Fix Instantly Xbox One Turns On Then Off [2022]

Are you looking for ways for your Xbox one turns On then off? Many issues arise instantly in the Xbox one. Turning On and getting instantly off is one of the main issues.

Do not worry! It is not such an issue that can not get solved. Every problem has a solution. Similarly, we here are giving you many solutions which will solve your this problem. Look below for getting the things in detail:

Reasons behind getting Xbox one turns On then off:

There are many reasons which can make your Xbox One-stop. People get worried when their whole system gets to stops. Many thoughts start coming into our minds. LIKE what happens if we lose all our games? And can we get a chance to get our favorite Xbox one back? Do not worry! We have the best solutions for everything.

First, let’s look at things that can make Xbox one turns On then off:


Sometimes, it happens that the motherboard of your Xbox One gets wet. It usually occurs when you can not pay much focus on it.

  • Keep your Xbox One away from the liquid items.
  • Sometimes, it will create a problem when any liquid gets split.
  • With the liquid, the motherboard will become wet.
  • And further, this becomes the reason behind getting your Xbox One-stop.

Power supply

Sometimes, the power supply becomes the reason behind the stopping of your console. The power supply is the only thing that makes the whole system work all the hours.

  • It is a must that your Xbox one must have the automatic power button.
  • Sometimes, we forget to switch off the button.
  • In such a case, the automatic power button will help solve the problem.

After doing all the above steps, you will get a chance to get your Xbox one back.


The console will also become the reason behind the Xbox One-stop.

  • It will usually happen when you play the game for 7-8 hours.
  • The whole system will get heated up.
  • And the console gets heated up.
  • Further, which will react according to the energy.

Keep patient and keep your Xbox One on rest. Put your Xbox One in the side corner for some time. And within a few moments, it will get turned on.

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Things that you can do when your Xbox one turns On then off:

You can perform many things when your Xbox one turns On then off, will get off instantly. Besides, getting Off of your Xbox is not a new thing. It is a common thing that you can solve with better solutions. Let’s see all the things together.

Do the factory reset

You can choose the factory reset option to get your Xbox one at its place back. There are many difficulties which you may get with it. But after doing the factory reset, everything will become easy for you. Do the factory set with the following options:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Choose the system from settings.
  • Tap on the console info.
  • Now, click reset console info.

After following the above steps, all your data will get reset. And all your recent games will get deleted from your Xbox One.

Change the power supply

The main reason behind getting off the Xbox One is the shortage of power supply. Sometimes your Xbox one turns On then off will not get the right amount of power. So you can do the following thing with it:

  • Try to change your Xbox One power supply.
  • And turn on the console after changing the power supply.

As a result, if your console gets started, it shows no further issue with your Xbox One. It is the only power supply that gets turned off.

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Press the power button

The next thing that solves your Xbox one problem is that you can try pressing the power button. Pressing the power button multiple times will help you to eliminate this problem.

  • After pressing the power button many times, you will hear some sound.
  • And at that time, if you press your power button one more time, then it is possible that your Xbox One will get started.

This method of solving your problem will look awkward! But yes, you will get the solution to your problem with it.

USB device

To solve your problem with Xbox One, the USB will also play a vital role. You will get these problems when you have updated your console software. And as a result, your system gets off. To solve this, Xbox one turns On then off; see below:

  • Just try to remove the USB from your Xbox One.
  • And after the removal of the USB, try one more attempt on the console.

After doing this, there are chances that you can solve this problem. The USB can affect your console when you are doing its updates.

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Instant mode

Try to solve this problem by shifting the console to the instant mode. It will all include the change of your power settings of the console. Further, which will help you to solve your problem:

  • Select the profile and system.
  • Choose the settings option.
  • Go to the general from settings option.
  • From here, select the power mode and start-up.
  • Now, select the Instant mode.

Above are the simple things that will help you solve your Xbox One problem. The instant mode will include the whole settings of the console.

Stand by mode

Another solution to your Xbox one turns On then off the problem is to switch your Xbox One to stand-by mode. Keep trying to press the button directly for 10 minutes.

