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Quick fix Insignia TV Blinking Red Light

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Insignia TV Blinking Red Light

For some reason, the red light of death appears on most Insignia TVs (even the Fire TV versions). Numerous Insignia TV owners have reported this issue; some have said they’ve been dealing with it for years. Fortunately, the blinking red light on around 80% of Insignia TVs may be fixed with a simple adjustment.

When an Insignia TV’s red-light flashes, what does it mean?

If the insignia tv flashing red light, it’s either having a problem or not getting enough power. To fix this, turn off the TV, make sure all the cords are plugged in correctly and aren’t broken, and ensure your outlet isn’t burnt out or your home’s power isn’t too high.

Smart TVs are all the rage right now, and thanks to brands like Best Buy’s Insignia that are easy on the wallet, almost anyone can buy one. 

If you have an Insignia TV as part of your home entertainment system, you can connect it to third-party apps like YouTube and watch all your favorite shows and films with just a few clicks. If the insignia tv blinking red light, it might be hard for you to use the device. When this happens, the Insignia TV may turn off while you are watching something, or it may not turn on. 

Dealing with this can be stressful, especially if you are ready to start streaming. To help you understand this better, we’ll look more closely at why the red light on your Insignia TV is blinking.

After researching what goes wrong with Insignia TVs, you have enough knowledge to figure out why the red light on the device starts blinking. From what we’ve learned, the insignia tv red light blinking can be caused by several different things, and you need to look at all of them to fix the problem.

How to fix the Insignia red blinking light?

Below, we’ll go over how to resolve insignia tv red light flashes 5 times issue, beginning with the most straightforward solutions and progressing to hardware upgrades if necessary.

It’s time to reboot your Insignia TV:

Whatever triggers the insignia tv red light is likely stored in the TV’s memory, as this is a common problem with modern electronics.

Simply turning off and then restarting your television will resolve any problems that may be occurring with the main board or the non-permanent memory. This will not have any effect on the preferences that you have already stored. It takes little time and effort, and you will retain your current preferences.

  • Make sure the TV is turned off and unplugged.
  • For at least 15 seconds, press and hold the TV’s physical power button.
  • The TV’s capacitors can store electricity for several minutes, so it’s best to let them discharge over 30 minutes.
  • Try turning on your TV again after plugging it back in. If you have been successful, a red light will appear.
  • You might be surprised at how long the components inside your TV can store a charge, so waiting 30 minutes is recommended to ensure a complete reset.
  • Although this may seem like an obvious solution, a soft reset is often the answer to technical problems.

After having it repaired, most folks should now be able to watch TV again. If this isn’t the case, we’ll try some simpler solutions before moving on to hardware upgrades.

Verify the Suitable Voltage is Being Provided by Your Wall Socket:

The most typical cause of the red light blinking on your Insignia TV is not the TV itself but rather a problem with the power in your home. It is another reason of insignia tv red light on but no picture.

First, ensure enough electricity is coming into your home and no power outages while you’re using your electronics.

You can employ a few different approaches, including:

  • Please disconnect your Insignia television from the wall.
  • Take off the smart plugs and surge protectors to have a clear connection to the wall.
  • Check that the new huge appliance functions normally by plugging another large device into the same outlet. To ensure the socket is functioning properly, it is recommended that you plug in a device with a power draw comparable to that of your television.
  • Unplug the other gadget and reconnect your TV to this outlet.
  • To power up and turn on your TV, find the hardware power button (often hidden beneath the Insignia logo) and press it.
  • Verify that the red light is persistent. If so, then the voltage to your TV is fine.
  • If the red light on your TV blinks 5, 6, 10 times, or more, check the other wall socket in your home to ensure the electricity isn’t tripped.
  • If you’ve tried many outlets and the red light is still blinking, go to the next step.

Verify the Condition of the Power Cord:

Verify the TV’s power cord is undamaged, in case you didn’t do so when you swapped out the wall outlet.

Particularly, inspect the power cord for any kinks or knots since these can cause mechanical damage to the copper wires as well as thermal damage by raising the electrical resistance.

If you have access to one or can borrow one, a new power cable is recommended owing to the possibility of damage within the cable that is not visible due to the protective sheath.

Ensure the TV’s power connector is clean and free of rust and dust before using it.

Examine Your HDMI Ports

There’s a good chance that your TV’s red standby light is blinking because a loose cable is causing it to switch inputs automatically, but since the cable isn’t fully connected, it can’t supply a signal and appears to be broken.

  • You can either pick option (a) or (b).
  • a broken or otherwise defective HDMI cable
  • Broken pins in the HDMI port.
  • Poor HDMI connection caused by insufficient contact between cable and connector.

When inspecting your HDMI and other cables:

  • Turn the TV off.
  • Disconnect your TV’s physical cables, including the HDMI cable.
  • Compressed air can clean the TV’s connector and the cable’s contacts. Blow on them softly if you don’t have compressed air.
  • Reinstall the cords into the TV’s ports as securely as possible.
  • Put the TV back on the air.
  • Switching to a different HDMI input may do the trick if it hasn’t worked. There are typically three or four HDMI inputs on modern television sets.

