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Fixed: PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC

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You are here because you are frustrated about why your PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting while playing on PC. We understand your disappointment. After all, you have not spent $400 on a gaming console for it to break down continuously. 

Lately, several users have reported encountering issues with their PS4 controller, including the problem of the PS4 keeping losing internet connection. Specifically, they have noticed that the controller frequently disconnects from their PC.

There are several reasons why this problem may occur, such as a misconfigured PS4 to PC connection, a faulty port, an outdated or corrupt Bluetooth driver, or incorrect Steam Controller settings.

Let’s explore the possible reasons for the PS4 disconnection issue when playing on a PC and discover practical solutions.

Why PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting While Playing on PC?

The controller can disconnect from your PC for several reasons, depending on its connection type. You may have trouble maintaining a stable connection due to a damaged USB cable or Bluetooth interference.

PS4 Keeps Disconnecting

Here are some of the most common reasons for your PS4 controller to disconnect from your computer.

Damaged USB Cables – The USB cord may have been damaged if you have been using your DualShock controller via USB for some time now. Converting a generic USB adapter to a Sony wireless adapter will ensure compatibility if you use a generic USB adapter.

Outdated Bluetooth Drivers – When Bluetooth devices (like PS4 controllers) are connected to a PC with outdated Bluetooth drivers, they may encounter various glitches, including issues with audio playback. Fixing Bluetooth audio problems can be achieved by updating the Bluetooth drivers to their latest version, which can resolve most Bluetooth device connection problems.

Interference – A PS4 controller should be used wirelessly in an environment free of interference. The Bluetooth signal from your controller to the PC can be weakened by Bluetooth devices such as fluorescent lights, microwaves, and other similar devices. Keep your wireless controller within a hundred feet of your computer to avoid sudden disconnections.

Steam Controller Settings – Each controller has its settings in Steam; for example, you must configure your PlayStation controller in the PlayStation Configuration Support menu.

How to Fix PS4 controller disconnecting from PC

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Fix 1: Resync the PS4 Controller

This is a common issue that is often found on the PS4. When you notice that your gaming console keeps desyncing, you can restart or reset it. However, you will lose everything you worked tirelessly for in your game. 

Hence, you will want to resync it. You can do that by plugging your controller into your PC with the help of a USB cable. Then you have to use the PS button. Doing so will resync your gaming console, and you will be ready. 

When you resync your controller, nothing will be lost. You can begin where you left off in your game and conquer your enemies effortlessly. Besides, you can save your game before resetting it if you want to do so. 

Fix 2: Restart the PS4 controller:

When resyncing the controller does not work, you may want to restart it. This method is the same as resetting it. However, it takes some time. So, first, you will need to switch off your PS4. 

You can do that by pressing the power button for a few seconds and hearing a beep sound. Then it would help if you unplugged your gaming console from the outlet. Leave it like that for a few minutes. This allows it to cool down. 

Then it would help if you plugged it back inside using the USB. You can use the USB cable to do so. Then, when you switch on the gaming console, it should work. 

Fix 3: Reset your PS4 controller

You can reset your PS4 controller. The first step is the same with you having to remove the power cable from the gaming console. You may want to use a sharp tool or instrument and gently press the reset button. 

You can find the button near the L2 button at the device’s rear. Then you can plug the controller into the gaming console using the proper USB cable. As you may notice, your controller will not resync. 

If it does not occur, you are set to begin gaming; do not worry because you can try the following method. 

PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from PC Bluetooth

When you use a PC Bluetooth to connect your controller, your gaming console can disconnect due to connection issues. This is quite normal and frequently happens even if your signal is strong. 

Many gamers, at times, fix the DualShock4 controller effortlessly onto the console. Unfortunately, that will not do because you need to install the Bluetooth driver. That is why you may want to install the Bluetooth driver first. However, you may have to do it each you connect to your controller.


Step 1: To connect your PS4 controller to your PC, start by opening the control panel. From there, navigate to the device and printers section, where you should see the option for your PS4 controller. Right-click on it to proceed.

Step 2: First, ensure your controller is connected to your PC to remove a device. Then, select the ‘remove device’ option. If your controller is not connected, open the settings and select the Bluetooth option.

Step 3: Then press the PS button option and the share button together on your controller. This will enable Bluetooth pairing. You may want to press them for a few seconds until you notice a light coming on. 

Step 4: In this case, your device should be able to detect the controller. Then click the Properties button. The keyboard driver has to be selected from the few options that appear. After that, click on the ok option; you’re ready to go. 

