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Fix call forwarding unconditional voice not forwarded

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forwarding unconditional voice not forwarded

Call forwarding that is not unconditional can be frustrating, but there are a few simple steps to fix it. Call forwarding is a fantastic feature that allows you to forward incoming calls to another number, even if the original one is unavailable. When you receive a call while you’re busy or offline, you can quickly send the call to another number so there’s no interruption to your work.

Once the call has been sent to the other number, it may go unanswered for long periods if your new number does not pick it up immediately. It will also fail any other forwarding attempts made after that point and cause frustration when trying to get different numbers or people on your phone.

Call Forwarding Meaning

Call forwarding is a feature that allows you to redirect incoming calls to another number. You can choose to forward all incoming calls or just some of them. This includes both cell phones and landlines. It is useful when you expect important calls while away from the office, home, or cell phone.

It is helpful as a short-term solution when you are busy with a project, meeting, or other activity but want to receive calls. You can forward the incoming calls to your cell phone or another number when you can return the call. Forwarding your calls is also helpful if your cell service is down and your phone doesn’t have a signal.

What is “conditional call forwarding”?

Conditional call forwarding is helpful if you have multiple lines and want to forward only specific calls. For example, you might be at work and want to send home phone calls to your cell phone. However, if your cell phone is dead or you are on the other line, you will want those calls forwarded to your office phone so that the client can get a hold of you.

The call automatically gets forwarded when your voicemail is complete, your phone is off, or you are busy on another call. It might seem like an unnecessary function, and you wouldn’t need it, but it can be very convenient to have.

Conditional call forwarding only sends calls to specific numbers if a particular condition is met. For example, you can have a conditional call forwarding setup to forward calls to your mobile phone if the number that is calling you has the same area code as yours. This is useful for forwarding work calls.

How do you enable conditional call forwarding on your devices?

The method for conditional call forwarding is the same for Android and iOS devices. Just follow the below instructions to enable it:

1. Open your device’s Dialing App

2. Type “##004#” and call on this number

3. A screen will pop up with some message, and your call forwarding service will be activated.

This will enable conditional call forwarding from your device. You can use other conditional call forwarding numbers to enable your conditional call forwarding.

What does call forwarding unconditionally mean?

The call forwarding unconditional, meaning that it is not conditional. There is no condition to meet. The call will always be delivered. The ring is instantly transferred to another number. There is no need to check if a particular state has been met. The call will go through immediately.

It is a helpful feature because it doesn’t matter if your phone is busy, off, or if you never answer calls. The call will be forwarded to another number.

This allows users to send calls to another number if you’re not available. It can be for school, the customer service department, or another room in your house.

How does it work?

You enable call forwarding from your phone’s settings menu, enter the destination phone number you want the call to go to when delivered, and then save it. All calls that come in will be immediately sent to that number.

How do you enable unconditional call forwarding on your devices?

It is so easy to turn on unconditional call forwarding. Follow the listed steps based on the devices you use:

Call Forwarding Unconditional In iPhones:

1) Tap the setting icon on to phone screen.

2) Open settings and then go to call settings.

3) Find call forwarding and toggle it on.

4) Enter the number you want to forward the call to.

When you want to turn it off, follow the same procedures and toggle the call forwarding option back on. This will allow unconditional call forwarding on your iPhones.

Call Forwarding Unconditional For Android

Follow the same method for Android devices as well:

1) Go to the Settings menu.

2) Click “Call Settings” or “Supplementary Services” in the Call Settings of your Android phone.

3) Find “Call forwarding” on the call settings page and then click it.

4) Enter the Number on which you want the call to be forwarded

You are done. This will enable call forward unconditional on Android as well.

This is how you can enable unconditional call forwarding on any device.

How to fix call forwarding unconditional voice not forwarded

There are several ways to fix call forwarding unconditional voice not forwarded. Some are listed below.

1) Check your call forwarding number: Ensure that your phone numbers have the correct call forwarding numbers. Sometimes, you have to change it if you process a lot of calls for various numbers. The wrong number may cause a call not to be forwarded. Check your number if you suspect this problem. You can skip this issue by disabling the call forwarding unconditional feature and re-entering your number again.

2) Check your call forwarding settings: Check your call forwarding settings to see if call forwarding is enabled. You can even try to change the dialing prefix in case you are experiencing incorrect number dialing while calling specific area codes. Settings should be correctly entered as per your carrier.

3) Turn on your connection: Sometimes, you might have turned your connection off for some reason, so this may cause calls not to be forwarded. You can go to the settings menu on your phone to ensure that your call forwarding is still enabled and that the correct number has been entered.

4) Make sure no one else is forwarding on the same number: Even if you have someone delivering on your number or have multiple numbers forwarded, make sure that no one else is doing it. If you are receiving calls from a different phone number, this can cause your call not to be forwarded. This can mislead you and make you think your line is not forwarding calls, so try undelivering it.

5) Check your network: Even though this doesn’t directly affect call forwarding, it can stop your phone from making or receiving calls. Make sure you are in the service area by checking with your carrier, then enable data if you have disabled it for any reason. Sometimes, there is an issue with your network, or you are in an area with a dead spot.

6) Check your coverage area: Sometimes, even if you have excellent service in your neighborhood, there might be a dead spot or a place where the call will not go through. This can also cause the call not be forwarded. Make sure it is just your phone and that nobody else is doing this on the same network.

7) Check SIM card: If you receive any text messages regarding the call forwarding not working, check your SIM card to see whether the problem is on the cellular line. If this is an issue, return to the previous carrier immediately and ask for help with this error message. The SIM may cause a problem in call forwarding.


To conclude, call forwarding is an excellent feature on your phone. It allows you to forward calls to another number if unavailable. It is an excellent feature for customer service, especially for businesses and institutions. You can use it as an emergency code when someone needs to contact you urgently or if you are away from your home or office.

For parents, it allows them to monitor their children’s incoming calls and provides peace of mind. Ensure that the call forwarding number is entered correctly so your mobile line won’t be blocked or have errors during operation. Minor issues can be solved easily with a bit of care and attention.


How do I fix unconditional call forwarding?

Both conditional and unconditional call forwarding can be fixed with the steps given above.

How do I turn call forwarding off?

Go back to the settings after you have enabled it. Toggle it off from there and back on again from the same menu.

How to deactivate unconditional call forwarding in Vodafone?

It is straightforward to deactivate unconditional call forwarding at Vodafone. Just Dial **21** to activate and ‘##002#‘ to deactivate your device.

What is the charge for unconditional call forwarding

There is no charge for unconditional call forwarding. The only thing to remember is that your line should be active at the time of receiving, and you can use any number on which you have activated unconditional call forwarding

I want to deactivate unconditional call forwarding on my mobile phone. How do I do it?

You can deactivate it by dialing a particular code or entering your device’s settings.

What does it mean when it says call forwarded?

Call forwarding happens when you call a specific number, and your call is connected to the dialing prefix of that number. When the destination line rings, a person will pick up, and the phone will send your call to the recipient’s phone number.

Your call has been forwarded meaning?

This means that you have chosen an alternative number to receive calls. This can be another individual, place, or number.

Does call forwarding unconditional mean my phone is tapped?

No, it doesn’t mean your phone is tapped. It’s just a voice call forwarding option that lets you forward calls to your number to other numbers. It is beneficial when someone is unavailable to answer your call.