  • The pressing of the button for 10 minutes will help your console move on stand-by mode.
  • Take this method as a refreshing method.
  • Now, on-again your console.

Sometimes, it becomes easy for you to use the standby mode again on the Xbox One.

Eject button

The eject button is the other way to solve your problem. Through this way also you can solve your problem Xbox one turns On then off very quickly.

  • Keep trying pressing the button 8-10 times.
  • It will solve your problem within the minimum time.

Why are you thinking so much? Do the best things by pressing the eject button. And see how you will get your Xbox One on within the minimum time.

External hard drives

The removal of hard drives is the better option which you can do. Many game installers can perform their Xbox one again with the removal of HDD.

  • Try to unplug the hard drive.
  • And after it tries to on your console.
  • See whether your console gets started or not.

If your console gets started, it is the best move you can perform. The hard drives are the ones that sometimes get hanged with the constant playing of the game.

Use the blow dryer

Till now! If you do not get the right option to correct Xbox one turns On then off, you can take the help of the blow dryer.

  • Blow the air of the dryer in the vents of the Xbox.
  • Keep the dryer air at the lowest heat.
  • Keep trying it for 3-5 minutes.
  • Stop the dryer in between if it gets heated too much.
  • Also, try to pull the air in the power brick.
  • Now see whether your console gets started or not.

NOTE: From the above points, you can quickly solve your problem. Keep trying the points with your Xbox One. And see how early your Xbox one will get started. I hope this is the best solution to solve your Xbox one turns On then off the problem. And when no other solutions work, this is the best solution you can try.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What to do when Xbox One gets stopped immediately?

You can do various things to start back your Xbox One. The main reason behind getting off your Xbox One power supply.

  • You must ensure that your vents are not clogged.
  • Try to remove the external devices.
  • Remove the USB.

These are the main things which you can do. Sometimes, the external devices can become the reason behind the Xbox one problem.

2. What to do when Xbox gets shut off with the connection of Wi-Fi?

Xbox getting shut off is one of the problems which you can face. See the below steps to solve the problem:

  • Open the browser.
  • Log in to the router.
  • Now put in your username & password.
  • From the menu, choose the gateway.
  • Now select the connection.
  • And here, you will see the Wi-Fi from the submenu.
  • Tap on the edit network. And select which your want to use.
  • Tap on more security options and choose TKIP WPA.
  • Now save it.

You can solve your Xbox problem with Wi-Fi with the above simple steps.

3. What can one do if his Xbox can not start after the beeping sound?

After all these things, if your Xbox has not started till now, then you can see the below steps:

  • Keep pressing the button.
  • Insert the disc in the disk drive.
  • Try to remove the USB devices.
  • Change your power outlet.

If your Xbox One does not start after the beeping sound, you can perform these everyday things.

4. How to change the console settings?

You can do one thing also. You can change the console settings not automatically to turn it off. To do the things, see the below steps:

  • On the console.
  • Tap on the Xbox button and open the guide.
  • Choose profile.
  • Tap on settings and move to general.
  • Now tap the power mode and start-up.
  • Turn on after and then close the turn-off instantly.

5. What happens when your Xbox one turns On then off instantly?

When the Xbox one gets off instantly, it also causes a problem for you. There are more chances that it can get worse. Notably, there are two reasons for Xbox getting shut off. The reasons are as below:

  • When it gets too hot.
  • When there is a problem with the button power supply.

To solve this problem, you must keep it in the fan area. It may help you make things work correctly once again.

Hope you will get all the answers to your queries. And in case you are still having doubts about Xbox one turns On then off, you can comment on your questions below.


You can quickly see how easy starting the Xbox One is from the above. These simple things will help you make your Xbox one problem to get simple solutions. You can try one of the best methods to make your Xbox One on, i.e., a blow dryer. When all the things never work, it is one of the things that will work. There are many reasons which make your Xbox one slow down. But with the best solutions, you can turn it back on. Try all these things. Till the time have a nice day!