How to Add Someone on Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Snapchat is a wonderful platform where you can share your images, pictures & your thoughts as well. Besides, you can share your text and videos if you want to for somebody special or your loved ones.

Today, you can find close to 330 million active users globally. Snapchat is mainly used by young people, though there is no age bar. Anybody and everybody can use this platform to share your images and views on certain things.

If you are new to Snapchat or planning to open an account on the social media platform, then you may want to do yourself a favor by knowing a few things. This can help you work on it flawlessly.

In this post, we will learn and see add someone on snap without them knowing and what is Snapchat add by search. So, how do you add somebody to your Snapchat account without them being aware of it?

How to add somebody on Snapchat without them knowing?

You must use their email id. You can find this detail on their Snapchat bio. Go there, and it could be in there. Then you can add them to your account without them knowing. Another method would be to get their phone number from somebody.

That somebody could be their friend or sibling. This add someone by search on Snapchat without them knowing method is mainly used by somebody who you have a crush on. Besides, it can be used by lovers.

Everybody can view the snaps when the contact has public privacy settings. However, when you make use of the friend-only privacy setting, then you can only see the snaps. Of course, you must make sure that they have not blocked you either.

This is something that we will be discussing deeply later on in the post. In that case, you will want first to send a message and see if that message has been delivered. When the message has been delivered, then you know that you are not blocked.

That is a good sign for you, and you can reply to them with thanks for accepting your request. There is no harm in giving this method a try when you really like somebody. It is an excellent way to get to know them before you make your next move.

Of course, you may not want to flirt with somebody who you have never met before.

What Does Add by Search Mean on Snapchat?

Sometimes, when you are using Snapchat, you may come across the term “added by search.” What does it mean? The added by search enables you to see the full functionalities of the app. Now, you can meet new friends and keep your friendship alive with them.

The added by the search means somebody on Snapchat has searched you. Maybe somebody is trying to find you using the search page. Probably, you may have another reason why your name is showing up on the app.

It also means that somebody used your name and then added it to their account. It is also known as added by username. Maybe that person wants to add someone on Snapchat without them knowing.

The person was trying to find your name using the quick search option on Snapchat. The added by search feature option on Snapchat only means that you were found by somebody on the app, and they have added you to their friend list.

You can view the person who was searching for you. You can check on the quick add men and then go to the add friend’s option. You can view the individual who added you. As you can see, nobody needs to know your name; if they have just the username, they can find you and add you.

Likewise, the added by username means that they knew your username and searched based on that. It could be somebody who is close to you or a loved one. Though added by search and added by username mean the same, the difference is that username search is specified.

To help you understand what that means when your name is Adam Jones, for example, and somebody wants to find you on Snapchat. They go to the quick search, like found on Facebook and Twitter.

They may find you on the search page option. But they do not know your username; they only know your original name. When they know your username and find you through that, then it is called as added by search.

Let us say that your username is Adamjones21 in this case. Your username is Adamjones21, and they have added you specifically by your username. We hope that you were able to understand this slight difference between added by search and added by username.

How to re-add someone on Snapchat?

Now, we will read how to re-add somebody on Snapchat. Sometimes, you can find it tedious to re-add somebody on Snapchat. Maybe you deleted their name by mistake and want to have their name back.

You can find Snapchat friends without the hassle. It is pretty simple, actually. You can make use of the Snapchat quick add feature. Let us now find out how to re-add the person whom you want. You need to unblock that person.

That is right. Once you unblock that person, you are as good to go. You will be asked if you want to unblock that person, and you can do so. Now, send a new friend request to that person. Suppose you have blocked somebody on Snapchat by mistake, then you may not be able to re-add them.

Snapchat has rules on how long you can block somebody on your account. When you want to re-add them, then it can take about 24 hours to be reactivated. Besides, the app does not notify the user if they have been unblocked or blocked.

They will know that only after getting a friend request from you, like on Facebook & Twitter. You may want to update your Snapchat on your iOS or Android smartphone. You need to press the app and then tap on the i option.