One located on a different portion of the TV, which should have a separate connection to the TV’s main board, is the one to attempt first.

After you have plugged in your HDMI cable, you will need to use the Input or Source button on your TV remote or the Input or Menu button on your TV itself to select the HDMI input that corresponds to the number that is immediately adjacent to the new port.

Remove any Bluetooth or other external devices, as well as any coaxial or signal cords, leaving only the power cord attached to the TV.

This is because having other devices, especially gaming consoles, plugged into your TV can prevent it from turning on properly if there is a problem with the HDMI-CEC settings.

With HDMI-CEC, your console can instantly turn on your TV without you having to touch a button.

The issue is that your TV won’t “listen” to your remote and will instead flash its red lights if you don’t switch inputs away from your console’s input before turning off your TV.

If you’ve unplugged all your cords and your TV is still blinking red but functioning normally, try turning off HDMI-CEC before plugging it back in.

Pressing the Home button on the remote will disable HDMI-CEC on an Insignia Fire TV.

  • To adjust preferences, click the gear icon.
  • The next step is the visual and auditory feedback.
  • They are controlling devices using HDMI-CEC, too.
  • To disable it, change the ARC/eARC setting to No.

Do you have a functioning remote?

If the red power indicator blinks, the TV is getting power, but it might not react because the remote is broken. It is a popular reason of insignia tv won’t turn on red light blinks.

Make that the IR remote and the TV have a good line of sight.

Ensure your RF remote is on the same local network as your TV if you use one.

 If you don’t have a battery tester, buying fresh batteries and putting them in your remote control is a good idea.

Checking the functionality of an infrared (IR) remote using the camera on your smartphone is possible.

All you have to do to see the red light emerge when pressing a button on your remote is point the IR transmitter toward your phone’s camera.

However, this isn’t compatible with all cameras—notably some iPhones—so if you’re unsure, try a different remote.

Inspect for a Faulty Main or Power Board:

Once you’ve double-checked the prominent places, such as the power cord, it’s time to move on to the main board and power supply.

These are tucked away inside your TV’s case, and you may test them for failure by disassembling your TV and using a multimeter to ensure proper voltages are being applied across all boards.

You need to find two things, and they are:

  • If the power board’s socket is getting electricity, and everything is getting power from that, then everything is good to go.
  • There is no evidence of damage to any of the parts. Please pay close attention to capacitors, as they tend to bloat and fail after experiencing power surges.
  • If the power board and the main board appear to be in working order, the backlight inverter is probably at fault.

This boosts the voltage and current of your regular home supply to the higher levels required by the backlight of your TV, allowing it to function properly.

In most TVs (though some have it built right into the power board), it’s a tiny circuit board. Put your voltmeter on this board and inspect the cord as well.


If your Insignia TV’s red-light blinks, it could mean something terrible. You can reset the TV by unplugging it, waiting a few minutes, and then putting it back in. This might help the TV restart itself and get back to working right. Sometimes insignia tv won’t turn on a red light. Then talking to a professional is essential to determine what’s wrong and how to fix it. This will ensure your TV works well and won’t cause you any significant harm. Go to the Insignia website to see if there are any firmware changes for your TV that you can download. If none of these steps fixes the problem, call Insignia’s customer service for more help.


Why insignia tv won’t turn on but red light is on?

An insignia tv won’t turn on but red light is on usually means that the TV isn’t getting enough power to work right. A bad power line, a tripped breaker, or a blown fuse can cause this. It can also mean more major problems with the TV’s internal parts.

Why does the red-light flash?

When you see a flashing red light, you must stop your car fully, look at the other cars, and then go with care once it’s safe.

Why does my TV flash red but won’t turn on?

A flashing red light typically means a problem with the power supply. Most of the time, the easiest way to fix your TV is to plug it into a different power source. Unplug your Samsung TV, wait 30 seconds, and then try putting it into another working outlet. Turn on the TV again to see if the problem is still there.

What is wrong with my Insignia TV?

A few things could be wrong if your Insignia TV won’t turn on. A power outage, a loose power cord, a broken power supply, or a problem with the remote control or power button are all typical reasons.

How do I reset the HDMI on my Insignia TV?

If your TV can’t find an HDMI signal from the HDMI port, it may need an HDMI restart. To reset the HDMI on the TV, unplug it and all other devices linked to it. Then, please put the HDMI cords apart at both ends and back together. Last, connect all of the gadgets to the power source.

How can I tell if my Insignia is getting charged?

The lights will keep flashing while it’s charging. When fully charged and plugged in, the lights will stay on and not blink. Change the wire you’re using to charge the device if the lights go out while it’s being set.

Can I turn up my Insignia TV without the remote?

Some TVs, like Insignia TVs, have buttons on the back that can change the brightness without a remote. Most of these buttons are located close to the base of the television and include a power button, buttons to adjust the volume (up and down), and buttons to change the channel.

What’s wrong with my Insignia TV?

A few things could be wrong if your Insignia TV won’t turn on. A power outage, a loose power cord, a broken power supply, or a problem with the remote control or power button are all typical reasons