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Fix Sticky Buttons on PS4 Controller

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Fix Sticky Buttons on PS4 Controller

The controller of the PlayStation4 is like the steering wheel of your entire gaming setup. To assist you in performing well while playing games with it, you always want it to be in the best condition. But when the controller’s buttons become sticky, it can become really annoying.

The last thing you want to happen is your buttons getting sticky on your PS4 controller. Sadly, these things may occur, especially when you are sincerely interested in playing a game, and suddenly out of nowhere, the sticks don’t seem to be working as they are supposed to.

Necessary Materials for Fixing the Controller Buttons  

  • A can of compressed air
  • Some Q-tips or cotton balls
  • Some alcohol.
  • A few toothpicks
  • Scouring pads.

How Do You Fix Sticky Buttons on PS4?

You will need to gather the necessary materials before you can begin fixing the PS4 button stuck down problem. It is impossible to fix the controller buttons without them. It is, therefore, necessary to arrange all the materials required and keep them aside so you can use them when needed.

Step 1: Power off your PlayStation

The first step you need to take is to switch off your PlayStation and then unplug all the cables from the device. If you have an expensive gaming console, we do not want it to suffer any damage.

There is no doubt that PS4 is quite expensive and can be quite costly for you. Although it is a PlayStation 4, you will be surprised to find that you cannot find them on supermarket shelves today. It might be a good idea to work on a clean surface as well.

Step 2: Access Controller

Make sure all of the buttons on the controller of your gaming console are pushed in when you hold it upside down. Then you will be able to access everything more easily. This is something that most users tend to miss out on.

Step 3: Use compressed air to clear dust and debris around the controller

The third step for fixing the PS4 controller buttons sticking would be to spray some of the compressed air using a cotton swab by rubbing alcohol on it. Then you can easily clean it around the buttons.

It helps in removing the dirt, dust, and grime around the button area. This leaves you to fix the buttons on your controller. When you are doing that, make sure that nothing falls on the device like tea or coffee.

Step 4: Clear dust from button sides using a toothpick

The fourth step is to clean the areas around the buttons with a toothpick. This can be done by inserting it between the buttons. Each button on the controller must be configured in this manner.

Of course, you cannot do that on the L-trigger button as it won’t be required anyways. Then you can repeat the process on each of the sides until they are not sticky. There are also Q-tips that you can consider if you want, but don’t push very hard as they may cause damage.

Step 5: Reassemble Buttons of the PS4 Controller  

When you notice that the buttons do not adhere, you should place everything back in its proper place. The next step is to remove the buttons or plastic on the controller and then take the controller apart.

It would be helpful if the tabs were placed where they were initially. It’s a simple process that requires only a screwdriver. It is possible to avoid the PS4 controller button sticking by placing the battery inside and pressing the cover button gently.

Step 6: Bottom Inspection

Now, you need to take the controller and turn it upside down again. You are going to do that because you want to check at the bottom of each of the buttons. This helps you get an idea of what you are doing at the moment.

Place a needle inside the holes of the buttons. Then use a thread and make a loop that can be tied on the top. You might want to do the same for all the buttons present on your controller. This is a simple thing to do.

Step 7: Secure Knots and Controller Resleeving

After you have completed the knots, you would want to pull them slowly. You may be tempted to pull them hard, but don’t do that, as it may cause some damage to your controller. It is not that difficult to do, and you can pull it out.

When you are happy that everything has been sorted out, then you can reset your controller using new stickers. You may consider using a sticker skin having a custom look on it. This should do.

Step 8: Final Test and Controller Assessment

The task is almost complete. The only thing left to do is to check whether your controller is working. If it does not work, then you may need to replace some damaged components inside the gaming console.

There is a possibility that you will have to replace your gaming console. A lot of third-party retailers offer cheap PS4 prices. Consider doing some research online and finding the best deal.

Fix Sticky Buttons on PS4 Controller [Tutorial]

Some tips to maintain your PS4 button

  • You will want to check for dirt & dust inside the buttons and clean them using a cloth.
  • You can take the PS button from the housing and rub it with alcohol to remove the dirt.
  • You would want to make sure that buttons are not tight as you have to move them around.
  • You can spray some compressed air into the contact points. It removes the debris.
  • You can replace the rubber pads that are torn as they cause a sticky touch.


No one ever expects the PS controller’s buttons to get sticky during its lifespan. A sticky button will, however, undoubtedly affect your gaming performance if it is not fixed. Therefore, knowing how to fix sticky PS4 controller buttons becomes very important.  

Fixing the problem is simple if you follow the correct steps as described above. This simplest task can become complex if you don’t follow the steps correctly.  


Can the PlayStation controller buttons get permanently damaged after getting stuck somehow?

Yes, if you don’t address sticky buttons promptly, they can lead to permanent damage, necessitating replacement or a new controller.

Why is my PS4 controller sticky?

Your PS4 controller might be sticky because the analog stick has accumulated dirt and dust particles over time, causing it to function slowly and inefficiently.

Is it mandatory to dismantle the whole controller before fixing?

No, full dismantling isn’t always necessary. Blowing off dust or using a toothpick might work, but if not, dismantling can become essential for effective repair and part replacement.

How fix a sticky PS4 controller joystick?

Fixing a sticky PS4 controller joystick involves gently wiping the joystick with a dry microfiber cloth and using an alcohol-dampened cloth to remove grime from the crevices.

How do I turn off sticky keys on my PS4 controller?

To address sticky keys on your PS4 controller, unplug it and clean the affected area with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, ensuring to remove excess residue and grime.