How to Setup Pix Link WiFi Repeater

Are you struggling with a spotty internet connection? Looking for the easiest way to set up a WiFi repeater? The Pix Link WiFi Repeater is the quick and easy answer!

The Pix Link is one of the best WiFi repeaters around. Pix links come in 4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, so regardless of what kind of WiFi network you are using, the Pix link will be able to connect seamlessly. Pix helps you ward off your roommates by introducing the functionality of a WiFi repeater to your existing wireless device. It provides a signal to hard-to-reach areas and dead zones and increases the range of your existing wireless network.

This high-speed WiFi repeater works on all devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. You can extend the life of the Pix Link WiFi repeater by utilizing all of the features that WiFi range extenders provide. You can keep your existing router plugged into your modem and add a Pix Link WiFi extender to extend your network range, or you can choose to buy a standalone WiFi repeater. Your choice!

This WiFi will help you:

  • Extend your existing WiFi to other locations.
  • Share an Internet connection with a friend or family member.
  • Connect up to four Wi-Fi-enabled devices.
  • Use the Pix Link to extend an existing network quickly.
  • Share Internet access with guests, friends, and family.

In this post, I’ll show you how to quickly and easily set up the Pix Link WiFi Repeater in a few simple steps.

Quick Ways for Installation of Pix Link Setup

The setup is web-based and does not require an app. No software is needed to install the Pix Link 2.4 GHz setup. Connect the router to the computer through its Ethernet port, and then set up your device by following the instructions on the installation page.

  1. Take all the things out of the box, and you will supplement the Pix link repeater setup.
  2. Find the location where you want to put the WiFi repeater.
  3. Take out the Manual and read carefully to know all the explanations about the WiFi Repeater.
  4. Power the device from the rear using the company’s Power Supply Cable or an adapter power supply (100 – 240V AC).
  5. After installation, you will find a power switch on both sides of the pix-link repeater in which you can choose to either turn it on / off or keep it ‘on’ without turning it off via its power pins.
  6. Connect your wireless router or modem to the Pix link router and plug the Pix link in its place.
  7. LED lights will turn green once your WiFi repeater is connected and working.
  8. To find your device name, go to wireless settings, click on your device name, and connect to WiFi on your Computer by entering the password.
  9. Connect your router and Computer with a WiFi modem via an Ethernet cable to a single router.

So with these steps, you have successfully installed your Pix-Link WiFi repeater. Now we have to move further to complete the setup of our device.

How to connect your Pix-Link WiFi Repeater

It is easy to connect your PixLink WiFi repeater to your router. Follow these simple steps.

  1. First, connect your wireless devices to the Pix-link WiFi repeater wirelessly and over an Ethernet connection, and enjoy using high-speed internet.
  2. Ensure your extender is connected to the power supply, and open a browser on any device.
  3. You must utilize a wired or wireless mode to connect it to your WiFi router’s internet.
  4. To connect your Pix-Link extender to your Computer or router, select the LAN/WAN connection mode.

Note: Press the Pix-link WiFi extender WPS button for 5 seconds if using WPS connection mode. Stop when the LED light starts to blink.

If your extender light blinks continuously, you have a Pix-link extender WPS failure or relay failure issue. Now, let’s see about the login process for your WiFi extender.

How do you log into your Pix-link WiFi Extender?

You must log in to your Pix-Link WiFi extender to change your device. Follow these simple steps to learn how to log into your WiFi extender.

  1. Firstly, you must enable the WPS feature on your router and Computer and connect both devices.
  2. After the feature is enabled, connect your router and Computer by an Ethernet cable with the LAN/WAN port of the router (A port for WAN and LAN for the Network)
  3. Go to your mobile device and select the network or WiFi settings.
  4. Connect it using the default password of the pix extender and ensure your device is successfully connected to the internet. You might face the problem of not connecting or a connection error. For that, re-enter the correct password. Reset all of your devices if the problem still exists. Remove the Ethernet cable as well.
  5. Open a web browser, and type setup: pix-link or the default IP address for the pix-link extender.
  6. The login page will appear. Enter your user and administrator credentials in the New user and Admin fields.
  7. Click on the Next button and then the Submit button to complete the process of your new setup wizard.
  8. The setup process will begin after a few moments. You can check if it has been completed by going to the web browser window of your device.

The login process is now complete. Let us move on to the setup process of your Pix Link WiFi extender.

How do I set up a Pix Link WiFi extender?

Setting up your Pix-Link WiFi extender is not as difficult as you think. This process may take a few minutes, but you can now run the internet from your Pix-Link WiFi repeater.

  1. You must set it up again after completing the login process.
  2. To begin this process, click on the pix-ink 300m Setup option on your device’s home page and then press the Next button to continue. You can also download the Pix-Link app.
  3. Choose the setting option according to your desire. Say you want to manage your device through a LAN connection.
  4. After making changes to the settings, such as changing the pix-link extender password (the same as your primary router password), the network performance improves.
  5. You can go through all the settings by clicking on the Next button.
  6. You need to input the same PIN you created for your main router and then click on the Save button to complete your new Pix Link WiFi extender setup.
  7. After completing all the settings, you can hold down the WPS (WPS button) on your device so that it will connect with your main router and other devices without any issues, just like putting a thumb on a switch.
  8. Don’t forget to save the password this time because you have to log in using the same one, which is not advisable.

You can now easily access your Pix-Link WiFi extender through your device. If you have all the internet restrictions on your apps, try unblocking them by using this method.

What should I do if the Pix Link WiFi Repeater stops working?

Stopping a pix-link WiFi extender is primarily due to the issues we have already told you about, or sometimes, it can be due to other problems. If your Pix-Link device stops working, then do check out these things.

1) Power supply: The power source may be a problem if you have been using it for a long time to get an internet connection. Try changing its location, pressing the power switch for 1 second, and then turning it on again. Connect your extender to the main router with an Ethernet cable and the LAN port on the back side of the router (a port for WAN), and then make sure that both your main router and Pix Link repeater are off.

2) Clear cache: In this method, you have to clear your browser’s cache and then try to get access to the Pix-Link WiFi repeater. This will improve internet performance as well.

3) Delete the current AP: Sometimes, due to specific software issues, your extender device stops working and starts displaying a “Not in range” message, or any other problem that comes to mind. So, delete the current network and connect it again.

4) Update Firmware: This method is also used to fix some problems due to a firmware update. Update the firmware and allow your device to configure itself via wireless settings.

5) Update your router’s software: Some internet issues can be fixed by updating your router’s software. You have to open a browser on any computer, or you can use a smartphone, tablet, or any other device, and enter the IP address of the main router or extender by typing (This will work for most of the settings.) Click on Next, and then click on the Next button to save new locations. Then connect again with your extender.


You are good to go if you have set up your Pix Link WiFi extender! You can now browse websites and use the internet for endless hours. If your home has a lot of dead spots or weak signals, we recommend getting a Pix-Link WiFi range extender. It will amplify the signals from your main router and give you seamless access to the internet anywhere inside your home or office. So, get one today and make use of it!