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Why Does T-Mobile Keep Stopping – Easy Solutions to Make It Work

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Why Does T-Mobile Keep Stopping

Are you currently using the T-Mobile app on your smartphone? Is it working fine? We know that if it was working alright, then you won’t be reading this post in the first place, is it not? Anyways, we have got your back.

Don’t worry about it. When you find the error message pop up on your screen, then you must be wondering why it is happening on your Android or iOS smartphone. You see, these things may occur, and there is nothing to get worked up about.

Today, in this post, you are going to find the answer to why does T-Mobile keep stopping often. We provide you with some simple solutions that you may not find in most of the posts found online.

By the end of the post, you would be mastered what you can do & also troubleshoot the error. You see, many users have reported this technical problem in all over America in the past few months.

Significance of the T-Mobile app

Using the T-Mobile app, you can effortlessly maintain and manage your account service with your smartphone. This can make your experience on your smartphone quite simple. T-Mobile is a popular ISP in the United States.

It is found in major cities and small towns as well. Their plans and packages are on par with the needs of the users. All you require is a T-Mobile account and a smartphone that is branded from T-Mobile on Android 6.0 or higher and iPhone with Apple OS 10 or higher.

It seems to do with the latest update of the T-Mobile app. You can see this error message from the home screen when you want to open or close the app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Besides, it can also show up when you want to open other apps like Facebook & WhatsApp.

Please note you cannot use it on the iPad for now. When the error message, unfortunately, T-Mobile has stopped, is showing on your smartphone, then let us find out what we can do about it.

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Why Does Phone Keep Saying T-Mobile Keeps Stopping?

In case of the T-Mobile app not working Android, you should be able to identify the problem and get down to the root cause of it. This helps you to decide on the best solution. First, we need to know the causes for the T-Mobile keep stopping.

Let us read them below:

  • A network connectivity issue

Sometimes your smartphone may not operate or run properly when there is no proper network in your locality. These things happen often, and when it does, then nothing seems to work at all. If you have read our other how-to posts as well, you would see this as the primary cause.

We suggest that you always have two networks in case of an emergency. This is for those of you owning companies or firms. You do not want to be stuck with your work pending and having your clients running down your throat.

  • A low battery problem

If the battery is low, then it may cause some issues with the connectivity. You may not be able to connect the app to your smartphone. When you have activated the power save mode, then things may not normally be working.

Charge your device, and then try to make it work. You can then also check whether the problem persists. If it still persists, then you may want to go to the next pointer as it is pretty certain there is a major issue.

  • A virus or malware problem

There can be a virus or malware problem on your smartphone (Android or iOS). You would want to get it fixed by a proper technician. Sometimes, you may not know that, but there could be a bug on your device that may make apps function like they should.

  • A device setting issue

You could also have settings issues on your smartphone (Android or iOS) that can cause this same problem. You would want to make sure that you configure these settings efficiently, as they will not affect the overall performance of your device.

  • A software update issue

If you have not updated the software on your smartphone either Android or iOS, then it may not work correctly. These can lead to some issues that are related to the network connection. You would want to install the latest version of the T Mobile app to resolve the issue.

How to Fix T-Mobile Keeps Stopping?

The steps given below can help you fix the T-Mobile keep-stopping error that shows on your screen.

  • Change device

You would be surprised to know that the primary reason for the message, unfortunately, T-Mobile has stopped, is because of your device. If it is not compatible with your smartphone, then these things happen.

Please change your device at the soonest. It does not matter whether you are using an Android or iOS device.

  • Easy mode

The Android smartphone comes with the easy mode option. Sometimes, you would have made use of that on your device. Using that, you can choose some apps to seem like huge icons on your home screen.

So, if you have set your device in easy mode, then please set it back to normal.

  • Disable background data usage

The background data usage on T mobile smartphones causes some users to experience app-stopping issues. Apps on your phone can utilize background data even if they are not active on the screen to search for new information.

In spite of the fact that background data usage settings prevent you from having to wait for new information, they can also affect your smartphone’s battery life and data usage, thus leading to the error message. Your Android phone’s background data settings can be turned off by following these steps:

How to do it on the Android device:

  • You would want to go to the settings options that are present on your Android device and then choose the SIM card & mobile data.
  • Then you may want to tap on the data usage and choose the mobile data usage for opening the T-Mobile app to switch off the background data set.
  • You can go back to the data usage and then choose Wi-Fi data usage.
  • Choose the T-Mobile app and switch off the background data settings.

