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Final Fantasy XIV: Beginner Guide and Collection of Useful Tips

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Even if you are an experienced video game player, you are well aware that each game has its characteristics. You can understand the game’s essence and some of its mechanics, especially if you play mostly games of the same genre. However, when you start playing a new game, you enter a new world. It would help if you had time to get comfortable and understand which character to choose, which class and race to choose, and much more.

Starting to play Final Fantasy XIV, you may have many questions, as the game is filled with characters, events, and various features. We will tell you what you need to do and what you should pay attention to first.

Final Fantasy XIV

Check out the trial option

Even though FFXIV is popular all over the world, you might not like it. Thus, if you are unsure, you should check out the trial version. However, keep in mind that it has some limitations.

Although it is a trial version, you will get access to most of the fascinating content. You can complete ninety levels in total, but in the free version, you can only complete sixty levels. However, this is approximately 100 hours of game content.

Here are some of the limitations you may encounter:

  • You can only have one trial account. If you have previously activated the game on your account, you will not be able to access the free version;
  • Having chosen a certain profession, you will not be able to develop it further after reaching level 60;
  • You won’t get full access to all races, including Viera, Hrothgar, and many more;
  • The maximum number of Gil is 300 thousand units. In the full version, you will need more in-game currency, which you can get using FF14 Boost;
  • You will not be able to create a chat to communicate with certain players;
  • You cannot join an existing guild or create a new one.

This is not the entire list of limitations. However, no particularly important points on the list could spoil your experience with Final Fantasy XIV.

Engage in character creation

You can create a character according to your preference. Your choice will not affect the further development of game events. However, you may want to make some changes, such as changing your race or making changes to how your character looks. It’s easy to do, but you’ll need Phial of Fantasia.

You don’t have to purchase this resource directly from the online store. If you play the trial version, the resources for purchasing in the online store may be limited. You can get this for completing the main storyline. You need to finish A Realm Reborn, after which you can spend it on a race or appearance change. However, you’d better save this resource until you buy the full game.

When you start creating your character, you can choose from 9 starting classes. You will need to improve your character, but you will receive only a part of the skills. To improve your character, you must receive knowledge from the so-called teachers. Before you meet the teacher, you will be able to understand if you like the chosen character category.

When you reach level 30, your character will be able to get a job. From this point on, you will start getting unique skills. For example, Paladin will be able to heal other characters and protect them from taking damage. A character belonging to any profession will receive something special, which will be vital in-game content.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to choose your class carefully. All professions are balanced in FF14, and they have their features. However, some experienced players, when starting to play complex game content, prefer certain professions to others since their characters can get better characteristics. However, you should not worry about this at the initial stage, because you can change your profession anytime. You can do it for free and without any tricks.

Pay attention to quests

In total, you will meet several types of tasks. There are only 4 of them. Here are the quests in the game:

  • The main story quests. The most important thing you need to do is complete the tasks of the main storyline. This is important as you can upgrade your character to the max. However, you won’t get access to valuable raids due to not completing some basic quests;
  • Class quests. By choosing a certain class, you will have some tasks to complete. By completing class tasks, you will unlock new abilities. In addition, you will get access to new equipment. After passing every 5 levels, you will need to go to your class teacher;
  • Side quests. You can complete additional tasks, but in practice, they are not as important as all the others. They will be interesting because they will tell you a fascinating story. However, such tasks are practically useless if you want to improve your character. You won’t get much experience, and there won’t be any special discoveries either. You can skip them and come back to them whenever you want;
  • Feature quests. You can easily identify special tasks, as they will have a blue icon. Completing them is important, as your character will open up many new opportunities. You will be able to access various raids and interesting and rewarding challenges. There are many of them in Final Fantasy XIV, so it can be difficult to know which ones to complete as soon as possible and which ones can be left for later.


If you want to know whether you should buy the full version of Final Fantasy XIV or not, you should try the free version. It gives you access to 100 hours of game content and enough time to make a purchasing decision.

It’s a great way to enjoy the game, try character creation, and choose a job. You can start to complete quests that will open up new opportunities for your character. If you want to change anything, you can change the appearance of the essence, race, and also change the profession.