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How To Fix Xfinity Router Blinking Orange – What it Means?

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xfinity router blinking orange

Are you currently using the Xfinity internet package for now and finding it extremely difficult to use their Xfinity gateway? That is because of the blinking orange light on Xfinity modem. You are not able to use the internet and are wondering what to do next.

If that is the issue, then you may want to consider yourself lucky because we have some solutions for the Xfinity router flashing orange no internet. Maybe for some of you, it could be the first time you have encountered such a kind of problem and don’t understand what to do.

That is why we have gone through some online forums about the orange light on Xfinity modem and have come up with some exciting solutions for you. The Xfinity router orange light when it comes with a firmware update.

There are other reasons why this problem occurs. When it is not successful, then you can also try resetting the modem, checking your wires, and using the Ethernet connectivity in your office or home.

When your problem is not solved, then you may want to contact their customer support or take professional help. It would also be better to replace your router if you can. In this post, we will narrow down some of the issues that cause this problem and see the solutions as well.

Why is the Xfinity router blinking orange?

It can be annoying and frustrating when your internet service provider is not able to provide you with the right solution. This is precisely how Xfinity users feel when using some of their devices.

Things have gone from bad to worse with the fact that the ISPs in most regions are almost making it difficult to get alternatives that are available for you. Considering that you have spent a lot of money on a modem, the least you want to happen to it is to become faulty.

The good news is that there is a solution to all problems. Xfinity devices have had several technical problems & issues in the past, and they have provided reliable solutions. On that note, let us read about some of the primary reasons for the Xfinity Wi-Fi box blinking orange.

  • Problems with your internet service provider

When there is some issue with the internet connection, then you won’t be able to connect to the internet using your Xfinity modem. If this occurs, then it can cause the connectivity to get slow and cause several of your devices to lose connection.

  • Using untrustworthy power sources

Sometimes there might be a power outage in the area. This can cause connectivity issues with your modem. The power outage can be planned or unforeseen, which could be the main issue. Hence, it can cause a problem with your modem.

  • Using an out-of-date firmware

The firmware that you use might be obsolete. In today’s technology-driven world, everything needs to be run properly & efficiently. You do not want to miss out on the updates that happen on the modem that may cause blinking Xfinity router solid orange light.

  • Using faulty equipment

Though this is not a frequent cause for the Xfinity device, it may happen to your router or modem when some of the equipment is not working or functioning efficiently. When there is no visible damage found on the equipment, you may want to contact customer support.

  • Damaged or overloaded splitter

If you are using a splitter, you can separate the connection to several devices efficiently. Some of them include your smartphone, TV, and modem. But when it is not working correctly, then you can see that the router blinking orange. See to that the splitter is not connected to too many devices.

  • Modem is overloaded

It could also mean that your modem is overloaded. In that case, you may want to make sure that some of the devices are cut down on. You can read the manual or contact customer support to find the right solution for it to function correctly.

How to fix the blinking orange light on the router

We have prepared a list of some easy ideas and solutions for you to be able to solve the Xfinity router blinking orange issues effortlessly. We understand it can be a frustrating experience when you are not sure.

Let us read more about the solutions given below.

1) Wait for the upgrade to finish

The Xfinity router blinking orange simply means your device is getting an update on the firmware. You will want to wait for it to complete so that it can work sublimely. You must know some of the upgrades are essential for your router to function efficiently.

They can also fix the issues affecting your device by default.

  • The Xfinity router attempts to connect to your Xfinity servers automatically.
  • The router blinks orange; you have just to wait for the process to complete.
  • The router should not be switched off to prevent damaging the device.
  • It must not be turned off to corrupt the software installed.
  • You can wait 15-20 minutes until the firmware update has been installed.
  • When it has been completed, the modem can get back to normal functioning.

This idea should usually work, but if it does not help solve the issue, then you would want to move on to the next idea.

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2) Reset your router

Our second solution for the Xfinity router blinking orange would be to reset the device so that it helps troubleshoot it. This can help fix the issue. You may want to know that you can restart the modem by unplugging the power cable or with the reset button.

  • You would want to switch off the PC and all devices connected.
  • You can unplug the power cable from the router.
  • You would want to wait for 1 minute at least.
  • You can plug the power cable back inside.
  • You can wait for 10 minutes for the router to restart.
  • You can check the status light to see if you are online.
  • Now, you can switch on your devices, including the smartphone, laptop & PC.

A few of the modems come with the restart button that you can utilize for restarting the modem.

  • It would help if you switched off the PC and the devices that are connected to the modem.
  • Find the reset button at the back of your router.
  • Hold the reset button for a few seconds using a sharp thing.
  • Please wait for it to reboot properly.
  • You need to check for the status light and note if you are online.
  • Now, you can switch on your device like a smartphone, laptops, and PC devices.

3) Check for any loose cables

Sometimes the solid orange light on Xfinity modem is because of the damaged cables. You may not have realized it, but you have disconnected your router cables. These things happen if you were moving the modem inside your home or office for cleaning purposes.

Apart from that, some extreme abrasions and cuts are found on the wires that can cause the modem blinking orange. It is pretty straightforward. Please check for any loose cables and then plug them in. If the wires are damaged, then you must replace them instantly.

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4) Check the splitter

A splitter is a small gadget that lets the internet signals to be distributed evenly on all your devices at the office or your home. This is something that most users tend to miss out on. Sometimes when it is not working or comes with some damage, then it blinks orange.

That is due to the lack of access to the internet connection. You may have to replace the device if you want to solve the problem. We suggest that you do not make use of splitters as they can reduce the internet signals present in your area, and you are better off plugging the cable.

