5 Best AM3+ CPU for Gaming Performance And Review

Best AM3+ CPU for Gaming Performance And Review

When you go to buy a CPU for gaming, you will need to balance performance and features with your budget. We are going to discuss about the Best AM3+ CPU for Gaming. You need to read our article for the detailed help for picking the fastest am3+ CPU for gaming. 

AMD has been dominating the market and successfully running its processor business even with Intel. AM3+ CPU gains popularity these days in the market. They attracted many users over the years.

Most of the Gaming Pc builders refer to buy AM 3+ processors because of their high-level performance. It gives a smooth gaming and general operating experience.

Although, picking up the right and fastest am3+ processor is a difficult task. There are many options available in the market as you need to cautious to buy the perfect one for you.

So, there is a list of the best AMD fx processor for gaming; each one of them has a high level of performance. 

Best AM3+ CPU For Gaming Performance And Review

1) AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 processor

AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 processor

AMD FX-8350 is a powerful processor that can perform multiple tasks at a time without hard efforts. You will surely get the next level of performance from this processor. It is well-equipped to swiftly handle everything, whether it’s a gaming or demanding task. It is considered to be the best AM3+ for gaming.     

It basically works with a base clock speed of 4.0GHz, which is very fast. It provides decent performance with its 8 core featuring 8 threads along with the 8MB of L3 and 8MB of L2 cache. 

Although it makes up for it by its outstanding performance, you will get this to be excellent in running multiple intensive applications like video editing and 3D modeling at once without even trying too hard. It will make your PC a multimedia powerhouse.

  • This processor can be overlocked easily with the overdrive system
  • Outstanding performance in handling multiple tasks at once
  • Equipped with 8 cores along with 8 threads
  • The affordable price makes it a bang for the buck
  • Tend to overheat easily

2) AMD fx-8320

AMD fx-8320 review

Experience the fastest and blazing speed with AMD fx-8320 processor; while using this, you can perform multiple functions simultaneously and run games and applications with heavy graphics.

AMD fx-8320 is fully prosperous with high-end features and cutting-edge technology, which also promised to accomplish power-pack performance for your computer. You can boost your computer processor with AMD fx-8320 and feel the difference in your work.

This AMD fx-8320 piledriver processor is designed with the AMD turbo core technology that instantly adjusts the performance and provides the best and better experiences.

This processor also allows performing the maximum tunable performance in the computer.

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  • The AMD fx-8320 is mainly a upgradation of under-clocked version of the AMD 2012 flagship in 8350
  • These chips run at about half a GHz a clock rate than the 8350 series
  • It also occurs to be 3000 bucks which is cheaper
  • It is worthful to buy and function properly
  • The cons of AMD-8320 is the drastic performance problems with the FX series were down to shared memory channels and reduced the cache
  • The individual scores were no weaker than the previous phenom series, yet in much real-life, tasks perform very badly

3) AMD fx-8370

AMD fx-8370 review

AMD fx-8370 has set the world-class performance with its AMD fx series processor. It also has a silicon processor speed that, leveraging the powerful ‘piledriver’ overclocker ‘the slit,’ pushed the silicon’s envelope overclocking to the extreme.

This processor has also introduced a new feature, new speed, and new power-optimized AMD fx series to push the CPU boundaries of value and efficiency in high performance.

This processor is designed with the enthusiasts in mind that when it will be paired with AMD Radeon R9 graphic cards and AMD fx processor will allow the gamers to experience the revolutionary AMD mantle.

It is featuring the closed-loop liquid cooler for the CPU that cools down the heat, which is also available now.

  • It is reasonably priced for an eight-core, 4GHz chip
  • It has appreciable improvements with multi-core software
  • It is compatible with older AMD AM3+ sockets and motherboards
  • It can be unlocked over overclocking
  • It still lags in single-core tests
  • It still uses much more power than comparable Intel chips, which also have only on-chip graphics
  • It is only minimally faster than FX-8350, which is only 20$ cheaper than this
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4) AMD fx-6300

AMD fx-6300 review

AMD fx-6300 originally has been introduced as an upgrade version of FX-6300. The FX-6300 was released at the same time when the AMD fx-8350 just debuted.

If you see back then, FX-6300 was absolute the complete favorite gamers among the budget who are not much the MMOs. With the capacity of six cores, it makes sense to purchase this processor over any expensive Intel’s at that time.

Well, AMD fx-6300, the intel processor, was quite hit at that time, with the sweet spot was the i5-3570k. The AMD FX-6300 is a six-core processor with a 3.5 GHz base clock speed, and it can also go further with speed far as 4.82 GHz with ethical cooling.

This series doesn’t come up with an AMD processor with integrated graphics, so you need to purchase the bundle with the dedicated card for a complete package. It has a wide spectrum of overlooking abilities.

  • It is the cheapest processor out there that it overclocks and it gives good performance overall
  • Loads of motherboards still support this architecture and it works very well too
  • You can easily overclock using multipliers
  • It doesn’t cost much and has tremendous abilities
  • AMD fx series always fares terribly when it comes to a single-core performance and fx-6300 is no different in this
  • Multiplayer gaming is not possible on this processor but mostly games play well on this processor
  • All you need to invest into the graphics card in a computer system as dedicated graphics are not valid in this processor
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5) AMD FX-9590

AMD FX-9590 review

The AMD fx-9590 takes the AMD CPU to a new level of performance with having an over lockable eight-core design and recently lower down the prices and make the attractive buy for the performance-minded.

This processor comes up with a couple of caveats. Since due to high-power-performance, the capability is power-hungry. So, it demands some pretty serious cooling equipment.

The AMD fx-9599 is an eight-core processor, boasting one of the highest clock speeds available in a processor. Its highest speed is 4.7 GHz to 5GHz, even without the overclocking.

The CPU has some pretty significant power demands, so all you need is to connect with the motherboard that offers both an AM3+ socket and also handles the chips 220-watt power requirement.

It offers you some of the best performances available for your system. It also provides you to have the requisite hardware.

  • Having a motherboard, cooling equipment, and a separate graphic card many buyers will find the AMD fx-9590 is an all-over good processor that provides the potent performance for your device
  • All those who are familiar with the AMD series may realize that fx-9590 doesn’t include any graphics processing on the chip. So all you need to provide a dedicated GPU also, even if you are not planning to play games on the device.

FAQ For AM3+ CPU for Gaming Performance

1. What is the fastest AM3 CPU?

AMD FD8350FRHKBOX fx-8350 is considered to be the fastest AM3 CPU. It works with a base clock of 4.0GHz, which is very fast.

2. What CPUs are compatible with AM3+?

This are compatible with AMD FX 9590, AMD Phenom II X6 1100T black, AMD Phenom II X6 1075T

3. Is AM4 better than AM3+?

AM4 is much better than AM3+. But, if you are looking for a cost-effective processor, then Am3+ is the best option.

4. Which is the best AM3+ CPU?

AMD Fx-8350 is the best AM3+ CPU because it provides a high-level experience of gaming.

Final Thought AM3+ CPU:

You are plan to build up a gaming desk; then this list is fantastic for you. And we are highly recommended AMD Fx-8350 for improving your gaming experience, and here we covered the top AM3+ CPU for gaming, enhancing the experience.

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