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Must Try 14 Apps for Students

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“You again with your phone!” parents are indignant when they see teenagers (and already adult students) with gadgets. But gadgets can not only take time but also help to study, plan, and remember important things.


What do students do all the time? No, they are not skipping classes; these are the wrong students. Good ones write down lecture notes. Some, however, have long abandoned classical notes in a notebook and recorded the teacher on a voice recorder.
But there are difficulties here, too: if you need to take notes, you must listen to recordings, transcribe them, and write them down.

This is an activity that takes a lot of effort and time. SpeechTexter is a voice recorder with a speech-to-text conversion function. It recognizes speech well, even in several languages, and works without access to the Internet.


When you come home after long and tedious lectures and neighbors behind the wall have turned on the rap music at full volume again, the last thing you want to do is write another essay.
However, an essay writing app from can do it for you. You can place an order anytime and get professional help from qualified writers.


Here is another assistant that converts printed text into handwritten one, saving a lot of time. The application works well with Word files and even imitates handwriting.
Clockwork Tomato.

Another challenge for a student is to plan time, which is always in short supply. Savvy planners can help. There is the Pomodoro technique: you work for 25 minutes, then when the alarm rings, you rest for 5 minutes.

The application will help automate this process and adjust your tomatoes’ number, duration, and resting time.


The popular electronic planner lets you take notes on your tasks, distribute them into groups, track progress, set priorities, and create reminders. You can distribute the workload evenly without keeping all the deadlines in your head and without carrying a notepad with you.


At university, you will have to read a lot. To avoid carrying all the books with you, we advise you to download and read them electronically. Yes, we understand; it’s nice to sit with a paper novel when it’s raining outside the window and warm coffee in a glass, but let’s leave this format for leisure.

For studying, choose a more practical option. FBReader is a popular reader and supports almost all formats. By the way, it’s very convenient to use the app to search for the information you need in textbooks—enter a keyword into the search, and you’re done! In ordinary books, such tricks do not work.

Exam Countdown

Students always need to pass exams. The process itself is stressful. At a university, as a rule, the test week is not as scary as the week before it: you must submit a lot of homework, tests, and essays and finish reading books. With the help of the application, you can clearly see how many specific days and even hours are left until the next exam, receive reminders, and evenly distribute your preparation so as not to sit over a textbook on the last night.
Sleep Cycle

We want to remind you that good sleep is important for productive work. To control and optimize it, you can try the Sleep Cycle application, which monitors sleep phases, reminds you about the regimen, determines what time you should wake up, given the phase, and so on.


Try the mind maps method to avoid getting confused by a long list of terms. Mental or intellect maps collect all the information on one sheet and build a logical chain. If suddenly you get lost in your thoughts, you can quickly look at the mind map and remember what you missed.

The app can also animate your mind maps and launch a presentation. The paid version allows the possibility of writing mathematical and chemical formulas, exporting maps to Word and Excel, creating audio notes, and other functions.


The app teaches you how to plan your day and prevents you from missing deadlines. Tappsk has several functions: a to-do list (planner), a habit tracker, a calendar, and reminders. Minimalists will love the application’s design: nothing superfluous could distract from doing your things. One screen is enough for all functions. You can check off completed tasks daily and praise yourself for new good habits.

The paid version allows you to synchronize events from your calendar with the application and your devices among themselves. You can also mark regular events and add an unlimited number of habits.


It is ideal for iPad and Apple Pencil owners. Taking electronic notes is much more convenient than carrying a stack of notebooks and a pencil case for classes. You can write on the screen, as on a piece of paper.

You can insert photographs, printed text, or draw with markers of different colors or a pen into your notes. Three notebooks with unlimited pages are available for free, and the Pro version allows you to create an unlimited number of notebooks.


If you are constantly distracted while studying, this app is for you. The Forest is a virtual small tree that gradually grows while you don’t touch your phone. But it may dry out if you go into other applications (games, social networks, etc.). The application works using the Pomodoro method: it divides tasks into intervals. If you violated the terms, took up the gadget, then you destroyed your electronic Forest.

For iOS users, the application is paid. On Android, Forest has a free version, while the paid version frees you from advertising and expands the list of “allowed” applications you may need while working. You can also exchange virtual coins and plant up to five real trees worldwide.


Sometimes, you have to organize your activities and your classmates’ work. So that everyone knows the tasks for the week, a group calendar is suitable. The entire group will have a list of events in front of their eyes.

You no longer have to write to everyone privately: the group calendar will remind you of tasks and deadlines.
The application has three premium versions: Pro, Business, and Business+. They open unlimited calendars and events, allow users to confirm their participation in events, and add administrators.


It helps memorize words and terms using flashcards. In learning mode, you can check how well you remember the material. After the test, the cards will be divided into two piles: those you answered correctly and those you answered incorrectly.

Learning modules can be shared with friends and created together.
The Pro version will remove ads, make tests and flashcards unlimited, and allow you to scan handwritten notes and create new study blocks in a second.


“Put down your phone and study,” we hear from others or tell ourselves. You should not put away the gadgets but download applications to make your studies more effective. To motivate yourself to write a term paper, do homework, or study for an exam, add variety to your routine. The presented applications will help you study.