Best Smartwatch Under 1000 To Buy In 2021

Best Smartwatch under 1000 – Gadgets have been a trend in this era, most uniquely smartwatches have been the choice of many people nowadays. Smartwatches have always been the choice of trending peoples.

But people choose to be ­­more fashionable and unique by spending less amount. that’s why we have a list of the best Smartwatch under 1000.

Best Smartwatch under 1000

  • Welltech V9 Smart Watch.
  • Faawn Smart Watches with Bluetooth, Sim Card (4G Supported ) Health and Fitness Tracker Smart Watches for Men Boys and Girls.
  • ALONZO Dz09 new phone Smartwatch
  • Ispite Smart Watch A1 Black Bluetooth Smartwatch Watch Android with Camera/SIM Card Slot Sports Watch Compatible with All Mobile Phones for Mens | Boys, and Girls (Black)
  • Blast Inn Soft Silicone Sport Band Wrist Strap Compatible for Watch Series 5/4/3/2/1 for 38/40mm

1. Welltech V9 Smart Watch

Key Specs:

  • Phone Function
  • SMS-Synchronization
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Multi -Apps Support
  • Activity Tracker
  • Calling Feature
  • Multi-Media Supportive
  • Rechargeable

Detailed Specifications:                

Welltech Smart Watch is a Bluetooth smartwatch that comes with a camera and SIM-card Support. It has features that make the calls received from the phone to watch, also with the great display and touch screen it becomes a sure value for money.

It can also be used to access phone contacts directly from the watch. It also has phone call support. The various phone applications like WeChat, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. can be accessed through the watch with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.

As for the media, it supports audio-visual features, and it can access a music player and camera. Also, it can be used to schedule time, read the news, and access web browsers.

Price Details:

The Welltech Smartwatch comes in three different color options at different prices.

₹ 949.00 ₹ 969.00 ₹ 999.00

2. Faawn Smart Watches

Key Specs:

  • Sync Function
  • Bluetooth connect
  • Live fitness tracker
  • Sleep monitoring memory tracking

Detailed Specifications:

Faawn Smartwatch is similar to all the smartphones in the Rs 1000 range. It comes with Bluetooth support that makes it easier to answer calls, and view messages. The sync feature of the Smartwatch has sleep monitoring, a fitness tracker with a pedometer also it can track sitting memory.

The anti-theft feature in the smartwatch rings or vibrates to alerts when the smartphone leaves the Smartwatch 10 meters away.

Price Details:

₹ 699 ₹698

3. ALONZO Dz09 new phone Smartwatch

Key Specs:

  • Stainless steel clasp
  • Resin band
  • 5-inch LCD screen
  • Android and iOS suitable

Detailed Specifications:

Alonzo Dz09 has both android and IOS media support. The Smartwatch has Bluetooth, a pedometer, remote capture, internet messaging, alarm clock supports.

You can check Whatsapp, messages, Facebook messages from the watch only.

It has only one color option.

₹ 659

4. Ispite Smart Watch A1 Black Bluetooth Smartwatch

Key Specs:

  • Notifications support
  • Call reminder
  • Activity Tracker
  • High-Quality Display

Detailed Specifications:

Ispite Smartwatch has Automatic Sleep Tracker, Sedentary Alert, and Activity Tracker. Activity Tracker tracks steps, distance, running, calories burned. Calls can be answered from the watch., also it rings when the phone is disconnected.

Price Details:

It comes in only one color.


5. Blast Inn Soft Silicone Sport Band

Key Specs:

Durable and Comfortable

Stainless steel back

Full Specifications:

The Smartwatch comes with the fitness tracker theme cloned from the apple watch. The Blast Inn smartwatch is actually a smartwatch for the sport with good fitness tracking features.

Price Details:

The Smartwatch has two variants:

38/40 MM(BLACK) 42/44 MM (BLACK)
₹499 ₹499


These are the best smartwatch under 1000 in India, and we have covered the latest trending smartwatches according to the era requirements. 

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