Have High-Speed Internet but Slow Buffering – What Are the Causes and Fixes?

Are you experiencing a buffering issue when streaming a video? Maybe you are wondering why I have high-speed internet but slow buffering. If yes, then this article will help you solve the problem.

There is nothing more annoying than the internet connection slowing when you really need it. This could be when you are streaming your data or wanting to watch a new movie. It is known as buffering.

You notice the video taking ages to upload, though your internet connectivity is showing full speed. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a few leading causes for that and some simple fixes that can help you overcome this problem.

It does not have to happen everywhere you go. Perhaps, you are residing in a hotel or a lodge and are facing this issue. Maybe your home or office is having slow internet problems that you want to solve.

In simple terms, buffering happens when you want to load a video for watching the internet. The buffering pre-loads the data on your device so you can listen to it or watch the video you want.

This data is stored on the temporary cache when the video begins to load on your device. You can call it the downloaded data, and when the stream begins, the buffered data helps you to stream the content that you want to view or listen to.

It is used for audio & video files. Now, you can stream the data without any disruptions. Most of the video streaming comes with buffering enabled on them. But you will want to ensure that internet connectivity is top-notch so that the data gets loaded when you want to stream.

What is buffering?

The leading cause for buffering is fast internet but slow streaming. It happens when the amount of the data needed to be loaded is not able to load instantly. Unless the data is able to download quickly, you won’t be able to watch the movie or listen to the music.

It is usually stored in the temporary cache (or RAM). Then it should be able to play when you want to stream the video or the music. It is the data that is already downloaded so that you can now smoothly stream your music file, video, or channel.

This ensures that your experience is not ruined in any manner due to the constant fluctuation on the internet. You can now watch videos, listen to music, and stream media files without having any disruption.

Most of the streaming services come with buffering enabled on their devices. But the internet connectivity should be stable and offer you with the right kind of buffer you require. When the internet becomes slower, then the video might not get played at normal speed.

There will be a dot that keeps rotating around on your monitor. It means that your video file is getting buffered. You will want to know that buffering is not stable on your device due to the internet connection and may change according to the speed of the internet.

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What causes buffering to be slow?

Buffering is when the audio file or the video file becomes slow. Sometimes, it does not load the file at all. Sometimes, the monitor shows you it is still buffering or something like that. That means your data is not playing because there is no internet signal.

Your device has to wait for the internet connection to resume to play the video or the music file. It is done so that you can have a better streaming experience. However, the buffering somewhat changes when you are downloading the audio or the video data from the internet connection.

A slow internet can cause some inconsistencies when the data is getting loaded on the device that you are using. Besides, you cannot stream HD-quality videos. It could mean that your movies or TV shows may not appear in the manner which you want.

Fix slow buffering despite a high-speed internet

Here are some of the best solutions to stop internet buffering when you are streaming a video.

Fix 1 – Close unwanted applications and programs

When your device is doing several tasks at a time, then it may stream the video file properly. This is when you may note a slight lag in the streaming time. You can also see that the videos are not streaming eloquently.

You can minimize them, but they consume the resources of your device. Sometimes, you never know if the application is consuming the internet connectivity with your device still switched on. This happens when your browser is open with multiple tabs that can drain the connection.

This is when you may want to close the applications you are not using. It could mostly be the tabs that are switched on. The moment you stop running these applications, they come back when you reboot the device.

Fix 2 – Stop or pause streaming on your device

Stop or pause the streaming that is currently happening on your device. When you continuously buffer the device, then things might become haywire. It can also cause the device to hang or become paused entirely.

When the slow buffering but fast internet causes unwanted interruption, then you may want to consider giving it a break. You will want to avoid streaming the webpage after each buffering pause.

You can pause the streaming for some time and then begin to let it collect itself. This helps the file to load quicker. Then you can play it again after some time. It decreases the buffering when you play the video again.

Fix 3 – Decrease the video quality

You can decrease the video quality. When you have a large video file to display, you would want to know that it takes some time to transmit the video clipping on your PC device. Additionally, when you reduce the size of the file, you may have to wait much longer.

Most of the platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and other buffering internet connection services provide you with settings. Now, you can go to the player’s settings and reduce the resolution from 1080p and make it to 720p.

Fix 4 – Check the speed of the internet

The internet service providers provide you with different speeds depending on the kind of package that you have chosen for yourself. Most of you these days tend to choose the quickest package.

You do not want to suffer from the delays that are caused because of the slow internet connectivity. However, you may experience some lag when too many members are using the same connection.

That is why, when you have a large family or require an internet connection for your office, you may want to choose a proper modem, router, and internet speed for that. Make sure to do the test to know the speed of the internet.

You can perhaps, make use of the speed test to confirm the speed of the internet connectivity in your area. This will help you finalize things in a better manner. You can also understand the actual speed from the ISP.

Sometimes, your device may have a virus without you knowing that. Hence, you may want to give your device a check for the virus. You may also want to remove unwanted applications or files present on your PC device that suck up the internet speed on it.

Fix 5 – Make use of a VPN

If you have done the above and are still experiencing good internet speed but still buffering, then you may want to know that something is wrong with your ISP. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

Moreover, this approach can be made when you consume a lot of bandwidth. These slowdowns are also caused when you make use of a reliable VPN. It enables you to disguise the data and then prevent it from suppressing the internet connection.

You should do the following steps:

  • Download the VPN. You need to download the reliable VPN of your choice.
  • You may want to sign up if there is an option to do.
  • You need to then connect to the server of your choice.
  • Then you have to choose the country from the list.
  • You can notice the status of your connection along with an IP address.

