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How to Setup Blink Mini Camera

How to Setup Blink Mini Camera

Many people worry about their privacy when they purchase a new device, such as a mini security camera for their home or office. The Blink mini camera is a security camera that you can place in your home, office, or person to provide 24/7 surveillance.

Security cameras are meant to detect crime, so it’s essential to record your actions whenever possible. With a Blink mini camera, you can monitor your property anytime, ensuring that no unwanted intruders get in or out of your home or office without being detected by an external security camera.

The Blink mini camera is the cheapest and still provides high-quality footage. The battery life is pretty decent, and the camera can film for over two hours on a full charge, so you won’t have to worry about charging it all the time.

The Blink mini camera has both night vision and a wide-angle lens. It also has excellent night vision that allows you to see clearly at all times, even in the dark.

If you are interested in learning how to setup a Blink mini camera and connect it to Wi-Fi for continuous recording, keep reading this post for more information. Also, you might be interested in finding out the best settings for the blink camera.

How to connect mini blink camera to wifi?

The Blink mini camera is an excellent device that records all actions in your home or office while connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can set it up quickly and easily using the instructions below.

  1. Download the Blink Mobile App from the Google Play store for your mobile phone or download the app from the Apple App store for your iPhone.
  2. Plug a power adapter into the camera, and then plug the adapter into an electrical outlet.
  3. Go to the Blink Mobile App Settings and set it up with a password. Make sure you use a strong password and pairing code when setting it up.
  4. Once you have logged in to the app on your mobile device, choose “Blink wireless camera system” under “Add Device” from the menu. Also, give your camera a name in this step.
  5. Scan the QR code on the back of your Blink sync module or manually enter the sync module serial number.
  6. Watch for a solid green light and a blue blinking light on the Blink Sync Module.
  7. Select Discover Device, choose your preferred Wi-Fi network, and select it.

You have successfully connected your Blink camera to the Wi-Fi network. If you have any issues connecting your Blink camera to your Wi-Fi, then make sure that you have a strong password and that the sync module serial number is on the back of it.

How to set up blink mini camera

Blink wireless cameras are perfect. They are easy for you to setup, are wireless, and work with various security systems. Setting up the Blink mini camera can be done quickly and easily using the instructions below. These steps will help you setting up Blink mini camera.

Step 1: Install the Blink App and create your account.

Download the Blink app from your mobile device’s app store. To create an account, you’ll need to tap “Create an Account” in the Sign In section of the app. If you have an account with Amazon or other Blink-related charges, these will be listed here, so you can choose an existing one to log in with. If this is your first time signing up for a Blink account, use a valid email that you check frequently.

Step 2: Add your camera:

Tap on the (+) option and add a new device by selecting the Mini Camera option. Scan the QR code on the back of the camera or manually enter the serial number. Give your camera a location, wait until the lights turn on, and then connect it to Wi-Fi using the QR code. Your Mini gets added once the camera successfully connects to your network and communicates with the Blink servers. To finish the setting and go back to the app’s home screen, tap Done.

Step 3: Name your Camera & Create a Thumbnail:

Your DNS setting is the default name of the camera, which is a number. To change it, tap on that number and give your camera a name. To save, tap OK. To capture a fresh thumbnail picture, tap the thumbnail icon. Until you use this button to refresh it, the thumbnail stays in place. The thumbnail image is updated once the ringer button on the Blink Video Doorbell is touched.

Step 4: Mount your Camera:

After you successfully connect your camera, it is time to mount it. The Blink app on your mobile device will show a list of the cameras already set up in your house. Using screws, you can mount the camera anywhere you would like it. The camera is wireless, so you have flexibility in where you place it. It’s also available with a Power over Ethernet (PoE) network.

Step 5: Test the Camera:

After placing your camera, test your camera on the Blink app and verify that everything works correctly by watching your live stream or viewing any recorded footage if the camera notices something happening, like movement within its zone.