Then tap on the clear cache and data option. Doing that helps you to get rid of all the data that is present in there. Then you can tap on the offload app and re-add the friend you have blocked on Snapchat. It must clear the pending message on your smartphone.

Precautions to know when using Snapchat

You would want to ensure that you follow a few things when you are using Snapchat.

  • Be clean and have good intentions when posting photos & images. Please don’t post graphic or nude images.
  • Don’t be rude or avoid making fun of somebody’s appearance. We are all unique and are proud of what we look like.
  • Please don’t add people whom you don’t know. That is because it is only asking for trouble. It is best to avoid them.
  • Add only those whom you have met at least once in your lifetime. They could be your school classmates, collegemates, ex-colleagues, and distant relatives.
  • It is best to avoid contacting your ex-friends at any cost. If they want to add you first, then think well and then choose to add them. Like we said at the beginning itself, it is your account; you have to take responsibility for anything untoward that happens.
  • In some countries, using Snapchat can be illegal or cause unwanted problems for you. So, please know the rules, especially in the Gulf region.


How do you re-friend someone on Snapchat?

If you have unfriended somebody on Snapchat, but have not blocked them, then it is quite easy to re-friend them. You just need to add them back to your Snapchat account. You can get it done in several methods, like tapping the person icon using a plus sign.

Why can’t I re-add someone on Snapchat?

The only reason you can’t re-add somebody on Snapchat is that you have either deleted them from your account or they have deactivated their account. Apart from these reasons, there is no other cause.

Can someone still Snapchat me if I deleted them?

Supposing you have deleted somebody from your Snapchat account by mistake, then you can still add them without hassle. You can add them with their username or use the snap code. These things happen, and there is no need to panic or get frustrated with yourself.

How do you find out who hasn’t added you back on Snapchat?

You can find out who has not added you on Snapchat by tapping and holding the username. When you can see the Snap score of that individual, then you have succeeded in adding them. Otherwise, the Snap chatter has not added you. You can also check your My Friends list.

Can you Refriend someone on Snapchat?

You can refriend somebody on Snapchat by adding them to your Snapchat account. That is it; you are done. It is quite simple. However, when you have blocked them from your account, then there is no way you can add them to your account.

How do you know who added you on Snapchat?

Sometimes, you would want to know who has added you on Snapchat. You can do that by opening the Snapchat app on your iOS and Android device. On the home screen, you can find the plus sign and the individual’s silhouette.

What happens if you ignore a friend request on Snapchat?

Though you ignore their request, you can either add them back if you want. But you would want to know that they can still follow you. They stay added to your account, and they won’t be aware of the fact that you did not see their request.

Is it weird to add someone quickly on Snapchat?

No, it is not weird to add someone to your Snapchat account. It is your account and belongs to you, so you are responsible for that. Of course, you would want to know them well or meet them at least once in your life.

When you add a friend on Snapchat, does it notify them?

Yes, when somebody is added to your account, they are notified. You can make use of the “My Friends” option. You will not be able to see the snaps that are sent to you by non-friends. But you can see the snaps if you have them back on your Snapchat.

Can you see who you deleted on Snapchat?

Yes, it does feel somewhat weird when somebody has deleted your name from their account. You would want to go to their profile, then choose the friends section, and go to the My Friends option. If somebody has deleted your name by mistake, then you can re-add them.


There you go. We hope you found this post helpful if you are an avid user of Snapchat. You found out how to add someone back on Snapchat, snap add by search, and how to add someone on Snapchat without them knowing.

Now, you can use that information and work on your Snapchat account without much of a hassle. Sometimes, it does get annoying when you are stuck up with something that most often has the easiest of solutions.

Well, that is very much the case here. It is something you would want to know. As always, do follow some of the precautions that we have suggested for your safety. Have you experienced these problems before?

What did you do? Anyhow, you can find out anybody you want to with the help of their username. We would appreciate it if you could leave your valuable feedback in the comments section if at all you face some issues.

Since you now know what to do with your Snapchat, we wish you happy browsing and enjoy your experience.