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[Solution] How To Setup Linksys Extender?

How To Setup Linksys Extender
WiFi extenders are one of the best ways to strengthen weak WiFi signals that you might be facing at your home or office. Since Linksys is one of the most trusted and leading WiFi extenders, you will not find them extremely tough to setup or maintain. If you are looking for how to setup a Linksys extender, the article says everything about the process. Read along to know all the crucial factors about Linksys extender.

Connect Linksys WiFi extender with these prerequisites 

Linksys WiFi extender helps the WiFi signals by repeating the signals from the router or the access point and reaching them to the challenging places. For manually setting up the Linksys WiFi extender, here is a list of things that you would need- 
  • The extender needs to be kept turned on. 
  • Make sure that your existing router settings have these settings- SSID or Wireless network name, wireless password or network/security key, and wireless channel. 
  • The factory settings on the WiFi range extender should be restored. 
  • You should have access to a working internet connection. 
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These are some of the essential things that need to be kept in mind before setting up the Linksys range extender. Now, let us know how to setup Linksys range extender.  There are two ways through which Linksys range extender can be setup:
  • Manual 
  • WPS 

Linksys Extender Setup without computer

Here are the ways through which one can setup Linksys extender setup: Step 1: First, the Linksys WiFi extender device needs to be plugged into the power socket. Once it is done, connect the extender with the router device.  Step 2: Secondly, take any WiFi-enabled or wireless device and open any web browser of your choice on your smartphone. Ensure that the web browser you are accessing for Linksys WiFi extender setup should be updated and should be the latest version.  Step 3: Then, type in the address bar of the web browser. Then click on the enter button.  Step 4: Next then, you will need to provide the login credential details in the required fields. Now enter the default user name and password. Now tap on the login button.  Note- If you do not know the default username and password, check for the user manual that comes with the Linksys range extender or the label provided at the back of the Linksys WiFi extender.  Step 5: Now, choose the network that you need to extend.  Step 6: Follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen.   Step 7: As the Linksys range extender process is completed, click the finish button. 

Linksys wifi extender login

For Linksys WiFi extender login, make sure that you follow the following steps-  Step 1: Plugin the Linksys extender to any power outlet and ensure that the indicator lights indicate stability. Step 2: Connect the computer to the ethernet port of the Linksys range extender through an ethernet cable Step 3: Open any web browser and enter the Linksys range extender’s IP address.  Step 4: You will be asked for a user name and a password. Keep the user’s name untouched, enter “admin” in the password, and click OK or log in. 

Linksys WiFi extender setup manually

If you want to setup Linksys setup manually, then follow these steps: Step 1: Use a computer or laptop and the Linksys range extender in a room  Step 2: Once done, ensure that you connect your PC to the extender via an Ethernet Cable.  Step 3: Plug the range extender and computer into an electrical outlet.  Step 4: So, connect the Linksys extender setup-xxx network.  Step 5: In the URL bar of the web browser, type  Step 6: A login page will be seen. Enter the credentials for login.  Step 7: As the basic extender.linksys.setup screen pops into the screen, the network name (SSID) to be provided and that should be of your existing router in the field required. Step 8: Now, select the manual option and turn off the extender for some time. Now, put on your range extender properly. 

Linksys WiFi extender setup through WPS Method 

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) is a secure wireless network that helps in the good connection between the extender and wireless devices. There are two ways to setup a WIFI extender through WPS.  Through WPS button or web-based extender.Linksys.setup the page and choose the convenient option among the three.  Through WPS Button Follow these steps:
  1. Put the range extender into a power or electrical outlet. 
  2. Hold the WPS button on your extender. 
  3. Now look for the WPS LED on the device and check if it shows extender setup-XXX network. 
  4. Check and ensure that the power light of the range extender is visible- it signifies that the ranger extender is configuring with the router. 
  5. If the LED light color changes to solid green after some time. 
  6. This is the indication that the WiFi extender setup is done successfully. 
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Using web-based WPS Button 

The WPS button comes with three options- WPS Button, the WPS PIN, and the router’s PIN. 

WPS Button 

Log in to the Linksys wireless range extender and click on the wireless option- WPS button. Once it is done, press the WPS button and start with the WiFi setup process. Then, click on the enable option next to the WPS button. 

Through WPS PIN 

Then you will get a chance on your device that includes a WPS PIN. Put that number in the second option on the extender setup web page. 

Through Router’s PIN 

If your device demands a router PIN, put the number in the third field on the extender.Linksys.setup page. Check that your WiFi light is continuously on- this confirms that the setup is complete.  If, after following the above steps still did not connect your extender, you need to contact the support team and brief them about issues that may sometimes be device issues.  Conclusion: All information about how to setup Linksys extender has been discussed in this article. Ensure that all the steps are correctly followed, and your setup will be completed in no time.

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