God Of War Ragnarök New Game Plus Update

We are already enjoying The God of War Ragnarök and The God of War Ragnarök, creating curiosity among gamers because many new features are announced in New Game Plus.

You can update your new game plus God of War Ragnarok. But NG+ it’s not for everyone until you reach the appropriate point in the story.

If you have already reached the milestone, a player can play the NG+, and the player will start a new journey with new updates with previous skills and armor.

Featuring New Game Plus on God Of War Ragnarök:

  • Armor of the Black Bear
  •  Spartan Armor
  •  Ares Armor
  •  Zeus Armor
  •  Spartan Aspis – New Shield
  •  Armor Appearances
  •  New Level Cap
  •  New Enchantments
  •  New Progression Paths
  •  Expanded Niflheim Arena 
  •  Endgame Bosses
  •  Other Enemy Adjustments
  •  Black and White Render Mode

You can find all the features and details on New Game Plus PlayStation.