the work of dissembling and resembling the mouse components. Or simply don’t want to use tools like screwdrivers and stuff can also clean the mouse without taking it apart.

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