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[Fixed] MetroPCS Hotspot Not Working

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MetroPCS Hotspot Not Working

Let’s face it; sometimes things go wrong with technology. You might have just gotten a new gadget, or your device might not be compatible with the new operating system, and you’re getting a message that says, “Your connection is not secure.” In these cases, you can either try to fix your device—which may or may not work—or worry by checking online for answers. Sometimes that answer is quite simple!

Here are some quick tips to get up and running again when something goes wrong.

Metropcs Internet is an internet provider that allows you to connect with any other computer or device via your smartphone if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection. So it is evident that if your MetroPCS hotspot-connected device is not working, you cannot use it as a connection medium. Thus, by default, you will be disconnected from the internet on your phone and every other connected device. You can improve the wifi connection if you have high-speed wifi and slow internet buffering by following these tips.

It is the best service provider, and Metro by T-Mobile is an American prepaid wireless service provider and brand owned by T-Mobile US. It was initially known as MetroPCS and is also known simply as Metro. They provide the best and fastest internet service. But not all users can use the service, and some face many problems with their hotspots. Let’s check for some common issues and try to resolve them to improve this service.

Why is Hotspot on but not working?

Whenever you connect to the internet or your office via Metro by T-Mobile, you need to ensure that all of the latest versions of the required software, drivers, and updates are installed on your system. It also includes making sure that all other programs are closed. Some network errors can be fixed by deleting config files.

Try going into the device manager and removing any unknown devices from it. This might help in case there is some problem with any peripheral devices, especially wireless ones, and thus, you might be getting these issues when trying to connect via Hotspot.

Another issue might be that you must enter the correct password during setup. So you must ensure that you enter a valid password while connecting to the internet or your hotspot; otherwise, it will not work.

Whenever a device is incompatible, it can cause many issues with your hotspot; thus, your Metropcs hotspot not working at all, and you will not be able to use it for internet access. In this case, try to update all of the drivers and software for this device so that you can use it in case of any issues.

Also, check for any other issues by restarting your system and trying to connect via your hotspot again.

Why is MetroPCS Hotspot not working?

There are many reasons for it, but the most important is the problem with your device. Most users need help with their devices because they are incompatible with MetroPCS hotspots. You will find many issues, like the device not charging, a low battery, or hardware failure. Some of the problems are listed below:

1) Network Issue: It is the most common issue when you get a problem. You get the message that your network connection is not secure. You can fix this by ensuring your device has all the required apps installed and that you have reset the MetroPCS hotspot device hard and tried to connect again.

2) Security Issue: As mentioned above, if your device is not original, it will send you a message that says your connection is not secure. This is one of the common issues in the case of a counterfeit item: if you buy from somewhere other than the Metro PCS website, you can quickly see such messages on your phone or computer.

3) Speed Issue: In the case of a network issue, you will also face a problem with your connectivity in terms of speed. You will have to try different things to fix this issue.

4) Hotspot not working: If you cannot use your device’s hotspot, there is some connectivity issue between your device and the network provider. So, check all the connections and try to connect again; if you cannot, call Metro today!

5) Issue with Bandwidth: More than half of the population is facing issues with bandwidth. As you know, bandwidth is a measured data transfer rate at any point and should be consistent. If your device gives you the message “Your connection is not secure,” it means there is an issue with your capacity. As a result, if you are experiencing this problem, look for these causes to resolve the MetroPCS hotspot not working.

6) Your Device Limit is Over: If you are an avid internet user, you might have already crossed your device’s limit using your data package. And thus, if this is the case, you better switch off your internet and connect it later.

7) A hotspot device might be faulty: The last thing you need to check is whether your device might be defective. There might be an internal hardware issue; in this case, you will have to replace it because it is impossible to fix it in any other way.

These are the few issues you can face if you are trying to use a MetroPCS hotspot device, and we hope that with this article, your problem will be solved.

How to fix the MetroPCS hotspot not working?

If you cannot fix your problem, it means that you have encountered some error, which will be specified in the troubleshooting section of this article. So here are some quick fixes for you to use and check why isn’t my hotspot working perfectly:

1) Check for Network Signals: This issue is faced by all the users, and thus, we have listed it first. You need to check your network signals or connectivity first. Ensure you are connected to a Metro PCS Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. If you have no internet, you must switch your hotspot off and on again.

2) Run the Diagnostics: This is also a common issue that users face, so to fix this problem, you need to run the diagnostics on your device (in the case of a smartphone). This can be done by tapping send into Settings> About Phone > Run Diagnostic. You will get a message saying that your Diagnostic will soon reach MetroPCS. If not, then you can also call MetroPCS customer care, and they will help you with it, but if it is not a common issue, then this should work.

