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Fix Instantly Xbox One Turns On Then Off

Xbox One Turns On Then Off

The Xbox One is a well-known gaming console that provides an immersive gaming experience and has multimedia capabilities. However, Many Xbox One users are experiencing serious problems with their consoles, which automatically turn off after they are turned on.

Users have reported that their Xbox turns on for 10 seconds, then turns off, while other users have experienced their Xbox One Turns On Then Off instantly.

How come Xbox One turns off immediately after you turn it on?      

It can be distressing when your Xbox One suddenly stops functioning. The thought of losing all your saved games and being unable to use your favorite console can be worrisome. Here are the most common causes for your Xbox One shutting down on its own, either during a game or shortly after you power it on.

Cause 1: Bad motherboard

If your Xbox One motherboard gets wet, it can cause problems and may even stop working. To avoid this, it’s important to keep your Xbox away from liquids and not to neglect it. Liquid spills can cause damage to the motherboard, which can lead to issues with your Xbox.

Cause 2: Bad Power supply

An inadequate power supply could be causing your Xbox One to turn on and off after 30 seconds or even instantly. There are several possible causes, including:

  • A loose or faulty power cable
  • Wall outlets, surge protectors, or extensions with faults

Cause 3: Bad ventilation

In case your Xbox still shuts down unexpectedly, it may have improper ventilation, causing it to overheat. When playing a game for 7-8 hours, it is common for the system and console to become overheated. This can cause the console to react differently due to the excess energy.

When your console gets a message saying that it does not get proper ventilation, you should:

  • “Shut down” the console.
  • Wait at least an hour before you proceed.
  • Place the console in a well-ventilated area.
  • “Start the console” again.

It is important that the console is located in a well-ventilated area without any objects on top of, under, or next to it. Clean all vents and ensure that air flows freely through them.

How to fix an Xbox One turns off and on?

You can perform many things when your Xbox turns on then off instantly. Besides, getting Off of your Xbox is not a new thing. It is a common thing that you can solve with better solutions. Let’s see all the things together.

Solution 1: Do the factory reset

If your Xbox is malfunctioning, resetting it can help by reinitializing the console’s software and clearing out any issues. Here’s how to do it;

Factory Reset
  • Go to the “settings“.
  • Choose the system from settings.
  • Tap on the “console” info.
  • Now, click “reset console info.

After following the above steps, all your data will get reset. And all your recent games will get deleted from your Xbox One.

Solution 2: Change the power supply

If you encounter power-related issues with your Xbox One, such as insufficient power supply leading to shutdowns or malfunctions, you may wonder, “How to power Xbox One” effectively. There are a few things you can try to resolve the problem.

Remove the USB
  • Try to change your Xbox One power supply.
  • And turn on the console after changing the power supply.

As a result, if your console gets started, it shows no further issue with your Xbox One. It is the only power supply that gets turned off.

Solution 3: Long Press the Power Button

The first thing you should try if you are experiencing issues with your Xbox One is to hold the power button for a long period of time. You may be able to solve the problem with minimal effort on your part by doing this.

  • After pressing the “power button” many times, you will hear some sound.
  • And at that time, if you press your power button one more time, then it is possible that your Xbox One will get started.

This method of solving your problem will look awkward! But yes, you will get the solution to your problem with it.

Solution 4: Remove the USB Devices

Xbox One connectivity problems are most often caused by USB devices. It can happen with wireless and wired controllers, headsets, and keyboards. You can fix this by removing all USB devices from your Xbox One and making sure they don’t interfere with it. Heres how to do it;

  • Check if your Xbox One is connected to any USB-enabled devices.
  • Remove those devices from their current USB ports.
  • Use different USB ports on the Xbox One to connect USB devices.
  • Repeat the process for each USB-enabled device.
  • Check if the Xbox One no longer turns on or off instantly.

By following these steps, there is a possibility that you can resolve the issue. Your console’s updates may be impacted by the USB.

