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[Solution] Google TV Remote Not Working

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Google TV Remote Not Working Solution
Are you also facing the same problem? I.e., Google tv remote stopped working, Or are you searching for ways to solve your problems? So, ok! There is nothing about which you have to do worry. We come here with the best and most brilliant ways to help you solve your problem. Read some points below to get to know more about the terms.

Common ways to get back to your Google remote after the Google tv remote stops working:

Yeah! You can say that many ways help you get back your Google remote. All such ways are the standard ways to solve your google Chromecast remote not working problem. Let’s see the steps below to check how Google remote will work.

1. Reconnecting Method: 

The one and most excellent way to do it when the Chromecast remote is not working is to reconnect it or repair it. The below steps will help you to know more about the things in detail: Step 1: Installation The very foremost step is to install the Google TV remote application. You can do this on your mobile phone. This initiate step for Chromecast tv remote not working is necessary for taking your remote in its back position. Step 2: Google After opening the application on your phone, you now have to move to the settings of Google. And have to remove the option’ remote.’ Step 3: Reconnecting By following the above steps adequately, you can now pair the remote again with the help of Chromecast. And these whole procedures will help you work on your Google remote.
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2. Restarting Method:

Another way to do the usage of the Chromecast remote not working is to restart the tv. Look below! Step 1: Unplugging Do unplug the cord(Power) of your device. And keep yourself patient for the next 30-40 seconds. Step 2: Replugging And after 30-40 seconds, plug the device and check whether your remote will work correctly or not. Well, these are steps that will get back to the Google Chromecast remote not working to the working position of the remote. And if still, your problem persists, then you can look further more steps.

3. All Buttons Method: 

Sometimes, it becomes an issue that the whole remote gets disturbed due to some buttons. And this becomes the reason behind the google tv remote stopped working. It is not a big problem, yeah! You can solve it in the minimum time. The below steps will help you to solve your problem. Let’s see some easy steps: Step 1: Settings Move to the settings option. Here you have to tap on the remote button and add the device. See the brand of your tv and do perform the following functions. Step 2: Functions After clicking on the list, you will see many options like Power, input, and volume. Now, you have to select these options one by one. After selecting, you have to configure those buttons. This method will help you in the working of your Google remote. Do follow the following steps if still, your google tv remote stopped.

4. Battery of Remote Method:

The one common thing that usually happens is that your remote’s battery gets stuck. It may be that you have not changed your remote’s battery for the last some days. It is a must that you have to keep your remote’s battery updated. Step 1: Cover (Remote) Firstly, you have to drag your remote’s ‘back cover.’ And have to remove the existing battery. Step 2: Replacement After removing the battery, you have to replace the existing battery with the new battery. And put the cover back on it. Install the battery in the best manner. Step 3: Check the system By following the above steps, you have to apply it to the TV to check the remote. Check the particular remote and get back to the solution back. And if still it is not started, then there is only one thing left, i.e., to do the factory reset. These simple steps make it easy for you to get the remote back in its older position.

5. Reset Method:

Like reset is the last option which one can do if his all attempts get failed is the reset option. This method does not include all the removal of your data. But it does the set from the initial point. Look at the below steps to get the google remote not working in its back position. Step 1: Factory reset Back on the Chromecast remote, you will get a button. Tap that button further, which will lead you to the reset google tv remote. And keep pressing that button for a minimum of 25 seconds. Keep it pushing till the time the Google tv remote white light is reflected. Step 2: Blank screen The whole screen of your TV will get blank. It is a sign that the process of rebooting has started. And after the reset process, the entire TV will begin again. I hope that everything clarifies how to solve the google remote not working problem from these steps. These are some common steps that one can perform efficiently. And due to some cases, if you are still facing issues in getting your remote again, you can contact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Let’s see some questions related to the google remote not working. Here you will get all your solutions related to the specific terms.

1. What are the reasons behind Google remote not working?

Many reasons occur, which become the reason behind the improper working of the remote. Here some specific reasons for your Google Chromecast remote not working are as follows:
  • It happens due to some present unworking buttons in it.
  • It happens due to the cell.

2. Is there any option to reset Google remote?

Yes, you can reset the Google tv remote. Look at the below steps and ensure that you adequately perform these steps.
  • Take the remote and point it towards the LED.
  • Keep pressing the power button.
  • And when it shows Power off on the screen, then take it off.
After following the above steps, you can get the option to rest the TV. And your whole work gets completed.

3. Can the Chromecast tv remote not working will work again?

Yeah, you can change your Chromecast tv remote not working to a new remote. Or get it repaired from the nearest center.

4. What is the simplest method to fix the remote?

The simplest and unique method to fix your google tv remote stopped working is to remove the battery. And get it replaced with the other battery. I hope that from the above questions you get all your answers. And in case you have any doubt, you can comment on the queries below in the comment section. Conclusion: From here, you can see that many reasons can occur, which is why the Google tv remote stopped working. But with the best ways, you can solve the problem within the minimum time. Like you can contact the nearest repair store or anything else. But at last, the ultimate answer is that yeah! Your work will get back in the same position. But if it does not come, you can also replace it with others.

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