Note: Make sure your router has a firmware update available. If not, then seek help from support or the manufacturer directly.

Why won’t my Blink camera connect?

The Blink mini camera isn’t very complicated to set up, so connecting it to your router shouldn’t be a problem. However, there are a number of reasons why you may be having trouble connecting your Blink camera to your Wi-Fi network. Try these fixes if your Blink camera has problems related to your Wi-Fi network.

Some Common Issues and Fixes

1. Battery Issue: The Blink camera requires a battery to work, and if the battery is running low, it may not connect to your router.

If your Blink Camera is not connecting to your Wi-Fi network and is not charging, plug it in with a power adapter and wait for the blinking light on the front of the camera to stop blinking. Once this happens, you should be able to connect it without any problems.

2. Internet Connection: If you are worried about the Blink mini camera being hacked, don’t worry. The camera updates regularly, and the motion detection will notify you in the blink of an eye if anything is detected on your property.

When setting up your Wi-Fi, ensure it is secure so only approved users can connect to your home network. Also, check for any firmware updates for your camera and ensure you have the latest security software on your computer.

3. Router Issues: If you are experiencing problems connecting to the Blink mini camera’s Wi-Fi network, there may be a problem with the router or modem in your home or office.

If you cannot connect the Blink mini camera, check your router’s Wi-Fi settings and ensure they are set correctly. The Blink camera may have trouble connecting if you have problems with your current Wi-Fi.

4. Firmware Update: If your Blink camera is experiencing problems connecting to your Wi-Fi network or if you are having trouble getting it to stay connected, then there may be a firmware update that needs to be performed.

Check with the device manufacturer to see if there is an available update. If there is one, download it to your computer and install it on your camera. Once this process is complete, you should have no more problems.

5. Reset Your Modem or Router: If you can connect your Blink mini camera to your router but cannot connect the camera to the internet, the router or modem in your home or office might malfunction.

If you are experiencing problems connecting to the Wi-Fi network or a reoccurring problem with the Blink camera, your router may have an issue. Try turning it off and then on again while you are in the range of your router, or try troubleshooting Blink camera.

6. Contact Support: If you have tried everything and have been unable to fix these problems by yourself or using some of these fixes, then contact an expert for more help. They will help you get your Blink camera to work to its full potential.

The Blink camera is the cheapest security camera on the market, but at the same time, it keeps getting better. Always connect to secure Wi-Fi networks only because a hacker can sometimes break a connection between a camera and its router if there is not one between you and the hacker.


The Blink mini camera is an excellent device that you can use to monitor your house and keep it safe from unwanted guests. The reviews for the product are very positive, and the only complaint that most customers have is pointless.

Setting up the Blink camera is easy, and buying one for yourself is a wise decision. You can install the app on your cell phone or tablet and watch the live stream from anywhere in the world, but it is highly recommended that you keep an eye on the camera from time to time so that no one attempts to breach into your house or office.

Overall, we highly recommend this product to anyone who would like an affordable and reliable security camera for their home or office. You will not be sorry! Good luck with your Blink Mini!


How do I set up a Blink camera?

You can find a brief guide on how to set up the Blink Camera here.

How can I add a new Blink camera?

Yes, you can add a new Blink camera.

How do I remove or delete a Blink camera?

You can remove or delete a Blink camera by going to the Blink camera app.

Where are the serial numbers of my Blink cameras?

The serial number of your Blink Camera is printed on the label on the bottom edge of the camera.

Can Blink run without Wi-Fi?

No, it is not possible to run the Blink camera without Wi-Fi.

Do Blink cameras record all the time?

Blink cameras are designed to record only when motion (or movement) is detected. It can be turned off manually by pressing the button on the side of the camera.

Can I see any recorded footage online?

You can see all your recorded footage online through the Blink app. Go to your Blink Camera App, view your recorded footage online, or download it to your computer.