Solution 5: Enable Xbox’s Instant-On Mode

Your Xbox One has a default power management setting called Instant-on, which it activates when left idle. This setting consumes minimal power while keeping peripherals like the Kinect alert.

The Instant-on feature can quickly turn on your console and automatically wake it up for automatic updates. However, it’s recommended to switch to the Instant-On Mode.

Xboxs Instant On Mode 1
  • Go to the “Settings” page.
  • Choose “General”.
  • Start the computer in Power mode.
  • Select Instant-on from the dropdown menu.

Above are the simple things that will help you solve your Xbox One problem. The instant mode will include the whole settings of the console.

Solution 6: Stand by mode

Another solution to your Xbox one turns On then off the problem is to switch your Xbox One to stand-by mode. Keep trying to press the button directly for 10 minutes.

Xboxs Standby Mode
  • The pressing of the button for 10 minutes will help your console move on stand-by mode.
  • Take this method as a refreshing method.
  • Now, on-again your console.

Sometimes, it becomes easy for you to use the standby mode again on the Xbox One.

Solution 7: Eject button

Many Xbox users have discussed a patch that can help reboot the Xbox’s internal firmware. To use this method, simply tap the eject button ten times in a row, even if there is no disc in the tray. This has been widely discussed in Xbox public forums.

Eject Button
  • Keep trying pressing the button 8-10 times.
  • It will solve your problem within the minimum time.

Solution 8: External hard drives

The removal of hard drives is the better option which you can do. Many game installers can perform their Xbox one again with the removal of HDD.

  • Try to unplug the hard drive.
  • And after it tries to on your console.
  • See whether your console gets started or not.

If your console gets started, it is the best move you can perform. The hard drives are the ones that sometimes get hanged with the constant playing of the game.

Solution 9: Use the blow dryer

One possible solution for fixing an Xbox One is to use a blow dryer to blow warm air into the vents for 3-5 minutes. However, it is important to take breaks and avoid overheating the console, as this can cause damage. It is important to note that this solution may not work for all issues.

  • Blow the air of the dryer in the vents of the Xbox.
  • Keep the dryer air at the lowest heat.
  • Keep trying it for 3-5 minutes.
  • Stop the dryer in between if it gets heated too much.
  • Also, try to pull the air in the power brick.
  • Now see whether your console gets started or not.


Starting your Xbox One is easy. The above steps provide simple solutions to common problems you may encounter. And f you have exhausted all possible solutions and your Xbox One still turns on by itself, there may be a problem with the device. It could be defective and require further assistance from Xbox Support. Please get in touch with them for troubleshooting advice.


Why Xbox One beeping but not turning on?

There is also a possibility that Xbox might not be able to draw enough power to power all the connected devices. To reconnect your Xbox, shut down the console and disconnect all your devices. After disconnecting it, wait a few seconds and then reconnect it. You should normally be able to start your Xbox.

Is it OK to leave an Xbox plugged in all the time?

The occasional overnight run of your Xbox isn’t necessarily a bad thing, don’t make it a habit. Xbox One consoles have never been shown to be damaged by simply keeping them plugged in all the time, as long as you unplug them whenever not used.

Why does my Xbox shut off when a game is loading?

It is either a problem with your game or your console that needs updating. Make sure both programs are updated to their latest versions and you should be able to play your game without any problems. If you are playing a physical game, make sure that your disc is not scratched or damaged. If it is not, it will not work.

Could your Xbox be kept in an enclosed space?

If you plan a specific gaming setup for your Xbox, you can put it in an enclosed area. There will, however, need to be external cooling solutions such as air or water coolers, which would be similar to a setup for a personal computer.

Why does my Xbox turn on by itself?

There are several possible reasons why the issue may occur. These include sensitive power buttons, problems with the controller or Cortana, HDMI issues, the Instant-on power mode, automatic updates, or a fault in the console.