[Solution] How To Set Up JOOWIN WiFi Extender?

Sometimes, when you are using your internet at home or at the office, you can find that there are dead spots. These dead spots cause your internet signals to slow down or completely stop. When you are downloading a file or live streaming an important video, then it is the last thing that you want to happen.

Is it not? These things happen in most offices that are crowded, where too many devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops get used. Besides, if you are residing in a rural property, then the situation might be the same as the signal just does not come at all.

During such circumstances, you may consider using the JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender. That is right. The JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender can help ease the signal issues no matter where you are based at. Usually, this issue occurs in compact homes, apartments, and cramped offices.

Your signals suddenly stop moving ultimately. With the help of this extender, you can now completely eliminate the Wi-Fi dead spots throughout the area. It can be used in homes, offices, and rural properties as well flawlessly.

When your home, property, or office has several devices, and you need something to enhance the internet connection, then you may want to invest the Wi-Fi connectivity. These are suitable for those of you dealing with Wi-Fi activities in HD videos, sharing large files, and gaming.

How to set up JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender?

When you are facing constant connecting issues when you are in roaming Wi-Fi, then it can be a nuisance. As we read above, your work, your video, your music, or even your loading might become poorly affected, and you have to repeat it from the beginning.

Not anymore. With the JOOWNIN Wi-Fi extender, you can now effortlessly extend your Wi-Fi coverage on your property. Moreover, the extender is quite affordable than most of the range extender devices.

There is no need for you to place wires here & there. You can get the desired connectivity and have it delivered to you with the extender through the Wi-Fi to all the devices at home. The device is compact and easily mingles in with the décor of your interiors.

For example, if you want to place the JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender inside your reception area in your office, then you can do so. Likewise, you can place it inside your home’s living room or bedroom easily.

There are no issues with that. Using the JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender, you can now establish the connections to your devices where the network finds it hard to reach. It works pretty efficiently, which makes it suitable, and you can experience optimal performance from the device.

As we said, it is a top-notch device. But you need to ensure that you are able to bring out the best from it. For that, you need to set it up correctly. When you are in doubt about how to do the JOOWIN 1200mbps Wi-Fi extender setup, then we can help out.

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The following are the JOOWIN setup steps:

Step 1: Choose the repeater mode

The first step in this process would be to choose the repeater mode. It is found on the side of the device. You can then press the button and also check the mode selector. Please make sure that it is set to the repeater position when you want to proceed further.

Step 2: Switch on the extender

It would help if you chose the proper mode to connect the device to the wall socket. Then you might want to switch it on. You can do that by using the power button found on it. It is found on the side of the device, and press it down for a few seconds until a light comes on.  

Step 3: Connect to the extender network

You can connect to the extender network and then wait for a minute or two. That is because it takes some time. You have to use “JOOWIN-XXX-2G” or “JOOWIN-XXX-5G,” depending on the kind of option that appears on your smartphone’s Wi-Fi menu.

Step 4: Open the management page and set a password

Now, we come to the password setup. This is a very important step, you see. You can use your smartphone or your PC device and then open the browser by typing the address in the address box of your internet browser (use Chrome or Mozilla).

Now you have to do the JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender setup password using the default password, admin. You can set your own password if you want. But the first time, you might want to make use of admin as the password.

Step 5: Scan and choose the Wi-Fi

Now, you have to scan and then choose the Wi-Fi connection. You need to make use of the extender and connect to any available Wi-Fi networks. You can write the password and then use the save settings option if you want.

There can be some JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender troubleshooting issues. But that is fine as it is common among all the extender models. There is nothing to get upset or frustrated about. If it keeps occurring, then you can restart the process.

Step 6: The setup process is over

The setup process is over. You will need to auto-reboot the device by using the connect Wi-Fi XXX-2G or XXX-5G, which is your new extender Wi-Fi. You may use the password that you had used previously to connect to Wi-Fi.

When you are in the last stage of the setup, you may want to use the combine Wi-Fi option or the sync the device option. If you use the combine Wi-Fi option, then you have to reconnect to the Wi-Fi XXX-2G&5G after it has rebooted.

But when you select the sync your device option, the extended Wi-Fi name appears on your personal Wi-Fi name. You do not need to rejoin the device. We suggest that you make use of the combined Wi-Fi option for a high-quality band for enhanced connectivity.

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Joowin app

You can use the JOOWIN app to control the wireless range extender remotely. This helps you to check the JOOWIN AC1200 Wi-Fi extender network status, speed of the internet, and connected devices.

Here is how you can use the JOOWIN app.

  • You can make use of the app by browsing on the login page.
  • Then you can use it on the JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender setup.
  • Now, you have to get the password of the extender.
  • Then you can manage the internet with the Joowin app.