At times, this solution may not work. This is when you need to consider updating your Bluetooth drivers or downloading Bluetooth adapter drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website instead of relying on the ones provided by Windows. Then, repeat the steps mentioned above.

PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from your PC (USB)

When your PS4 controller keeps disconnecting from the wired PC, you might want to understand its actual cause. You can connect your controller to your gaming console and leave it for some time. 

At times, it connects. However, you may want to check on the USB cable if it does not. You can use another USB cable or a spare one to check whether it is functioning. Besides, you can also connect the USB port instead of using the traditional ports on the keyboard. 

You will want to ensure you are using the DS4 Window program. When you have finished updating, you must remove the previous version. You can also switch off the DS4 feature on your controller and use it regularly. 

When your PS4 controller is not synced, you may want to connect it before playing your games. Some players sometimes tend to secure the controller during the gaming session. This can cause serious problems too. 

Please avoid doing that because you will not only have to repeat the entire process, but you are causing internal damage to your expensive PS4. 

PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting While Gaming on Steam

What can you do when the Steam link keeps disconnecting? It can be frustrating to note when the Steam links are disconnected in the middle of your game. Your whole gaming data is removed, and you are left with nothing. 

Well, it is pretty simple. You can open the Steam settings. Then you have to click on the general settings found on the controller. Check for the kind of controller you use along with your gaming console. 

You choose the PlayStation configuration support when it is the PS4 controller. Then you have to click on controller shut down downtime. You have to select the never option. Please remember that this process will take at least 15 minutes, and you do not want to restart. 

Make sure that all the software has been installed

Naturally, PS4 controllers aren’t designed to be connected and used on PCs and require a bit of working around to operate correctly. Therefore, we recommend downloading and installing the DS4 software on your Windows PC.

Sometimes the Bluetooth drivers installed on your PC may not work as they are outdated. Perhaps, they were not installed correctly. These things happen due to which the controller keeps disconnecting the PC.  

Are the USB cable and monitor ports in working condition?

You would be stunned to know that a faulty USB is the common reason for this happening. That is correct; the USB cable or monitor ports not in working condition is the root cause. Just like electrical wires that are not in good condition need to be replaced. Likewise, your wiring needs to be checked. 

Before you do so, please make sure to turn off the main power. In a sense, you need to switch off or turn off the switch on the electrical board. It happens when you use the same USB cable to connect several devices simultaneously. 

You can also check if the connections are placed tightly. There may be some loose contact at times. 

What to do if nothing works

When the above methods on turn-off PS4 controller PC solutions have failed and are still facing connectivity issues, you can always do the following. You may want to try a few hacks mentioned below. 

  • You will want to check the controller charger. 
  • You may have to reinstall your Windows operating system again. 
  • You can consider using the Sony wireless adapter instead of a USB adapter.
  • You can plug in another controller to get if it is working correctly. 
  • You might want to try other platforms when your game is on Steam. 
  • When a red light flashes, you should turn off your gaming console. You may want to turn it on after 30 minutes. 
  • When you use the DS4 Windows, you might want to go to settings. Choose the hide DS4 controller and connect the controller before starting the PlayStation game.

Our recommendation is to update or reinstall the drivers in order to restore their proper functioning. If you are having trouble, you can either take the help of a friend who knows how to operate the PS4 or call professional help


It’s always a unique experience to play games with your PS4 controller, especially if the game supports a controller. Using various controller buttons gives you more control over your character than with a keyboard and mouse setup (KMS). It is more likely that a KMS setup will wear your hands down than a handheld device like a wireless controller.

The solutions above can help you establish a stable connection between your PS4 controller and PC. If these fixes don’t work, you may need to look for hardware damage on your device or try out your other PS4 controllers.


Why does my PS4 controller blink white??

When your PS4 controller flashes white, it tries to connect to the console. If you’re using a new controller that hasn’t been paired with the console or if the controller has been disconnected from the console, this can happen.

Why does my PS4 keep disconnecting from USB?

A dead or depleted battery usually causes PS4 controller battery problems.
You need to replace your USB cable, or the USB port on your PS4 is not working correctly (in case you’re trying to connect your controller via USB and experiencing the same issue).

Why does my PS4 controller keep blinking and disconnecting?

There is a low battery. You can recharge your controller’s internal battery by plugging it in. The blinking will stop once it’s charged.

Why won’t my PS4 controller connect even after reset?

The original USB cable may have failed, so try a different one if the PS4 controller won’t connect. The PS4 controller can also be reset by pressing the button on the back.
If you still can’t get your controller to connect to your PS4, you may need to contact Sony for help.