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[Fixed] Wyze Camera Keeps Going Offline

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Wyze Camera Keeps Going Offline In 2023

There’s nothing worse than waking up to find that your brand-new Wyze camera has gone offline. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most frustrating inconveniences a tech user can experience. While it’s easy to see why the Wyze Camera Keeps Going Offline, there are also several possible causes for this interruption in service.

Let’s look at what may be causing your Wyze camera to go offline—and how you can fix it!

To avoid confusion, let’s start by defining what it means when our device “goes offline.” Going offline means that the device has lost contact with its Wi-Fi.

Why is My Wyze Camera Offline?

1. Internet Issue:

Internet issues are prevalent for users, so you should be careful when using any Internet device. We have tried several different Wi-Fi signal repeaters, and none have worked as well as we wanted them to.

2. A network cable gets unplugged:

Sometimes, a network cable gets loose or unplugged. This may lead to a problem where the Wyze outdoor camera shows offline. Ensure the cable is connected firmly on both ends (looking into the side of the device). You can also put the device on a flat table to prevent it from slipping quickly.

3. Firewall issues:

Sometimes, before you go on Wi-Fi, your firewall will request network access for a secure device such as a Wyze camera. This can lead to problems with the camera going offline. A firewall is a tool that blocks access to specific data or services based on the request’s IP address and other attributes.

Some firewalls may also issue a log report if they see an unauthorized request from a home device such as the Wyze camera. This can be fixed with simple settings changes that allow the device to have Wi-Fi access even though it isn’t on your specific network.

4. Signal Strength:

A weak signal is the most common cause of internet issues. Usually, an internal wired network will suffer from this much more than a wireless one because of limited capacity. Your router distributes Wi-Fi signals, but a problem with your router will affect the Wi-Fi signal for both the camera and your devices. Ensure you have tested any wiring accessories to ensure they are working correctly.

5. Security settings:

These settings are set up by your service provider, and sometimes they might be troublesome to change on a home device such as a Wyze camera. So do not change these unless the service provider asks you.

How to fix Wyze cam keeps going offline?

There are specific ways in which you can try to fix the problem of your Wyze camera offline after the firm update. Make sure you understand the problem before trying to fix it. Also, try these quick solutions. They may help:

1. Check the network connections:

Ensure the cables are correctly connected and the network is working fine. The first thing to do is check if the device has a good relationship with a PC. It’s important to understand that you will hear an alert if your camera loses connection with a PC but not when it loses contact with Wi-Fi. This is an important thing to realize.

2. Factory reset Wyze Cam:

This is the easiest and most effective way to fix this issue. First, make sure to check whether the power cable is connected correctly. Then, you can follow these instructions to factory reset your device. Before proceeding factory reset, remove the Wyze cam sd card to prevent your potential storage data.

Here’s how to reset Wyze Camera:

  • Hold down the setup button for 10–20 seconds.
  • Next, please turn off your device by holding its power button for 2 minutes. It will restart with a clean start, and you can proceed.
  • The LED indicator changes from solid to blinking yellow during the factory reset.

3. Power cycle your Wyze Cam:

This is the soft reset method you should use to fix the issue. First, make sure to check whether all the cables are correctly connected. Then, you can follow these instructions:

Disconnect the camera’s power line from the power source or the Wyze Cam end to turn it off.

Turn off your device by holding its power button for 5–10 seconds. After that, please turn it on again by holding the power button for 30 more seconds.

After that, Reconnect your Wyze Cam to the power supply, and give it time to reset.

4. Update Wyze Cam firmware:

This is a common practice to fix issues with any IoT devices, such as Wyze cameras. The latest firmware is more stable than older versions and also fixes many problems with the device. You can use a mobile app to update the firmware if it’s available.

Wyze Firmware Update

Use the Wi-Fi settings to connect the device to Wi-Fi and let it update, then check whether it works after that. But if the Wyze cam is still offline after the firmware update, follow the next steps.

5. Check the signal strength on the Wyze App:

Check the signal strength on your smartphone to understand better why the camera went offline. You might find what’s causing it in your operating system. Ensure that your smartphone does not show a “no service” or “service not available” message when connecting to the device.

Signal Strength

6. Update both the camera and the app:

This is probably the most effective solution and will give you the best results. One way to do that is to update the camera and app on your smartphone. The two are connected so that they will receive and update updates simultaneously. After updating all your settings, be sure to check whether it works or not. You can update the camera in the app’s settings and check whether it works.

7. Reset Network Settings:

This method is effective because it has a complete reset of Wi-Fi settings in your phone, such as the Wyze app and Wyze camera software. It is done by resetting the network settings on your phone.

Reset Network Setting 1

This should help you fix your Wyze camera going offline issue. Please share your working solution with us. Let us help you if you are stuck and need any more help.

8. Contact support:

You must contact the customer service center if you have a problem with your Wyze camera. Even if they can’t solve the problem, they will be able to tell you why. They can also advise you on other steps to get Wyze camera back online. So check it out and get your device working again as soon as possible! You can contact them. They are always ready to help you.


It is essential to know when your Wyze camera will crash a stream. There are several reasons why the camera will hit; they vary depending on the time of day and weather. It is also essential to make well-informed decisions regarding your security system, as you don’t want to be caught off guard by a problem that could have been avoided if you had been more knowledgeable about it.

The best way to avoid these problems is by staying aware of your surroundings and remembering that all systems, including technology, have bugs and glitches. By being aware of them, you can ensure they don’t jeopardize your security. As mentioned above, those are some of the reasons and solutions you can try to fix a problem if your camera is offline after the firm update.


How to reset Wyze Cam v3?

To reset your Wyze Cam, plug it into power and press and hold the setup button located on the bottom of the camera for 10 seconds. After releasing the button, wait for at least 30 seconds for the unit to initiate. Please note that this process may take up to 5 minutes.

Why Wyze camera is going offline?

There are several reasons why a Wyze camera may go offline. Some of them include the following: Wi-Fi problems, out-of-range issues, network issues, and power supply problems. Make sure to read the article mentioned above, as there are step-by-step instructions on how to fix all these problems.

What is the best Wyze camera for review?

The best Wyze camera for review is the Wyze Cam V3. The reason it’s so popular is that it’s very reasonably priced and straightforward to install. The solutions to fix Wyze Cam V3 going offline are given above.

What’s the best way to fix my Wyze camera going offline?

The best way to fix a problem is by updating your Wyze app, checking signal strength on your smartphone, restarting the device, updating firmware, and resetting network settings on your phone. Make sure you do them in the proper order so that they can work simultaneously.

What are the benefits of the Wyze camera?

This application provides further security measures when using other intelligent devices, such as your household’s cameras, thermostats, and alarm systems.