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Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum for Algae

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If you have a swimming pool at home or a commercial establishment, pool vacuums are essential. They effectively remove algae, leaves, and other debris that accumulate both around and inside the pool.

Algae in a pool can be a serious concern as it can grow rapidly and pose a threat to swimmers, particularly children, and seniors. Furthermore, the presence of algae in the pool can lead to the development of harmful pests that can cause severe health problems.

That is why it is vital that you sanitize and vacuum the algae when you see it form in your pool. The algae are a common issue that generally happens when you own a pool, and it becomes challenging when you have them inside your pool. You will want to use a vacuum for pool algae to get rid of it.

Though you use the vacuum, the algae may return sooner or later. You can find a wide range of algae in the pools; sometimes, they must be removed differently.

How the ground pool vacuum for algae helps?

To get rid of algae for good, you need to find the best pool vacuum for algae for the job. The above-ground pool has become famous all over the United States. Today, you can find most of the homes having one installed.

That is because they resemble a temporary structure ideal for tenants, who can take them along when they leave the property. There is no need to make a permanent structure in the backyard. That can be pretty expensive and nerve-racking.

Besides, they give you an excuse not to clean your swimming pool all year round. The fiberglass ground pool comes installed with inexpensive materials in them. You can install them simply with fixtures, including a wooden deck or a natural stone wall.

But a pool is a pool, no matter the form and shape. You will need to clean them up once in a while, a month, or a few times a year. You do not want the algae to form around them and inside the pool.

What is a pool vacuum?

The use of a pool vacuum can make the process of cleaning the pool much easier. A pool vacuum is available in three main types on the market today, and each has its own advantages.

1. Automatic pool vacuums

Automatic pool vacuums are the most popular ones in the market because they are easy & simple to handle. It comes with a hose that can be attached to the pool pump. Then, it can suck the water and the algae from the ground pool.

Automatic pool vacuums

All the dirt and algae are then collected into the pool filtration system. This is when the filter cleans out this debris from there. Of course, the water is circulated back into your pool. They can be expensive, but their operation is pretty quick.

They work automatically, and you must move them around without much effort. It is ideal for those of you with health and mobility problems. When you need a simple solution to get rid of your pool from algae, then make use of this one.

2. Manual pool vacuums

As the name goes, it is a manual pool vacuum where you must operate it yourself. They are commonly used in ground pools as they are not that costly. They are cheaper than the automatic ones because you must do everything yourself.

Manual pool vacuums

The manual pool vacuum has a pool hose, a vacuum head, and a telescopic pole connected to the pool pump. The vacuum head has small wheels allowing you to glide the vacuum on the floor.

The telescopic pole makes it simpler to navigate the vacuum on the walls & floors. It can efficiently suck all the algae from the feet and the walls. When you are searching for a vacuum for your ground pool and are willing to work your way through it, this should do it.

3. Smart pool vacuums

Lastly, we have smart pool vacuums, which are relatively few in the market today. In a few years, they can be found in most needs worldwide. But you may want to understand that they are pricey of the lot.

Smart Pool Cleaner

These come differently and appear quite different from each other. Of course, they share similar functionality. They are motorized and must be recharged when you want them to function for you.

It has an auto-docking station for removing dirt and other particles from the ground pool. They also come with a reservoir to collect the waste when it moves around the pool floor.

A few of them are wireless, and some are wired. If you want to use them, you can do so from the list we provided. But please note that they are pretty expensive compared to the other models.

6 Best above ground pool vacuum for algae

When it comes to choosing the most suitable pool vacuum, there are several options available. It’s important to remember that not all pool vacuums are designed to meet the specific requirements of an above-ground swimming pool, despite the plethora of available options.

1. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Intex above-ground pools are a top choice for backyard entertainment, offering many options, including the fan-favorite Intex Ultra XTR, Easy Set pools, and many others.

The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is a helpful tool that collects loose debris, such as sand, leaves, and small sticks, from the pool floor, so you don’t have to. For more stubborn pool debris, such as algae, it’s recommended to use a brush to scrape off the sides and let the vacuum collect it.

It has the ability to suck the contents from the pool effortlessly. Then the sides and the floor are also cleaned efficiently. The head of the vacuum is designed to remove dirt, algae, and other particles from the surface of the ground pool.

2. AIPER Seagull SE Cordless Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

AIPER Seagull SE Cordless Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

AIPER Seagull SE Vacuum is the product on our list of the best above-ground pool vacuum for algae. This is a cordless model that does not require using a pool pump. So, this would be your best option when you do not have a pool pump.

It is a robotic vacuum that is very futuristic without leaving any mess around your ground pool with annoying pipes and wires. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can work for over 90 minutes.

The vacuum operation is also quite simple, as you need to lower it inside your pool. Then the vacuum can work automatically on the entire pool and clear it of all the algae you want.