3) Device Hard Reset: A hard reset can resolve various issues. Thus, it would be best if you did this. If the problem persists, you should hard reset your device; you will find a backup of your data if you use the backup and restore option while performing a hard reset in the latest Android devices by:

  • Going into the Setting of your Device
  • Select the Backup & reset option or search in the Search Bar
  • Select Factory Data Reset
  • Press Reset Phone (not recommended for some devices).

4) Restart your Hotspot Device: Restarting your device is a standard method to fix most issues. Thus, you can try this one. You need to restart your device and hold on for a few seconds for some updates to process. This will allow your hotspot device to work correctly once again.

5) Check For Updates: If you are using a device that has an Android version of 6.0 or higher, then you can check your device for any updates by:

Setting> About Phone> Update Center

If an update is available, it will prompt you to update your device; otherwise, there is no such update. And if the issue persists after all these steps, we suggest you call Metro today!

6) Try Re-Inserting the sim card: If you have used a different sim card and it is not working, you can try re-inserting your main sim card. This can fix this issue, but we suggest you call Metro PCS customer care if it is impossible.

7) Check APN Settings of the Device: The correct APN settings should be in place; thus, if you have changed it, you need to change it again. To do this, all you need to do is:

  • Go into your device settings.
  • Then select the wireless network option.
  • Hover on to a cellular network or mobile network setting (it will be in the form of a Mobile Network)
  • Then check for an APN.
  • Choose T-Mobile APN; if it is not there, click “New APN.”
  • Lastly, Enter the details asked and Select ‘OK’ to save

8) Check for Data Balance Left: If you are using a limited data package, it can be because many users use more data than their limit, so check your data balance and ensure you are within your limit.

9) Try Disconnecting all the Devices: For this to work, you need to connect only a few services at a time. Thus, as many devices as you join, you will face many problems. So to fix this issue, switch off all the instruments and try re-connecting again.

10) Contact Metro PCS: If you face problems after changing your device’s APN settings, we suggest you call Metro PCS customer care, who will help you. And if it is not a common issue, then this should work. The support team will be able to assist you and make sure that you do not have to face any data loss.

So these are the few issues that users commonly face, and if you also have the same problem, use this article to rectify it for better use.

How to Unlock Metropcs Hotspot?

Unlock Metropcs Hotspot
[Fixed] MetroPCS Hotspot Not Working

Unlocking MetroPCS hotspots is very lucrative and profitable, as it allows you to use the data in any of your favourite internet applications that are not restricted. Moreover, you can operate it with any other phone or device, provided that the same network is used, and thus, you can enjoy your favourite application without any problem.

This article gives a practical step-by-step guide for unlocking MetroPCS hotspots for other devices.

1) Check Device Compatibility: Before starting the procedure, you must know that your device should support the newly installed application. This is a crucial step; thus, you must check it first.

2) Gather Data: You’ll need the IMEI of your smartphone and information about your Metropcs account.

3) Contact Metropcs and request unlocking: Once you have collected all the necessary data and information, you must contact Metropcs customer care and ask them for unlocking. You will have to send them your phone’s IMEI number. The open request will be accepted only if your account is active.

4) Give it time; once your request is accepted, it will take a few minutes or hours. However, in most cases, this process takes just a couple of hours.

5) Follow the instructions in the email to activate: After this, you will receive an email containing the instructions for activating your hotspot device. When done, your MetroPCS hotspot can be used with any other device.

Thus, these were some of the best ways that can be used to fix MetroPCS hotspot problems. Moreover, this process is available for all those facing Metropcs hotspot problems in their devices.


MetroPCS is an excellent network with good customer support. It is an affordable network that offers data plans at a meagre price. The carrier also supports fast 4G LTE technologies and HSPA+ networks. There might be some issues occasionally, but they can all be easily fixed using the abovementioned methods. So if you have any problems with your MetroPCS hotspot, please contact them for quick and efficient service.

Now that you know how to fix MetroPCS hotspot problems on your device, feel free to use your gadget without worrying about data loss or interruptions. Fixing MetroPCS hotspot problems took a lot of work!


How do I remove the lock on my Mobile Hotspot?

The Mobile Hotspot lock can be removed if you have the original unlock code for your device. You will have to contact MetroPCS and ask them to unlock your device.

How do I activate my new Metro PCS Hotspot?

If you are using a brand-new mobile hotspot, it will come with a SIM lock. Thus, you need to request a SIM unlock code to use your Wi-Fi with any other network provider after the expiration of the initial contract period with Metro PCS.

What is the password for Metropcs Hotspot?

The default password for MetroPCS hotspots is “Admin.” You can change the password later on.

How do I bypass the restrictions on my Hotspot?

The Hotspot restrictions can be bypassed by changing the APN settings on your device.

Is the hotspot unlimited with Metro PCS?

No, there is no unlimited data with MetroPCS. To enjoy an unlimited data plan, you must look for another network.