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Top 5 Best NVIDIA Shield Emulators In 2022

Best NVIDIA Shield Emulators

About Best NVIDIA Shield Emulators

NVIDIA Shield is one of the most popular entertainment Consoles for Android TVs that is versatile and is capable of supporting all platforms to watch movies, shows, videos, and many more.

About Emulator

An emulator (can be hardware or software) allows one computer system (host) to intimate the functions of another computer system. Through this, the (host) computer can run the software, tools, and other devices designed for the second computer.

There are many types of emulators through which replica of hardware, software, OS, or CPU can be made.

Work Process of Emulators

Different Emulators have different emulation techniques. Some emulators make the performance of the host fast and also include some additional benefits.

Emulators lie on the performance of the host computer, and hence using emulators reduces the emulation tax, and therefore the virtual machine works similar to the host.    

Benefits of using emulators

Software’s are restricted to specific platforms, and hence the work pattern of emulators differs from one platform to the others. The programs are saved on obsolete formats, and therefore they can be downloaded only as ROM files with a particular device.  

Benefits of using NVIDIA Shield Emulators

There are several benefits that NVIDIA Shield emulators provide:

  1. By using the NVIDIA Shield emulator, one can directly stream games to their TV or any big screen.
  2. The emulator can run almost all file types, primarily the PlayStation, Xbox, Firestick, and many more.
  3. There is comparatively less usage of cables for operating TV programs that are streamed directly from the Internet.
  4. One can play almost every type of game, including the classic ones, using emulators and ROM devices.
  5. You can play video games on NVIDIA Shield emulators with ease and stream them live hassle-free.
  6. There is also an advantage to sideloading that helps users enjoy the benefits of the NVIDIA Shield TV.
  7. The NVIDIA Shield helps users assist free Google Assistant or Alexa, and doing this helps you with your favorite voice assistance on your device.

Shield Emulators other uses

NVIDIA Shield Emulators are one of the most versatile systems that add to the entertainment console.


  • Gaming can be done with ease.
  • One can watch movies, programs, or YouTube videos with SHIELD emulators.
  • NES games can also be played at the same time.
  • One can access SNES, PlayStation, Sega CD, Gameboy, etc.   

Essentialities to know before installing an emulator

There are a few things that one needs to know before installing emulators on the NVIDIA Shield:

  • Choose a good emulator that is compatible with open ROMs and has excellent compatibility with the NVIDIA Shield.
  • The emulator should have good file managers for Android.
  • There should be a USB device that has ample space and is capable of holding more than 15-20 games. The USB format should be NTFS, exFAT, or FAT32.
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How to install emulators on NVIDIA Shield TV

Now that you are well aware of the necessities required before installing, it is turned to set up the Emulator.


  • Download one of the Emulators on NVIDIA Shield and install it.
  • Once the emulator is installed, run the emulator on the Shield.
  • A notification will pop up asking permission to access or read the external storage, which should be granted by clicking OK.

How to Emulate Games on NVIDIA Shield TV?

Now few steps require to be followed:

  • Once the Emulator is set up, install the File Manager from Google Play Store.
  • Now download the ROM files of the games you want to play and store them in the USB Drive.
  • It is better to keep them in separate folders that would help to navigate better.
  • There would be three horizontal bars on the left side of the screen and select on the Settings Icon.
  • Scroll down and now uncheck the Bottom Context Toolbar Box.
  • Now, go back to select the USB drive from the file manager and that you have explicitly named.
  • Now navigate it to the folder with the ROMs and select them.
  • Now, copy the ROM folder and paste them into the internal storage while using File Manager.
  • Once the copy-paste procedure is done, open the emulator and search for the compatible emulator that shows you from the ROM folder.
  • Open the ROM folder and select your favorite game that you want to play, and enjoy the game.
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List of best NVIDIA shield emulators

Here are some of the best NVIDIA Shield Emulators that can be used based on app compatibility and its features for running ROM.

1. RetroArch

RetroArch Emulator
Top 5 Best NVIDIA Shield Emulators In 2022

RetroArch happens to conquer the Furst position in the list that supports multiple platforms and is fully compatible with NVIDIA Shield.

Some of the best features of RetroArch are:

  • Scans automatically to sort your ROM files.
  • RetroArch has got in-built core downloader with an updater.
  • Compatible to run on Android phones, tablets, PS3, PSP, and many other devices.
  • Come with Auto-Joystick configuration.
  • Record and Stream directly from the emulator.


PPSSPP Emulator
Top 5 Best NVIDIA Shield Emulators In 2022

PPSSPP is an emulator which is known best for playing PSP games.

Also, its key features are:

  • PPSSPP can run ROMs as .iso, .cso files.
  • This emulator is primarily designed for playing games and can run them with ease.
  • The quality of the PSP games and runs with ease.
  • The quality of the PSP games is high.
  • The application comes with controller support, and one can use a shield controller.

3. Classic Boy

Classic Boy Emulator
Top 5 Best NVIDIA Shield Emulators In 2022

Classic Boy is one of the best emulators for NVIDIA Shield TV. The Classic Boy Emulators have all the capabilities of RetroArch and support almost on all platforms.

Some of the best features of Classic Boy are-

  • Load and Savegames anytime
  • Customization of Controls
  • Cheat Codes are found in the emulator
  • Multiplayer capabilities
  • External Controller Support
  • Can customize rendering resolution

4. My Boy

My Boy Emulator
Top 5 Best NVIDIA Shield Emulators In 2022

My Boy is one of the most popular emulators for Android devices. It is a quick and easy emulated game for the NVIDIA Shield TV.

Some of the best features of My Boy are:

  • The emulator has cheat codes from ActionReplay and GameShark.
  • Allows IPS/UPS ROM patching.
  • compatible with GPU devices and renders using the CPU.
  • It has got external controller support, so one can use the Shield Controller.
  • It’s easy to save and loadgames states.

5. FPse

FPse Emulator
Top 5 Best NVIDIA Shield Emulators In 2022

A feature of FPse is:

  • The FPse emulator is best at running the Play Station 1 games.
  • It supports various extensions like .img, .iso, .psp. and many more.
  • It uses OpenGL support that is compatible with high-resolution games.


Can NVIDIA Shield run Emulators?

NVIDIA is the first-party controller for the Shield, and emulator developers make them compatible to use in every platform.   

NVIDIA Shield Tv emulators for Android?

Many emulators are compatible with Android, and some of them are-

  • MD.emu
  • NES.emu
  • SuperRetro
  • Mupen64AE

Is NVIDIA Shield Good for Emulators?

NVIDIA Sheils is suitable for Emulators as they have various benefits and is also compatible with multiple platforms.   

Can NVIDIA Shield run PS2 Emulator?  

Yes, NVIDIA Shield run PS2 Emulator as they are available for both Android and PC, and after installing, one can enjoy playing them.


So, now that we know all about installing emulators on NVIDIA Shield TV and the best NVIDIA Shield Emulators. Make sure to choose the best emulator from the list.

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