[Solution] How To Setup Setek Wifi Range Extender?

What had made you scroll here? Is it a SETEK wi-fi Range Extender Setup or your design of setting it! So what would be the situation is that brought you here. Mainly, do a focus on the concern SETEK wi-fi Range Extender. Here we will give you all the ideas and techniques to set up a good wi-fi Range extender. See all the things below:

SETEK Wifi Range Extender:

  • It is the best extender that will improve your network speed.
  • It reduces the dead zones in offices or homes.
  • It helps in increasing the coverage area of the network.
  • It allows you to have the best and most stable internet connection in your user area.

Yes, from here, you can easily see what the SETEK is? And how it will help you set it at your home and offices. Get it set up in your area and get multiple benefits of the SETEK wi-fi extender.

Features of SETEK wi-fi Extender:

Why move to any other place if you are setting up SETEK? After setting up SETEK, you will get many best features that you can enjoy at your location. Stop looking at the things, and let’s see at the below best parts of it:

1. Performance and Speed:

At today’s time, what are the most demanded things with the wi-fi set up? The most common answer to it is its speed and performance. All the users only want that they will get the best rate.

  • Helps in broadening the range: The SETEK setup makes it easy for you to do things fast. And with the help of it, you can easily roam in your house freely. Ya, do not worry about the network connection; you will get the best of it.
  • Powerful processor: Within the SETEK device, you will get the 2.4 GHz powerful processor, which helps work things. With the help of this powerful processor, your device can easily manage the transmission speed.
  • Speed: The most common thing that comes into each user’s mind: Can I live streaming my game with such a setup? So, yes, the SETEK will help you to do so. You will get along with the SETEK setup is 300Mbps. It becomes easy and quick to do the activities with excellent speed. It will also help you to involve yourself in multiple games.

2. Design:

The only thing that will come into your mind while talking about it is the best quality and shape? What will its design be? Yes, probably the answer is yes.

  • Rectangular shape: The SETEK comes in a rectangular shape which is beautiful and straightforward. All its edges are rounded and look more appealing to your eyes.
  • Structure: The outer area of the SETEK consists of hard plastic. And this device can quickly get set up at a particular place. Further, to which you can move it to another. Only a trait helps keep the machine clean from the dust.

3. Ports:

The device will help you to connect to the different ports. With it, you can easily connect to a minimum of 15 devices at a single time.

  • Wired connections: With the help of SETEK, you can easily setup up the WPS. The LAN port is the best port to connect with ethernet connectivity.
  • Multiple devices: With the help of it, you can connect multiple devices. Like a laptop, gaming console, printer, and other internet-enabled devices.

4. Repeater:

Mainly, the SETEK wi-fi range extender range is in default mode. It is a mode that means making excellent signal strength. And further, which helps in the enhancement of the signal strength.

  • Large network: With the help of repeater mode, you can quickly get a large and broad network zone in offices and houses. Make all the things quick by setting up the SETEK wi-fi range extender.

5. Forms of operation:

Yes, all of us want the best operation forms with the setup. So, the SETEK is the best setup to provide you with many operation forms.

  • Repeater mode
  • Client mode
  • Wireless AP mode
  • Wireless router mode

All above these are the best features of the SETEK wi-fi range extender. With the ultimate and great features, you can have the best idea of how it can become easy doings with the SETEK setup. Go and buy the best SETEK setup for your home.

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The procedure of setting the SETEK:

The question will be in your mind: how can I set up the SETEK? Ya, it is the fundamental question that one person seeks in the whole site. So, do not worry about it. and have a look at the typical steps:

  • With the help of the three best configurations, it becomes easy for you to set up the SETEK range extender.
  • Look at the various approaches through which you can quickly set up the SETEK procedure:

SETEK wi-fi Extender Setup using WPS button:

Use the Wi-fi wizard: So, what’s the best choice concerning using the Wi-fi wizard for setting up your SETEK? No, it is not a bad idea that set up your SETEK with a wi-fi wizard.

No need to login: You don’t need to login into the browser to set up your range extender with the help of the WPS button configuration. Let’s see the below steps to get your SETEK setup:

Plug your range extender: Get your range extender plugin into the power outlet close to the wi-fi router. And then press the WPS button for a minimum of five seconds. And make sure that you are holding it for 1 or 2 seconds.

