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[Solution] How To Setup Victony WiFi Range Extender?

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Setup Victony WiFi Range Extender

Victony AC 1200 and N300 WiFi range extender boosts traffic signal coverage without any physical cable connectivity.

The Victony WiFi extender is a device that lets you connect by plugging it into a power outlet. The installation has elementary steps that help you to reach a speed of 1200Mbps along with dual-band functionality.

It also has four external antennae with their unique feature to extend the WiFi range while keeping the WiFi signal healthy.

Steps to setup Victony WiFi range extender With WPS:-

Step 1- Plugin your repeater device to a wall socket near WiFi router and power on the repeater device

Step 2- Use a mode button to select repeater mode provided from the tinny mode button beside the extender.

Step 3- In the router, locate a WPS button beside Ethernet.

Step 4- Now press the WPS router button for 2 seconds and release it.

Step 5- The repeater WPS LED will blink for 30-40 seconds, and it will connect to the WiFi router.

Step 6- The WiFi signal will show as SSID broadcasting from Victony Extender. Check and connect.

Step 7- Place the router in such a position where the connectivity is robust and gets good speed.

Steps to Setup Victony WA1200 Dual Band Repeater

Steps to follow to setup Victony WA1200 Dual Band Repeater are-

Step 1- Plugin the Victony WiFi Extender close to the router.

Step 2- Try to place it within 5-10 feet for faster connectivity.

Step 3- When you plug in, wait for the power LED to turn solid green.

Step 4- Press and hold WPS of the victony extender for 2 seconds.

Step 5- Now follow the same process for the router and press the WPS of the router.

Step 6- Now, a green light will blink on the Victony WiFi extender, and a light will blink on the configured or working router.

Step 7- After the connection is successfully established, the WPS light will turn solid green.

Step 8- Now, you can unplug your extender and place it on the spots where you find dead spots.

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Victony WA1200 Range Extender setup via browser

Steps to follow Victony WA1200 Range Extender setup on browser-

Step 1- You need to place your extender into one of the wall outlets. It is not necessary to plug it near the router.

Step 2- Wait for the extender to boost up properly, and it has a solid green power light.

Step 3- On any of the wireless devices mobile phone, laptop, etc. open WiFi.

Step 4- Scroll through your WiFi list and connect to Victony Network.

Step 5- After clicking open browser and type, and hit enter.

Step 6- If it doesn’t work, try resetting the extender or changing the browser or the device.

Step 7- Open the Victony browser setup page and follow the on-screen instruction.

Step 8- You can unplug the extender and place it in another place where you want.

Step 9- Follow for Victony WiFi extender manual to resolve issues.

Connect Victony Extender using Mobile/Computer

There is one more way to setup Victony Extender by using the settings page using a login IP address-

Step 1- Connect Signal booster device to the Power Socket

Step 2- Using the mode select button, select Repeater Mode   

Step 3- Connect to “Victony Range Extender” SSID from any wireless connection from Repeater LAN port for physical connection

Step 4- Open Web browser and access http://192.168.I0.1 or ap.setup to browser and access login page

Step 5- The login page will ask for a username and password for authentication of the device.

Step 6- Start Setup wizard, and the repeater will scan for all running WIFI’s nearby   

Step 7- Select network SSID and provide a password and click on allow from the extender device.

Step 8- Then, you will find the Extender SSID name to finish the setup

Step 9- The range-extended will take 2-3 mins to reboot and complete the setup

Step 10- Now connect with the password and check the internet

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How do I reset my victony WiFi extender?

There will be an extender’s reset or factory reset button on the side or bottom panel.

You can use a pin or paper clip to press and hold the reset button till the power button blinks. It can take up to 10 seconds.  

Victony WA1200 installation

Installing Victony WA1200 is not that tough, and some easy steps that need to be followed are mentioned above in the article.

Is the WiFi extender password the same as WiFi?

Yes, generally, the extender’s password differs from that of the network password. It is considered to have two different passwords for security reasons of the WiFi extender and WiFi.    

Is Victony WiFi extender good?

The Victony WiFi extender is one of the most recommended WiFi extenders as it is effortless to install and set. The instructions provided are self-explanatory, and users had a great experience using them.


Victony WiFi extender is an independent service provider that boosts the signal strength without using any physical wire. The article says everything about setup and installation.

I hope your queries are solved!

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