It has a built-in filter. As the vacuum battery runs low, the machine will automatically stop on the side of the pool. You do not have to enter the pool to take it outside.

You can clean it, recharge it, and then use it again as you want to. The maker provides you with a 3-month guarantee. A maker that offers you a guarantee is confident about their product’s durability.

3. Vingli Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Vingli Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

One of the frustrating parts of above-ground pool vacuums is the constant cord tangles. The Vingli Pool Vacuum Cleaner solves that problem by essentially being an aquatic-certified Roomba for your swimming pool.

After the Vingli Pool Vacuum Cleaner is fully charged, slide into the water, and it will zoom along the floor of your above-ground pool (up to 33 feet in diameter, covering even the largest above-ground pools on the market) for 90 minutes.

The product is simple to use and easy to set up. Some automatic models tend to make noises at certain times, but this one does not. Perhaps, this is why people prefer this model, as it cleans your pool effortlessly and quietly.

You can use the model with a ground pool of 30 feet in diameter. Besides, it is also efficient for inground and vinyl pools. The automatic pool cleaner comes with a one-year warranty, and you can contact their customer support for a free replacement.

4. PoolSupplyTown Manual Pool Vacuum

PoolSupplyTown Manual Pool Vacuum

PoolSupplyTown Manual Pool Vacuum can be extremely useful when looking for a manual model. It is particularly well-suited for small ground pools and inflatable pools.

There is an additional vacuum head handle. It can be used with a telescopic pool pole not included in the package. The dirt and the debris can be removed from the pool simultaneously.

The PoolSupplyTown Manual Pool Vacuum suits above-ground, inflatable pools, spas, waterfalls, fountains, and others at home. You can use the water pressure with the garden hose’s help to remove the pool’s debris.

It can design a Venturi effect inside this jet vacuum. This helps produce a potent, strong suction in the vacuum head to suck the debris and the other forms of dirt present inside your pool into the vacuum’s mesh bag.

5. Poolmaster AIR Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum

Poolmaster AIR Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum

The Poolmaster AIR Vinyl Liner Vacuum is a lightweight and easy-to-use manual model that does not require a powerful pump like some other automatic vacuums. You can hold it comfortably in your hands, and it works by using your pool pump to extract and eliminate algae from your pool effectively.

The top-rated Polaris pool cleaner has a vacuum head on the model that helps you get rid of the dirt & debris found in the ground pool. Please note that the pole and the hose are sold separately.

The model has a strong 13″ vast ABS pool vacuum body. It has the right weight to ensure that it has positive control. There are two adjustable air-relief valves for easy pool cleaning & suction control.

6. Dolphin E10 Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

Dolphin E10 Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

Dolphin is a prominent brand in the pool cleaning industry, manufacturing industrial-grade pool vacuums for vast aquatic facilities and effective small vacuums for above-ground pools in residential backyards.

The Dolphin E10 is a highly efficient device that operates without the need for a hose or suction. It runs on electricity rather than relying on your pool pump.

The E10 is best-suited for people who have a pool underneath a lot of tree cover and foliage and are constantly battling the amount of debris getting into the pool.

This product is lightweight, at only 12 pounds, making it easy for even elderly individuals to move around with ease. It’s versatile and can be used for various pool types, including fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete. The best part is that it doesn’t require additional equipment for installation.


Maintaining a clean above-ground pool can be quite challenging, but with the right vacuum, it can be done efficiently and effectively. Our top recommendations for the best vacuums on the market are the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner, and AIPER Seagull SE Cordless Above-Ground Pool Vacuum. These models boast exceptional features and specifications.

Cleaning your ground pool and keeping it algae-free is essential for a delightful swimming experience. No one wants to take a dip in a pool with excessive algae. But you don’t have to worry about dirt, germs, and algae anymore.

Though the pressure side pool cleaner can eliminate the algae from your ground pool, you will also want to use other methods to keep it clean. If you are still struggling with removing the algae and other debris, please don’t hesitate to seek professional help.


Will a pool vacuum help with algae?

Yes, it may. There is no need to give up on any method you think can help your cleaning process here. You may want to bypass the filter and then remove the algae. But it works best when you use a multiport system in your cartridge filter.

Will a robotic pool vacuum pick up algae?

The robotic pool vacuum can pick up the algae effortlessly. It can clean the algae with ease, provided you do it well. However, Polaris pool cleaners may not remove the entire algae, which is why you need to use other methods as well.

Can you leave the pool vacuum in the pool overnight?

Yes, you can leave the pool vacuum in the pool overnight. But you will want to ensure that the water level is not much or there is not much algae inside the pool. However, it would be best not to leave it inside the pool. You can leave it beside the pool in a dry area.

What is the fastest way to clean a green above-ground pool?

The best way to clean the green above-the-ground pool would be to use a pool brush. Then try to remove the sides and the surface of the ground pool. Read the label and then apply likewise on the pool.