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Easy Steps: Send HD Quality Images on WhatsApp Chats

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WhatsApp, a widely used instant messaging app, enables users to exchange various types of content, such as photos, videos, voice notes, contacts, locations, and documents with their friends and contacts.
However, one drawback has been the app’s tendency to compress images once you did not share them in the document file. Many users explore alternative methods for sharing high-quality pictures.

WhatsApp has introduced a solution that allows users to share high-definition (HD) images within their chats. This update was announced by Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, through a post on Facebook. This new feature is now being gradually rolled out to all users. Users must click the HD icon in a chat thread to share an HD image.

The development of this feature began with testing in June of this year on the app’s beta channel.

Note: You must know that selecting HD images might result in higher data consumption and storage usage than sharing non-HD photos.

How to send high-quality photos and videos on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp now offers a new “HD” button next to the crop tool when you try to share a photo or video. This button lets you select between sending the photo in “standard” or “HD” quality. You noticeably reduce the quality of your photos when you share larger ones with the former, which uses the same compression WhatsApp has been using for years.

Video quality on WhatsApp, however, still beats standard quality, which drops the resolution to 480p.
Even now, WhatsApp still compresses photos sent via the HD Quality setting, so you won’t be able to send HD photos in their native resolution.

Video quality will be significantly improved, perhaps even better than HD. Moreover, HD quality is only available for media that is large enough to warrant it. It will only let you send SD-quality photos and videos if WhatsApp does not consider them high-quality.

Easy Steps: Send HD images on chats in WhatsApp

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Chat: Launch the WhatsApp app on your smartphone and choose the chat thread where you want to send the HD image.

Open WhatsApp Chat

Step 2: Access Attachments: Locate the attachment icon within the chat interface. On Android, it’s usually a paperclip icon, while on iOS, it’s usually a + symbol. On most chat screens, this icon is at the bottom.

Access Attachments

Step 3: Select Image: Select an attachment from the menu that appears when you tap on the attachment icon. Then, choose “Photos” or “Gallery” from the options presented.

Step 4: Choose Image: You can choose the high-definition (HD) image from your gallery to send. Select the image by tapping it.

Step 5: HD Option: When you select the HD option, a preview screen will appear. There should be an “HD” icon at the top.

HD Option

Step 6: Enable HD: Tap on the “HD” icon to enable high-definition mode for the image. This ensures that the image is sent in its highest possible quality. Then, select HD Quality.

Enable HD

Step 7: Send the Image: After selecting the HD option, move on to the next step. Hit the “Send” button to transmit the HD image within the chat.

Send the Image

People keeping track of the app’s upcoming features aren’t exactly new to it. Since June, WhatsApp has been testing high-quality images in chats through beta versions for iOS and for Android.

How to Send Higher-Quality Videos in WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp chats, you can send high-quality videos, as well as high-quality files of any kind, even though WhatsApp’s new high-quality option compresses videos more than you would like.
You can send your videos as documents instead of video files. Documents on WhatsApp have a size limit of 100MB, and apparently, everything can be considered a document.

Easy Steps: Send Higher-Quality Videos on WhatsApp

Step 1: Open WhatsApp: Launch the WhatsApp application on your mobile device.

Step 2: Open Conversation: Select the conversation with the recipient you want to share the video with by tapping on it.

Step 3: Attach File (Android): If you are using an Android device, tap on the attachment icon, which usually looks like a paperclip or a clip. It’s usually located at the bottom of the chat interface.

Alternatively, for iOS, tap on the (+) icon next to the chat input box.

Step 4: Select Document: A menu will appear with different types of attachments you can send. You can choose “Document” from the list.

Step 5: Navigate to Video: Browse your device’s files to find the video file you want to share. It is important to keep the video file size under 100MB.

Step 6: Send Video: The final step of the process is to upload and share the video by clicking the “Send” button. WhatsApp will begin uploading the video to the conversation.

Note: Limitations for Longer Videos: Videos on WhatsApp do not compress, but if they are longer or of higher quality, they can quickly consume a lot of data. Rather than sharing long videos, this method is better suited to sharing shorter ones.

Consider Other Methods for Larger Files: Using Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage platforms is recommended if you have large videos or files to share while preserving their quality. Uploading and sharing larger files will be easier this way.

How to Send HD Photos on WhatsApp [Tutorial]