You can apply the settings on the range extender with the app. Besides, you can update the firmware of the app using the latest version by getting the necessary information from the extender network. Please don’t forget to enable WPA security encryption network security.

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What is the best location for my Wi-Fi Extender?

The best location for your Wi-Fi extender would be between your router and the areas of weak signals. You can choose these kinds of locations that are also within the range of your previous Wi-Fi router network.

However, though your Wi-Fi signal is strong, it may not reach where you want it to. This is a normal situation, but if you want the signals to reach all areas of your property, then we recommend that you get budget mesh Wi-Fi is possible as it can improve the wireless internet.

What should you do if JOOWIN Wi-Fi is always disconnected?

Sometimes these things happen. But there is no need to get upset or frustrated. You can make use of several methods. But the best way would be to visit www.joo-win.com. Then you need to download the “JW-WR754AC” firmware.

Then you must load in the IP “” and then click on the system tools. Now, you need to upgrade the firmware. Now all you have to do is upload the file you just downloaded and click on the upload option.

How to reset my JOOWIN Wi-Fi Extender?

You can reset the JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender by pressing the WPS or the reset button that is present on the extender for a few seconds. It usually takes around 10 seconds or less. When it takes longer, then you might want to try to do it again.

It would help if you waited before you restored the factory settings, and then the lamp goes out again. Then it lights up again, and you can see it work. This is the simple way for the JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender factory reset.

Will my JOOWIN Wi-Fi Extender work with any router?

There should not be an issue for your JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender to work with other routers. It is possible. If you are facing any issues, then you might want to get yourself the latest router. That should work well.

Some existing models may not work with the JOOWIN Wi-Fi Extenders model. But you should not face any issues as such with older models as well. So far, no user has complained about this issue.

Can you use 2 Wi-Fi extenders at the same time?

Yes, you can make use of two extenders at the same time. But please note that it can massively affect the performance of the signals. Your second extenders might run slowly and affect the overall performance.

Hence, it is best that you make use of a single extender unless you are really required to use both extenders. Otherwise, you can daisy chain more Wi-Fi extenders to decrease the throughputs of your devices to connect each extender to the main router.

Does a Wi-Fi extender create a new network?

A Wi-Fi extender can create a new network. You can do that by connecting the router to your Wi-Fi network. Once you do that, the Wi-Fi repeater connects your network wirelessly. Then your existing networks are rebroadcasted on the signal.

Should a Wi-Fi extender be placed high or low?

It is an interesting question. Knowing the right height to place the Wi-Fi extender is very important for ensuring that your signal is sturdy. You can place the range extender at the same height as that of the main router.

This height actually helps the extender get more signal from the main router. Besides, your smartphone network receives a better signal from the extender. So, please ensure that you place the Wi-Fi extender at the right height for the signal.

What color should my Wi-Fi extender be?

The color of the Wi-Fi extender device does not really matter because it will not affect the power of the signals. But you can notice the signal color change. When you are connecting on the extender, then when you notice that the white color appears, then the pairing is done.

Now, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable and place the extender somewhere else. When you get the red color, then your signal is not going through, and you will need to place it in a new location.

How far can a Wi-Fi extender be from the router?

The Wi-Fi extender can be around less than 500 feet from the router. Of course, it depends on several things like the power of your network, the kind of property you live in, and so on. When the signal is poor, then you need to make sure that the extender is placed close by.

But when the signal is good, then it is okay. You can place the Wi-Fi extender quite far off, under 500 feet, inside your property. The apartments and compact homes with thick walls can be slightly problematic for the Wi-Fi extenders.

What if the Wi-Fi extender has broken?

When the Wi-Fi extender is broken, then you can communicate with them on their email at joowinservice@163.com. They will get back to you with their technical experts, or a technician will visit you soon.

Summing Up

The Joowin AC1200 wireless range extender offers you with immense internet signal strength thanks to the extension. It acts like a bridge between your Wi-Fi-enabled devices and also sets up the WPS button.

It comes with several added features and technologies. The technologies make use of the wireless device connected to be much better. They help you to improve the signals and provide throughout the entire property effortlessly.

You can make use of it on any device that you want. When you want to get it for yourself, then you can do so from Amazon or Walmart. It is sold there at a discounted rate. Besides, you can read the reviews offered by customers who make use of the product.


We hope that you like what you read in the above review on the JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender setup. as you can see, it is not that challenging to do so. You can extend the setup as and when you want to.

Using the above information, you can set it up, also know how to do the configuration, and understand about the light indications, the specifications, and some of the issues pertaining to it.

We also provided you with the setup steps in a flawless manner. If at all you are finding it hard to understand or follow, then please take professional help. You should be able to do it yourself but in case of technical issues, then contact them through the email id provided.

Please do write to us telling us all about your experience with the JOOWIN Wi-Fi extender setup and the issues that you were able to solve in the comments section. We will be glad to hear from you.