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Nikon D7500 Review

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Nikon has been famous for its cameras for quite a while now. The Nikon D7500 aims to be the next big thing in photography, and they’re not letting go without a fight. This camera has advanced features, like 4K video recording capabilities and a blazing-fast continuous shooting rate of 10 frames per second. Learn more about this impressive camera here!

With reviews from over 650 evaluations so far, it’s clear that the Nikon D7500 is an excellent option for photographers looking to shoot at high frame rates with four-stroke autofocus or have some other specific need each of these cameras can’t meet on its own.

The average person with a DSLR or mirrorless camera may capture many JPEGs, but most passionate photographers prefer to capture raw images, even in continuous mode; therefore, the D7500 is superior to its direct competitors.

The Good: The Nikon D7500 is a significant improvement over the D7000. It has a much bigger sensor, an improved autofocus system, and is more weather-sealed. It has Nikon’s APS-C flagship D500 including its 20.9MP sensor, but at a lower cost and without needing an external battery grip. It supports a 180k-pixel RGB sensor for metering and subject recognition along with 4K (UHD) video from a 1.5x crop of sensor and 51-point phase-detect AF, eight fps burst for 100+ JPEGS or 50 Raws.

The key feature of this camera is the new 4K movie modes, which are by far the best 4k video mode on any camera, but there’s much more to talk about in this review. It also has a 3.2″ tilting touchscreen LCD which works excellent with live view and movies, but it’s not as fast as others, and the camera has less than a second lag in live view. The focus system is well-implemented and fast.

It’s also well-built, weather-resistant, and offers the most ergonomic grip of any Nikon. It’s relatively lightweight for its class (1.6 pounds without an optional battery grip), considering that it uses a magnesium alloy body shell. On top of that, you get dual SD card slots which can be used to capture stills or movies and frame rates at up to 8 fps in FX mode (5 fps in DX).

The Nikon D7500’s main strength is its AF system, which is the same as on the D500 but implemented better and with much less live-view latency. It feels snappy and responsive when tracking moving subjects in live view, and it’s quick to lock focus when you press the shutter release halfway.

The critical feature also includes

  • the high-speed and accurate
  • 4K movie modes
  • The build quality of this camera is also excellent
  • The colors appear too saturated and flat


The Nikon D7500 is a solid, lightweight, and ergonomic camera that can be used for various purposes. It has a great autofocus system, movie capabilities, and fast continuous shooting with no lag. If you want a DSLR that captures RAW images with a quick turn-around time, then the D7500 is an excellent choice. If you don’t mind the non-dedicated video recording options or good 4K video,

The many pros of this camera make it an easy pick for any photographer or filmmaker looking to shoot high frame rates or 4K movies.