[Solution] How to Fix When Your PS4 Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi?

As a gamer, there is nothing more annoying than your PS4 keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. When you are ready to play and in the mood for gaming, alas, you are left high and dry. What do you do when your PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi?

Besides playing games, you may also want to download new files, watch movies, and update your system for anything. Well, there are several reasons why your PS4 pro keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

You have many reasons for that happening, and you may want to know that some reasons are more complicated than they seem. In this post, you will learn what are some of the common causes for PS4 not connecting to Wi-Fi and how you can fix it yourself. 

Our team has done all the research for you after intense scrutiny and reading the clients’ feedback. After all, you do not want your $400 gaming console sitting idle at home. You did not spend so much of your hard-earned money on that. 

Please read the below post carefully. 

Why PS4 keeps losing internet connection? 

We do not have a simple answer for why PS4 keeps losing connection to Wi-Fi. This instantly makes your troubleshooting process challenging to say the least. However, we have provided some of the main causes below:

  • Your PlayStation Network (PSN) is offline. You may want to check it out. We have provided you with the link for your referral. Most of the time, users tend to operate without realizing whether the PSN is active or not. Would you please do take note of it? 
  • At times, your Wi-Fi signal is lost. The internet connection is no longer working for your benefit, and when this happens, you will want to use an alternative connection. When you are a professional gamer, then it is imperative that you use several internet connections. If one is not working, then you can always make use of the other connection. 
  • At times, you use the wrong username and password. This is a widespread problem that many gamers tend to face when logging in. If you are not sure about your login details, then you may want to save them somewhere safe. Perhaps in your email inbox, or you can write it down (which usually does not work in the long run). 
  • Your DNS settings are not configured correctly. This is again a very usual problem that occurs for several gamers. You need to ensure that your DNS settings are configured rightly. 
  • Sometimes, the distance between your gaming console and the router is quite at some distance. This will cause a disturbance in the signal. You will want to make sure that the console and the router are placed in the same room or closer to each other. 

You also have a slow internet connection. That is why we highly recommend you make use of several internet connectivity when you are a hardcore gamer. Your router is also outdated, which is not a common occurrence. 

At times, the PS4 or PS5 gaming console software might be outdated, causing login issues. These need to be noted, and proper action needs to be taken. Let us know to understand what we can do further about PS4’s losing connection to Wi-Fi. 

How to connect PS4 to Wi-Fi? 

Let us break down the steps into several parts to proceed further.

Testing the network components

Your Wi-Fi network consists of several components that ensure you are getting a stable internet connection. However, at times due to poor weather or climatic changes in your locality, you will notice that the connection has no signal. 

For operating your PS4 and PS5, a strong internet signal must be present. Only then can you work efficiently on your gaming and other activities. You also have other devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops that make use of the internet. 

Perhaps, they are taking up all the data and leaving you with nothing to work on. This is another common reason why the PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi. 

Fix Wi-Fi issue with your modem

Since you are connected with your modem, you are not sure about the speed of the cable or the router. You may want to check the router speed or if your cable is working. Sometimes the cable could be damaged. 

When that is the case, then your internet won’t work well. Then you will want to plug the Ethernet cable from the modem without using on the Wi-Fi router. It ensures that your laptop or smartphone is connected to your modem and not using the Wi-Fi. 

If it is still not working, then you can restart the modem. You can also disconnect the smartphone or the laptop from the Wi-Fi network and then switch on the modem. When the internet is working, then use the devices for 15 minutes. 

When your device is working with the internet, that means your internet connection is just fine. For example, when your modem test was excellent and successful, and your gaming console is also working, then the most likely reason would be the Wi-Fi connection. 

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You may want to adjust the Wi-Fi settings 

You have to adjust the Wi-Fi settings on your router. Sometimes, when you are located in a remote region or rural area, then the signal problem is bound to be there. This is when you will want to make use of the default details.

The information can be found at the rear of your router. The IP, username, and password are clearly mentioned in there. Observe and see the settings. When you are not sure where to see and look, then you will want to contact the support. 

Do not hesitate to do that because using the wrong username and password often makes your router locked permanently. Before doing it, you will want to ensure that your PS4 is kept in safe mode. 