5) Check for service outages in your locality

Another reason for the Xfinity modem blinking orange no internet could be the service outage in your locality. When the internet signal is not working in your area, then the signal of the modem will naturally reduce.

The lack of connectivity causes the router blinking orange. You can either visit the website or call the ISP in your area about the internet. Besides, when you own a smartphone, you can check for service interruptions through the Xfinity app.

  • It would help if you switched off the Wi-Fi signal present on your smartphone.
  • You can connect to the LTE data plan as you do not have to use Wi-Fi.
  • You can download and install the Xfinity app on your smartphone.
  • Now, launch the Xfinity app by logging into your account and checking for an outage.
  • You can navigate into the “my network” option on the app for an indication circle. The orange circle means an outage, and the green circle means it is online.
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6) Try an ethernet connection

You can make use of the ethernet connection if the wireless connection is having some problem. Sometimes it causes the Xfinity orange light as it can disconnect from the network erroneously.

When that is so, you will need to connect to the router through the ethernet cable and then solve the problem. Most of the Xfinity routers come with the ethernet cable that comes with the package, and there is no need for you to purchase a new model.

  • It would help if you unplugged all the wires from the router.
  • Use the ethernet cable to connect to the router.
  • It would help if you connected to your modem.
  • It would help if you plugged all the cables into the ports.
  • It would help if you connected the Xfinity router & modem to the power outlets.
  • You should test your internet connection.

7) Check for router malfunctions

When the Xfinity router blinking orange, then you may want to replace your router. That is the only option now if you have done the abovementioned methods. Sometimes the router you are using is malfunctioning and not working as it should.

You can get your router through the Xfinity website or make use of a reliable retailer and get the discount or warranty that is provided along with it. Whenever you are purchasing an electronic product, make sure that it comes with a discount or warranty.

8) Verify minimum system requirements

When you have got a new Xfinity router, and when it is blinking orange, then you might want to set it up and then verify the equipment. You will also want to check whether the operating system is able to meet the minimum system requirements.

That is because different Xfinity models come with varying requirements of the system. Some of the basic requirements are as follows:

  • Operating System – Mainstream Microsoft- or Apple-supported OS
  • Ethernet – Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable
  • CPU/Processor – Quad-Core Intel Core i5
  • Browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer

When your router does not come with similar requirements, then it may not work efficiently or adequately. You can experience weak signals and very slow speeds on your modem and devices.

9) Contact Support

Our last method for you would be to consider contacting Xfinity customer care support when none of the above solutions seem to work to rectify the Xfinity router blinking orange. Perhaps, they can suggest some methods to get it fixed.

Unfortunately, there is only so much one can do. You can communicate with them via their online support to fix the Xfinity modem blinking orange and devices. You can also call them if you want or schedule a call with an agent.

They also have 24-hour online chat support. Their customer care representative might be of some help to you. They will also guide you through the steps of setting up your Xfinity gateway blinking orange correctly.

If the need arises, they can send somebody over to your place or office to troubleshoot and be able to fix this issue.


Thankfully, Xfinity blinking orange light does not have to be the case all the time. Here is a summary of what you need to do yourself.

  • Wait for the upgrade to finish
  • Reset your router
  • Fix loose cables and replace damaged ones
  • Plug your internet cable directly
  • Check for service outages
  • Try an Ethernet connection
  • Check for router malfunctions
  • Verify minimum system requirements
  • Contact support


How do I fix the orange light on my router?

You can fix the orange light on your router by unplugging it from the power source. Then you would want to leave it as it is for 10 seconds or so. Then you may want to place it back inside the power source; it should work if the orange light turns to white.

How do I reboot my Xfinity router?

You can reboot your Xfinity router by manually restarting it. You need to make use of the reset button that is present at the front or the rear of your router. Then press the button for a few seconds until the router restarts.

What color should the light on my Xfinity router be?

Your color on the Xfinity router should be in white light. That means it is in good working condition. If not, it does not function properly. When the light starts to blink, then that means the modem has become inactive.

What does the orange light on the back of the modem mean?

The orange light at the rear of the modem means the speed of the link. When the orange light turns on, it simply means the Ethernet port is turned off. It also means the signals of the link are at 10Mbps. When there is steady orange light, then it indicates a link speed of 100 Mbps.

Why is my Xfinity modem blinking orange?

When your Xfinity modem is blinking in orange color, then it means that the connection has not been properly set. You will not be able to get stable Wi-Fi connectivity. However, it can mean your modem is updating the hardware, which can take around 30 minutes.

Final thoughts on fixing Xfinity router blinking orange

This is it. We have come to the end of our discussion on how to fix the blinking white light on Xfinity router. We hope that you found the post helpful. Please make sure that your wires are properly inserted into the plugs.

Moreover, when your internet signals are slow, then you can reset the modem. At times, when you are working in the attic or the basement of your home, things can move slowly. When you decide to purchase a new Xfinity device, you might want to do so now.

The model comes with the latest features along with the ability to work with several different connections. It also has a dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity option. You can now make use of your modem from interfering with each other.

Your wireless device can connect properly and give you higher speeds, with a throughput of up to 1Gbps. There is absolutely no need to wriggle around with your modem or ISP device to get the internet working on it.

The above ideas can help you fix the Xfinity Wi-Fi blinking orange. Supposing the modem is not still working, then don’t hesitate to contact customer support. If you have done the methods that we have mentioned above, then your modem can function well.

Have you faced this issue before? What method worked? What was your favorite method here? Do write to us in the comments section, telling us about your experience in solving the problem.

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