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Fixed Solution Darktide Mouse Stuck on Screen

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Darktide Mouse Stuck on Screen

The multiplayer online game Darktide has amassed a massive following worldwide. Darktide has appealing features and is user-friendly. However, it has bugs and faults like every other video game. Players’ most significant obstacle is the Darktide mouse stuck on screen problem.

Do you find how frozen dark tide mouse cursor on the screen this problem to be particularly annoying? Have no fear. Here, you’ll find some simple solutions to the problem so you can return to the game.

What to Do When Your Darktide Mouse Doesn’t Move?

You know what to do if the mouse won’t move in Darktide. Let’s move forward and examine some solutions proposed by experts. If you’re having issues with Darktide, try the following explanation for Darktide unstuck:

Verify Any Pending Background Requests:

The Darktide mouse stuck on the screen error may be caused by performance issues brought on by multiple background apps. Quickly terminate running programs and background tasks. As a result, system performance will increase due to the release of previously used resources.

Start a new session:

If the mouse becomes stuck on the screen while playing Darktide, restart the game. If your mouse doesn’t move anywhere on the screen, try restarting the game. You should save your game before resuming it to enjoy all of your previous achievements. Simply restarting the game will remove any transitory factors that may have caused the mouse to become stuck.

To make sure the game is functioning properly, you can restart it. When the mouse becomes stuck on the screen, restarting the game usually fixes the problem.

Refresh your video card drivers:

As we have discussed before, the dark tide stuck on the loading screen fault can be caused by outdated graphics drivers. Download the most recent update by navigating to the webpage of the game’s creator. The problem may be solved with this method.

Game File Authentication:

The Darktide mouse stuck issue can be resolved by checking and confirming the game’s files. To get the green light for your video game files, do as follows:

  • To access your library in the Steam client, launch it.
  • Select Darktide’s Settings by right-clicking on it.
  • In the Properties window’s Local Files tab, choose Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Don’t rush things, and wait for them to end. Get back into the game and see if it fixes the problem.

Modify the Visual Effects:

Darktide’s mouse can become stuck on the screen if the graphics settings are too high. You can minimize graphics settings and the problem by lowering the resolution and reducing related effects.

Make Sure It’s Not Overheating

A Darktide mouse cursor stuck on the screen may be due to overheating. Use temperature monitoring software to ensure your computer stays at a reasonable temperature, especially the central and graphics processing units. Clean the vents and fans with a cooling pad if the heat is too much.

Use a Screen Without Borders:

The Darktide Mouse is a game-changer for computer users since it eliminates the requirement for a border around the display when manipulating the mouse. You can use the mouse throughout the full show without a borderless screen. This function prevents the mouse from becoming wedged in the display’s border.

Gamers will appreciate this feature because it improves their playing experience. Improve your gaming experience with faster, more precise mouse movements over the entire screen. This function enables users to take in more information at once by facilitating access to additional screen real estate.

Invoke Compatibility Mode for Game Play:

It’s possible that Darktide won’t run on your PC. To play, you should switch to compatibility mode. The rules are as follows:

  • To access its settings, right-click the Darktide icon and choose “Properties.”
  • Select the best option with your computer by clicking the compatibility tab.
  • Select Apply, and then click OK.

Game Reinstallation:

Try reinstalling Darktide if none of the other solutions you’ve tried work. You must delete the game from your PC and then download it again through Steam from the developer’s site. Ensure you get the most recent version of Darktide by following the link.

Input Alt+Tab to Switch Tabs:

If you have more than one display set up or want to switch different games on your PC, you can do it by pressing the Alt+Tab buttons simultaneously, which may change the game. Many players benefited from this simple tweak.

Turn off Overlay:

To turn off the overlay, right-click the mouse symbol in the bottom right of your screen and then select “Disable Overlay.” If it doesn’t do the trick, you may have to turn off the overlay entirely in the game’s settings.

On the “Performance” menu, click “Disable Overlay.” The mouse should function again after turning off the overlay and restarting the game. It’s also a good idea to reinstall the game, tweak the mouse sensitivity settings, turn off hardware acceleration and any in-game overlays, and update the drivers for your graphics card.

Whether you’ve tried everything and the problem persists, try seeing whether it shows up in different games. Software or hardware components may be at fault if that’s the case. A technician should be contacted for further assistance in this instance.

The mouse won’t move, and I can’t figure out why in Darktide

Before diving into solutions, let’s examine the root causes of the Darktide mouse stuck on-screen bug. Essential aspects of the problem are as follows:

Game data corruption:

If players use an outdated version of the Darktide game files, their mouse may become unresponsive. Things like faulty installation or a lack of electricity can bring on this issue.

Old Video Card Drivers:

If your PC has outdated graphics drivers, you may have a dark-tide mouse on the screen. Maintaining up-to-date drivers is essential for running modern programs and games.

Problems with compatibility:

If Darktide isn’t compatible with your PC, your mouse may get stuck on the screen. Before setting up the game, ensure your system meets the minimum requirements.


Overheating causes noticeable issues with computers. Overheating can lead to various problems like the Darktide mouse being stuck on the screen. When the graphics card overheats, it stops working properly, and the mouse won’t move anywhere on the screen.


Darktide Mouse stuck on the screen is annoying and difficult to understand, but it is simple to solve. If you follow the instructions, it should start functioning normally again. If the problem persists, you should check for hardware issues like a broken mouse or machine. You can probably get your Darktide mouse working again with some troubleshooting.

In Darktide, how can I unstick my cursor from the screen?

Alternatively, you can switch from Fullscreen to Windowed and back again to see if that helps resolve the problem. This typically causes the cursor to vanish from the screen during gameplay by refreshing it.

My Darktide keeps getting frozen; what gives?

Where did Darktide go wrong? Many things can cause your game to malfunction, whether crashing, failing to launch, or freezing. Most crashes and freezes in Darktide can be traced back to file corruption or outdated graphics card drivers.

Why does my mouse get stuck on the screen when I play Darktide?

Driver incompatibility, hardware corruption, or using out-of-date hardware are all possible causes of this issue.

The mouse won’t move in Darktide; how can I repair this?

Updating the mouse driver, uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, or switching to a new mouse will resolve this issue.

How come Darktide is so sluggish?

Darktide’s performance may suffer if you use a GPU with a broken or outdated driver. Make sure no older versions of the drivers are still there by performing a clean installation before installing the newest one. This is especially crucial if the GPU has been swapped out.

Will switching out the Darktide mouse fix it?

You can fix the problem by getting a new Darktide mouse.