However, when you make use of the VPN, then you will want to know that there is a hit in the performance. They come in data packets that need to be encrypted and decrypted on the remote server.

Before using the VPN on your devices, you should update the settings on your device. That helps in enhancing the performance of the devices. The older VPNs may use a single-socket connection that has a tendency to become jammed and cause a loss in performance.

You will also want to verify your VPN’s performance and ensure it is worthy. The VPN must not slow down things on your devices. You will want to make use of a VPN that uses many sockets and comes infused with incredible technology to give a stable connection.

Fix 6 – You may want to remove unwanted devices on the network

Like the first point we read, you may want to remove unwanted devices that are present on your network. It helps in keeping a check on the progress of your internet connection stability. When you have several devices on the internet, then it can consume a lot of internet signals.

We may recommend that you turn off several devices to fix these issues. You either do that, or you can get a powerful top-end router or modem that can help you connect with more than 50 devices in one go.

But we cannot assure you that the problem will not persist again & again. Doing that helps you to free up the bandwidth that your router squeezes out of the devices that are connected when they are not in use.

Fix 7 – You can update the graphics card driver

Sometimes, when your video buffering is slow, you may want to check for the components. Are they up to date? When your PC or laptop has Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA components, then you must ensure that they are updated often.

That is because outdated elements like these can cause a lag in the performance of your system. They may not allow for optimum performance. You will want to make use of the latest GPUs and CPU components on your PC device for the best results of internet connectivity.

Fix 8 – You can clear the browser settings

You may not always want to blame your internet connection and wonder why my video buffering is slow. It could also be due to the browser settings because when you see a website, the web pages get saved on your PC device or laptop.

These can occupy unwanted or hidden space in the system. If the data has already been stored, it takes up space that can cause your system to move slowly. Besides, the connection is also kind of slow.

You can delete your history once or twice a week, depending on your browsing habits. If you are somebody who visits the internet often in a day, then please keep your internet history clean.

Fix 9 – You can make use of the wired ethernet connectivity

The Wi-Fi has made a significant impact on society. Today, you can find that millions of people around the world have benefitted from Wi-Fi connectivity as it enables them to browse easily on their devices.

Yes, that is right. It comes with a certain amount of disadvantages like a limited signal and privacy issues. You are better off using wired ethernet when there is a barrier between your home, room, or office work area.

If you notice that the signals are weak and slow, then you might consider using a wired connection. This causes you to receive a weak streaming experience. You would want to make sure to test the buffering speed on your device and use wired connectivity.

Fix 10 – You can upgrade your Wi-Fi device

If your Wi-Fi router or modem is old or at least 5 years old, you may want to consider replacing it. A router does not have to be expensive. It can cost you around less than $200 for a decent model.

When you have made use of all the solutions that have been provided to you and nothing works, then this may work. Before upgrading your device, you can just check if it is good enough for you or not by testing it. Otherwise, please replace it immediately.

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Why is the video buffering slow on my device?

The slow streaming with fast internet on your device could be because some of your other devices might be causing the internet signals to slow down. When there are too many devices being used on your premises, then the bandwidth can slow down the internet connectivity.

This is when you might want to consider disconnecting some of your laptops, smartphones, or tablets, if possible. There can be a slight increase in the speed of the internet. However, this is not a sure-shot method.

What are the primary causes of internet buffering?

Internet buffering speed is slow when the device is downloading the data when it has to begin playing the video. You can notice that the signal on your screen shows a dot going around in circles. Moreover, your videos do not begin to start.

There could be several reasons for that, the first being that your internet connectivity is somewhat slow to stream the videos. Secondly, the speed of your internet router may not be able to match the requirement of your usage.

Why is the Wi-Fi buffering too much?

Your Wi-Fi could be buffering because of several reasons. It could be due to the congestion in the signals, the location of the router, and issues with your hardware. Sometimes, you may be using obsolete firmware that does not allow quick signals.

The size of your office or home also matters. If you are living in a city inside an apartment, then the signals might not come inside as they are supposed to. Sometimes, your neighbors might conveniently be using your internet for all you may know, thereby causing a decrease in speed.

Why is the video buffering when the internet speed is fantastic?

Though the internet is fantastic, your connectivity could fail you because of the insufficient bandwidth for your home or office. Either you have too many working devices like PCs, laptops, and smartphones, or there could be dead zones in your work area.

This is when you should identify those areas where the internet is working well and make use of them. In those areas, the internet could work better than what is found in the dead zones. Besides, when the devices are used to see videos at the same time, then the internet will be slow.

Is it normal for buffering issues to happen anywhere?

Yes, it is normal for the internet speed to be fast, but streaming is the slow problem to happen. You can expect it to happen at the home, office, or even on a rural property. Apart from the factors that we have mentioned & discussed in this post, other reasons & causes also might be there.

Final thoughts on high-speed internet but slow buffering

There you go. We have come to the end of our discussion on the high-speed internet but slow buffering. We hope you were enlightened on how to go about things. As you can see, it does not have to be a complicated procedure for you.

We have provided you with many causes, reasons, and fixes. We hope that you make use of it. This way, you will not have any issues with your internet connection and be able to watch your videos in peace without buffering.

Internet buffering can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are a vlogger or live streamer. Your work will get affected massively. In that case, you may want to upgrade your system, router, or devices.

This may also help solve your problem. Those of you who are living in rural areas might want to consider getting a high-end router or modem. That way, you know that your internet connection is reliable.

Have you faced the buffering issue with your home or office? What did you do then? Have you used any of the fixes that we have mentioned above? Please do write to us and tell us about your experience in the comments section.