WPS button: Hold and press the WPS button for a minimum of 50 seconds on the router. Keep holding it and press the WPS button on it.

Restarting: After this, the range extender will get restarted and connected to the device.

Good network area: At last, make sure that you put the SETEK at the best location. Keep it at the place where it will affect catching the network signals. And have no interruption in getting it connected.

Finally, make sure that after connecting the wi-fi SSID, your wi-fi becomes wi-fi plus.

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SETEK Wi-Fi Extender setup via browser:

Mobile device: What’s the better idea than getting it connected to your mobile device? Are you thinking about how you can join it with the help of your mobile device? So stop thinking and keep scrolling the page for the best options:

SETEK Default:

SE01 login IP address:

SE02 login IP address:

Username and Password: admin (Lowercase)

These are some basic SETEK defaults. Look below the steps to get it connected with the mobile device:

The first thing to do: Make sure that you are keeping your SETEK range extender online. And after it gets or plugin to the power outlet.

Secondly: Keep your cell phone on and move to the wi-fi settings. Further look more to the SSID range extender.

Lastly: After doing all the things, you will see the SETEL wi-fi range extender at default SSID, i.e., SETEK. And there is no need for you to set up a password to connect it to the wi-fi network.

SETEK Wi-Fi Extender setup using Mobile/Computer:

Connecting the SETEK with the laptop or pc is the best choice you can make. You can quickly associate it with the help of a cable wire or wirelessly. Stop thinking about the process. And look below the best steps to get your SETEK connected with the laptop and PC:

The foremost step in connecting it to the laptop or pc is to:

  • to plugin the ranger extender with the LAN port for the cable wire.
  • Enter the required wi-fi SSID with the help of your laptop.
  • Search for the URL, i.e.,
  • get in login.
  • Networks are available, and now you can allow SETEK to select the wireless device.

These are some best ways to connect your SETEK setup with the laptop or pc. With the easy connection with the computer, you can take many things as an advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

While setting up a SETEK, many questions will arise in your mind. Yes, we have all the solutions for your queries. See below the main questions:

How can I restore the factory default settings on a SETEK range extender?

The main problem with the user is how to reset the SETEK wi-fi extender? You can do it with the help of two ways, and you can restore the factory default settings.

  • Do hard reset: You will get all your settings back by doing the hard reset. You will lose your IP address, username, and password by doing it.
  • Do a soft reset: The connectivity troubles and regular disconnects from the starting point will get disabled.

Steps to do the soft reset range extender:

  • Models
  • Keep pressing and hold the factory reset button.
  • Tap OK!
  • Open extender settings.
  • Move to the system tool.
  • And reboot it after a few minutes.

Why does the SETEK wi-fi range extender not connect?

There are many reasons for getting troubleshoot in connection with your wi-fi range extender. These are as follows:

  • Inappropriate wireless settings.
  • External issues
  • Distance issues
  • Connected with many devices
  • Forget your wi-fi password
  • Forget your SSID or router name

You can quickly solve all the above problems with the help of many things. Move-in the range covered area, keep trying to lower the connected devices and connect them with your laptop and pc.

How to reset the SETEK wi-fi extender password?

It is one of the everyday things to lose the password. But do not worry! You can easily cover your SETEK wi-fi extender password with the following steps:

  • Use the ethernet port: With the help of an ethernet port, you can easily connect it to the range extender with the computer.
  • Username and password: After the connection, the username and password get posted to the extender’s panel.
  • Re-login: And from here, you can re-login to your extender back!

See how easy it is for you to get around the password.

I hope that you have got all the answers to your related problems! And further, if you have any more queries, you can drop them in the comment section below. Till the time! Enjoy setting up the SETEK setup.


The above concludes that buying the SETEK setup is the best option for you because the SETEK gives you many broad things that will help you attain your best items.

Yes, with setting up the SETEK super-boost wi-fi extender setup, you can easily do live streaming of your game. And with it, you can also play multiple games. Do not look here and there. Go and tap and get the best SETEK setup for your home. And enjoy your favorite things.