Tips that may work for your PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi:

  • You have to update the Wi-Fi router firmware and ensure it is kept to the latest version. If you have not that done it, then please do so. 
  • You must adjust the channel settings. Then you will have to open the 5.0 GHz network band. They try operating it on your console. It should mostly work. 
  • Few Wi-Fi routers offer you with features for internet use. You will need to prioritize them for your smartphone and laptop. If you have not done it, please set your console as a priority device using the Wi-Fi internet. 
  • Get the router close to the console or find out the range of your connection. Sometimes when the distance is too far, there can be connectivity issues. 
  • If you are residing in a rural area, you may want to purchase a Wi-Fi range extender to enhance the signal’s quality. 
  • You have to change your internet service provider when you constantly notice that your internet signal is weak or poor. It also applies to the modem or the router that you are using at home. 
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Change the SSID name & password

When the earlier solution did not work to help in solving PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi, then you will want to change the SSID name and password. You can do that quite simply by going to the settings of the router. 

Once you have changed the information, you can reconnect to the console. 

Changing the DNS settings

At times, the DNS settings can be the cause of the problem. You will want to change the DNS settings. This is when you will want to change the DNS server settings to see if the issues have been solved or not. 

How to change the DNS server settings?

  • Find the setting options in the PS4 menu bar and then choose the option. 
  • Look for the network option, and then choose it. 
  • Find the setup internet connection option and then click on that. 
  • You will find two options, click on the use Wi-Fi option. 
  • You will notice a Window opening. Then it would help if you chose the custom option. 
  • Then you have to connect the Wi-Fi network from the router option. 
  • Once you have connected to the network, you need to choose the do not specify an option; then you have to enter. 
  • Choose the DNS setting using the manual mode, then enter it. 
  • You have two options after doing that, the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. You will need to choose the Primary DNS at and Secondary DNS at

Turn off the media server

This option is usually not used. This is turning off the media server. You need to perform the turning the media server. In this sense, you must disable the media server from the PS4 console. 

You can do that by going to the settings on your PS4 menu. Then it would help if you chose the network option. Then select the media server network option to disable the media server. As you can see, this is a straightforward process, unlike the previous step. 

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You have reset the router 

Some Wi-Fi routers can be challenging to use. Many gamers have said that this method has worked for them. It should work for you. Now let us how we can reset the router. You will need to do the following to complete the method:

  • First, you need to restart the router and then plug it inside the power source. Then you have to locate the reset key that is present at the rear of the router. 
  • You will need to use a sharp but small object to press the reset button. It could be a paper clip or pen. 
  • You must press the reset button for 10 seconds at least before the light begins to blink. 
  • Now, you can restart the router and reconfigure your settings depending on your requirement. 

You need to update the console

You have to update the console. Typically, the gaming console notifies you when there is an update required. When your gaming console is not updated or does not show any notifications in a while, then you will want to download it from the official website. 

You can visit the official website of PlayStation and then update it. 

You have to reset the gaming console 

Till now, we have read about how the problem can originate from the modem or router. But at times, it can also be your gaming console. This is when you will want to rest your PS4 or PS5, depending on the model you are using. 

The process is similar. When your PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi, then you may have to reset to the default factory settings. Otherwise, you will have to give it to a reliable service center to diagnose the problem and fix it. 

Take professional help 

When all the above steps did not work for your PS4 Wi-Fi problems, then you may want to contact professional help. Doing so ensures that you do not further complicate things. In addition, you never know what the issue at hand might be. 

The best solution would be professionals whose PS4 Wi-Fi not working and take it to the service center for further examination. Maybe it is not in working condition, or perhaps there is some other technical issue that is beyond you. 

Summing up

As you can see, finding solutions for your PlayStation not connecting to Wi-Fi was not that difficult. You will want to ensure that you follow them as we have mentioned them in this post. We can assure you they are proven methods that many PS4 users have tried and became successful. 

We have written these ideas and tips based on the reviews and feedbacks of clients. So, you know that these methods have a good chance of success for your PS4 internet not working. 

Did some method work for you? Would you please write to us about your experience?