How to do it on the iPhone device:

  • Disable the background data usage.
  • You need to choose settings on the iPhone and choose a general option.
  • It would help if you tapped on the background app refresh.
  • You can switch off the background app refresh completely by toggling it off.
  • Otherwise, you can manually switch off the Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi cellular data.
  • Clear T-Mobile app cache

You will want to ensure that your smartphone’s cache is empty or less. That is because when your cache is full, then it can slow down the performance of the smartphone. You can do that to get more speed and performance.

When the cached files become overloaded and even corrupted, it causes several issues that can harm your apps. You can do the following to ensure that the error T-Mobile keeps stopping does not appear.

  • Go to settings on your Android smartphone, then choose app management.
  • Now, you have to select the app list, go to T-Mobile and click on it.
  • Then navigate to the storage usage.
  • Then you have to tap on the precise data and, of course, clear cache options.

You can do it easily on your iPhone. It would help if you chose the settings option, went to general, then visited the storage to clear the app cache. Then you will want to use the offload app option to remove the files.

When you force stop T Mobile App, what happens?

When you force-stop the T-Mobile app, the apps terminate entirely. This is according to some users that we reviewed. It can happen on either Android or iOS smartphones. Besides, the apps start to begin sending notifications, and also update the content, in the background to remain active.

You might want to force close the T-Mobile app to shutting down and then restart it again thoroughly. When you are an Android smartphone user, then you can directly go to the apps manager and choose the T-Mobile app.

Then in the app info option, you need to use the force close option. Then you can force close the T-Mobile app by opening the app switcher on your iPhone and then swiping it up. You may want to check if the error has been solved by opening the T-Mobile app again.

Why Does My Phone Say T-Mobile Keeps Stopping?

The primary reason for that would be because your T-Mobile app is not working either on your Android smartphone or iPhone. Whether you use any of these operating systems, you must ensure that the app is compatible; otherwise, it will not work at all.

So, you can either update the T-Mobile app on your smartphone (Android or iOS). If it still does not work, then you may want to restart the app or force it to stop. Better still, we suggest you replace your smartphone device if it is quite old for things to work.

How do I update my T-Mobile?

The best way to update your T-Mobile would be to do the below ideas. It can help you solve the problem; unfortunately, T-Mobile has stopped the error. You can do the following steps to ensure that the update happens on T-Mobile.

  • You should make sure that you have an active Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
  • Go to the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or App Store on the iPhone.
  • You can tap on your profile picture to choose the manage apps & device.
  • Then tap on the updates available and check whether there is an update option that is present near the T-Mobile app.
  • You must tap on the update option to download and install the latest T mobile app.


Why does T-Mobile keep stopping pop up?

Typically, it pops up because the RAM on your smartphone might be quite full, and you may need to get rid of the pop-ups. There may not be space for you to run on another app and to perform any tasks.

Why does my smartphone keep saying T-Mobile keeps stopping?

Your smartphone keeps saying the T-Mobile app keeps stopping because you may have some constant apps that are in the background running. You can close them. Some notifications keep popping up because of the different apps, and it is something that T-Mobile says will keep stopping.

How to fix T-Mobile’s keeps stopping message?

To stop the message from your T-Mobile smartphone, you may want to clear the data of the app or uninstall the app updates. Besides, you can restart your smartphone once or twice a week to get rid of this issue. Better still, you can replace your smartphone when it is more than 5 years old.

Why does my phone say, unfortunately T-Mobile has stopped?

This happens because of the smartphone has a tremendous load on it. When that is the case, you would want to fix it to ensure that you use limited apps to avoid multitasking. This is true when your smartphone is more than 5 years older.

Why T-Mobile keeps stopping notification pops up?

Similar to the above answer, when your old smartphone is unable to take more load, then this happens. When you are somebody who loves to multitask, then you would want to make sure that you avoid doing it for T-Mobile to stop the notification pop-ups.


This is it. We have come to the end of the post. We hope you learned and benefitted through it about how to fix the T-Mobile keeps stopping issues. When the error keeps showing up, then you may want to access the T-Mobile app and disable the VPN of your smartphone.

You may want to uninstall the T-Mobile app on your smartphone and reinstall it again. This can help you get a better app from the Google Play Store and fix the bug. It does not matter whether you are using an iOS or Android smartphone.

May we suggest that if you use a device over 5 years old, please replace it if you can. This should solve the issue by itself. Many users have done that and benefited. There is no need for you to go through the entire process of reinstalling the app and so on.

The above were some easy methods for you to solve the T-Mobile keep stopping on your phone. Additionally, you can fix the T-Mobile app error messages. When you are facing a similar kind of problem, remember to read some of our posts for more details on it.

Have you faced this problem before? What did you do about it? Where were you able to solve the problem? Which method did you prefer using and why? Please do tell us everything about your experience with the T-Mobile app not working in the comments section.

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