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How To Turn Volume Up On Vizio TV Without Remote?

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The World Cup Cricket Match is going on, and you turn on your Vizio TV. The first channel that pops up on your SMART LED VIZIO TV is a daily soap channel. But wait, it’s time to watch the live cricket match on your smart TV. You are in a rush to change the channel. 

But wait, what, you can’t find the Vizio TV remote to do so? Well, what if we tell you that today, in this blog, we have brought a guide to save you. Like always, we have still got you covered.

But before starting with the blog, I want you to imagine one more scenario. You somehow manage to make it up to your favorite sports streaming channel. The match is going live, and it’s your favorite commentator doing the live commentary of this World Cup Cricket Match.

Oh, but here is the problem, you can’t hear anything! The Volume Controls of your Smart LED Vizio TV are extremely low. What would you do now? Do you question that is there even a way to get back with it? Can you even manage to control your Smart LED Vizio TV without its remote? 

The answer to all the questions you would have raised in such a scenario is ‘yes’, and we are here to tell you how. In this blog, we will look at how to turn the volume up on your Vizio TV without remote. We will also see how to control the channel change navigations of your smart LED Vizio TV without its remote. 

There are various reasons that could have been responsible for your inability to turn the TV volume through the remote. Maybe your Vizio TV remote battery is dead, and it’s midnight the hour, and you just don’t feel like going to the nearest grocery store.

Maybe you broke your Vizio TV remote, and it can’t be repaired at this late hour. Or perhaps you simply forgot where you put your TV remote at.   

Methods for controlling the Vizio TV Volume Without Remote:

  1. By Using the Vizio TV Volume Buttons
  2. Using IR Blaster Supported Smartphone
  3. Using the Smart cash App
  4. Purchasing a Universal Remote

Controlling the Vizio TV Volume through Vizio TV Buttons:

One of the best ways to control your Vizio TV without its remote is to control it through your TV buttons. You all might be already aware that there are various navigation buttons located to every TV. But finding the Vizio tv volume button location could be a bit tricky, as they aren’t directly located in the most accessible parts of the TV. 

The first priority of Vizio TV manufacturers and developers is to take charge of its aesthetics. And the second is the continuous use of the TV buttons is more prone to damage. And thus, Vizio purposefully removes and hides its navigation Vizio TV buttons. 

But this blog is to save you from such emergencies. So, here we will discuss how to control the navigation buttons of Vizio smart led tv. And we will also see where to find the Vizio volume button location. 

In most smart LED Vizio TVs, the navigation button to control the Vizio TV volume button is at the backside of the TV. But, in some devices, the button has not been placed either way. Some sets of Vizio TV models only have a power button. And if that is the case with your TV, you might then wonder how to turn the volume up on Vizio tv with only one button? In that case, you can then try alternative methods to increase Vizio tv volume without a remote.  

Thanks to the evolving science and modern technologies that nowadays, controlling your television through your TV is no more a magical thing. Most of the contemporary smartphones come with IR-blaster-supported systems. And if yours supports it too, you can easily navigate and control your Vizio TV volume settings through your smartphone. But if your phone doesn’t support the IR-Blaster technology, then follow the next step.

Through using the SmartCast App to Control your Vizio TV Volume settings:

If your smartphone doesn’t support the IR-Blaster system, there is still nothing to be worried about. You can still control the basic navigation settings of the smart LED Vizio TV through your smartphone. You can easily install the smart cast application from your Google Play store (in androids) or Appstore (in apple devices). 

Once the smart cast app is installed, you can now log in to the app with your Vizio ID and password. Once logged in you can now easily turn volume up on Vizio TV without remote.

Though note that the smart cast application won’t work if your smart LED Vizio TV is a version older than that of 2015. And here comes the following alternative method to rescue, Getting a Universal Remote. 

Controlling the Vizio TV without remote by getting a Universal Remote:

As the name suggests, a universal remote can control numerous remote-operated devices while being almost the same price as the regular remotes. A universal remote could be really handy if you aren’t a smartphone user. So, if you are looking for an option that can be your all-time savior, while you are someone who keeps losing and forgetting where they kept their remotes, then the universal remote is for you. 

Sum up:

To sum it all up, in this blog, we have discussed and shared a short guide to help you know how to turn volume up on the Vizio TV without remote. We have also shared methods to help you know the Vizio TV volume button location in this blog.

Further to this blog, we have also shared how to turn volume up on Vizio tv with only one button. And if any of it doesn’t work, then we have also provided different methods to help you navigate the volume controls of your smart Vizio LED TV without a remote.


Does Vizio Tv have a volume button?

Yes, like any other smart LED TV, the smart LED Vizio TV also has a volume button. But these volume buttons are usually hard to locate, as to maintain the aesthetics of the smart TV. These volume buttons are often located at the top left or the top right corner of the back of the TV.

How to adjust the volume of my TV without a remote?

Most of the modern-built TVs, do have an option to adjust the volume settings of your TV. These TVs provide an inbuilt navigation button to navigate through at the time of emergencies. Though one should note that frequent usage of these navigation buttons might damage your TV. As the navigation buttons might stop working after some years.

How to change the volume level on Vizio tv without remote?

There are various ways to change the volume level of your Vizio tv without a remote. Though the most convenient method to do the same is to locate the buttons on your smart LED Vizio TV and navigate the required options through it.
If you are not able to locate the navigation buttons, that could help you to locate the Vizio TV buttons. Then, in that case, we have shared a short guide to help you with the Vizio tv volume button location.