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What Is The Diamond Button On Altice Box And Network Reset?

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Altice box's diamond button

The Altice Box is a smart TV box. It can support cable boxes, video game consoles, and other devices without wires. There are only two buttons on the TV remote control: the power button and a diamond button with an exclamation mark. The power button is used to turn off the TV or unplug it from its power source by resetting the network settings of your box to factory defaults.

This will undo any network configuration changes you have made since installing your Altice boxes, such as factory default passwords or login info for DVRs, streaming services, etc., before turning off your device or unplugging it from its power source. If you face any issues, you can use this to reset your network settings.

What it does: The Altice box will restore all my devices’ factory default settings. This includes re-obtaining the original network password, which you had to reset after the last time you accidentally hit the wrong button and messed up your network settings.

What about you? Have you ever experienced issues with your Altice box after pressing the reset button? If so, read the full article below.

Why is Altice One Wi-Fi not working?

There may be some reasons why this Altice Wi-Fi is not working. There are many reasons why you can experience this problem, so these are some of the issues:

  1. Unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network: You should check the Wi-Fi connection first. Is the Wi-Fi enabled? If this issue is caused by incorrect operation of your Altice box, your network settings have been reset to factory defaults, and you have signed into your home network under the default login.
  2. Wires not appropriately connected: The connection between the cable box and remote is a combined cable related to your Altice box by a splitter. If you have many wires in your entertainment center, then it’s’ a good idea to do an open-wire check.
  3. Cable damage: Your cable TV works fine, but you cannot connect to the network, which can be caused by many things such as broken cables, steps between floors, or other construction work; Connecting it again with the same username and password won’t work. And after some time, these wires will start showing some strange signs, for example, randomly disconnecting.
  4. The cable box is not connected to your Wi-Fi router: Check the connection between the cable box and router. If there is any problem, check all the cables to ensure they are flexible, not crappy, and don’t have broken or exposed wires.
  5. Restart the Cable Box and your Network Device: This one usually works for many users; It is easy to do on a cable box, but it takes a little bit more finesse on your network device. First, unplug the ethernet cable from the back of your phone modem or router and let it sit for about 10 seconds, then plug it back in then try to reconnect again.
  6. Check your Wi-Fi signal strength: If you can’t connect to your home network or your connection is prolonged (or drops frequently), check the Wi-Fi signal strength. To get an idea of the signal strength, turn off the Wi-Fi on your devices and then perform a test by briefly pressing the power button of one machine.
  7. Change the channel of your router: Sometimes, you might have to change the medium of your router so that it can pick up a better signal from your house. After changing the channel, unplug your router from its wall outlet.

How to Reset Altice One box?

Resetting the Altice box is pretty simple and very easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below to reset your box.

1) Reset by using the network reset button

Reset Altice one
What Is The Diamond Button On Altice Box And Network Reset?

Other causes of faults include a faulty wireless signal or a frayed or damaged coaxial cable. Use the correct network information and access to make the reset. In rare circumstances, your TV can also access network information.

Press the power button on the remote control of your Altice for about five seconds and then release it. Wait for about 60 seconds, then press it again for about 10 seconds. After that, unplug the power cord from your TV set’s power outlet, wait for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. After that, press the power button on the remote control of your TV set.

2) Using the Diamond Button

You can reset the network settings of the Altice box by pressing the Diamond button found on the Altice box. This will undo any network configuration changes you have made since installing your Altice boxes, such as factory default passwords or login info for DVRs, streaming services, etc. This will fix all the settings, and the network adapter will revert to its factory default settings.

The Altice Box reset will restore the factory default settings for all of your devices, and you can start enjoying your experience with this device. The Altice box provides a high-speed internet connection of up to 40 Mbps, cable, DVR, and satellite TV. With the Altice modem, you can have a better gaming experience as it is fully compatible with games like Fortnite, Overwatch, FIFA 17, and more.

Credits: Toni’s Electronic Life

3) Try Repairing a Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable is usually used for TV and cable networks. If a problem occurs with the cable, it is impossible to connect to the web so that you can repair it.

The coaxial cable is located near your TV set and connected to your Altice box via a coaxial cable splitter. To reset this device, open your Altice box’s back cover and check if the coaxial cables are damaged or broken at any point. If you have a broken coaxial cable providing the signal between your TV and Altice box, you can try to repair it with the help of coaxial cable repair tools.

If they are damaged, you should replace them with new coaxial cables, which can be purchased from a local store or hardware store. After buying new wires, reconnect them to the same place they were previously connected before they became faulty.

4) Using a WPS Button

The WPS button is usually found on many wireless routers and modems. This is a way to securely connect the devices without using any network information or password. It can be used to reset the connection you have made with your Altice box. When a device touches the router, it can immediately connect without providing a password, thanks to the WPS button.

The WPS logo looks like two oval-shaped arrows. You must find this on your router’s WPS button and touch it when the Altice One box is initialized. You can try doing this when your Altice box cannot connect to the Internet.

5) Contact Support

Most of the time, we have to contact support services if our Altice box is not working. If you are facing any issues with your Altice box, you can get customer service representatives to help you resolve the issue.

The customer service representatives on Altice One support will help you with all your queries regarding your device and even out any issues that you are facing for any further details. At that point, you can also avail some technical support from them to fix or resolve any problem or query faced by the customers who use Altice.


Altice One is a home networking device that provides the best internet connection and cable TV programs. This device has the best features and specifications that make your internet connection constant and reliable. In addition, with Altice One, you can have a better gaming experience as it is fully compatible with games like Fortnite, Overwatch, FIFA 17, and more.

Resetting your Altice box is easy, even very simple. You can opt for any of the methods mentioned in this article to reset your Altice One box. Furthermore, if you have a device problem, you can contact customer service representatives for more information and assistance in resolving the issue. The customer service representatives will help you resolve your queries and other issues you may be facing with this device.

So, remember these tips and tricks to ensure your network device works perfectly fine.


How do you reset the Internet on the Altice box?

The best way is to connect the cable wire to the modem and power on the modem by pressing and holding the reset button.

How to reset Altice One box?

Follow the above steps to reset your Altice box.

What is a Reset button?

The reset button is a button that can be found in many routers and modems. It is used to undo any configuration changes you have made since installing your devices, such as factory default passwords or login info for DVRs, streaming services, etc.

What happens if I press the reset button on my router?

Resetting a router deletes your local network’s configuration information, returning the router to its factory default settings. The device will forget all the changes you have made since installing it.

Why is Altice One box not connecting to the Internet?

If you are facing this issue, reset your modem, restart everything again, including your cable and the modem or wait for about half an hour and then restart everything again, including your cable, modem, and router.