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Astrhori 105mm f/2.8 tilt-shift macro lens for Nikon Z-mount Coming soon

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Astrhori 105mm f/2.8

The Nikon Z-mount Astrhori 105mm f/2.8 tilt-shift macro lens is coming soon.

Astrhori has just announced its first camera, the Nikon Z-mount Astrhori 105mm f/2.8 tilt-shift macro lens, which will be available for purchase soon. The new lenses are made to fit with our latest cameras, and they’re even throwing in free stickers if you preorder one! They have made some lenses, but this is their first camera-compatible lens.

The aperture range is f/2.8–f/22, which is excellent for all kinds of shots. The working distance is 0.115 m, which is phenomenal for macro, especially considering that it’s a crop-factor lens. The lens does not have the typical filter threads. Instead, it utilizes a threadless design for the filter attachment.

The lens features an inner coating consisting of multiple layers that assures sharpness and less flare or ghosting over the whole lens surface. The total optical length will be 110mm-197mm. Moreover, the lens construction is impressive, as it has 13 elements in 10 groups. The lens is also equipped with an electromagnetic diaphragm for a consistent aperture to create smooth bokeh. The optical back focus for this lens ranges from 45mm to 81mm.

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It also has a 2x macro/360-degree rotation/pan/tilt ability with an entire movement range of 270 degrees, which is very handy in macro photography. It is also a fantastic portrait lens as well. The lens weighs very little, just 1.40 kg (3.02 lb), so the extra weight it adds to the camera body isn’t even noticeable.

The Astrhori 105mm f/2.8 will be available for preorder soon! It has already passed through customs and should be released soon!

The price will vary depending on the country and the availability of Nikon Z cameras.

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