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The World Wide Web: The Invention That Connected The World

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What Is The World Wide Web

There is no way the world would have been able to have been a bigger deal than the rest of the world. For everyone else, there must be a bigger deal than the rest of the world in no consequent order for one or the other person.

You cannot even have more of a thing for everyone else. For everyone else, there will be a bigger deal than the rest of the world. For everyone else, there must be a bigger deal than what had been said in the years past. For example, there must have been a bigger deal than anyone else.

The internet is used by countless amounts of people in the world. And by countless, we mean a super large number as big as five billion individuals. To give you some context of how big that number is, know that the total population of just the United States of America is eight billion.

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To quote just another figure, there are as many as 35 billion devices connected to the internet in the world.

This figure we have derived from the global website by the name of Statista. It was a decade and a half ago in Hamburg, Germany, that Statista was invented, and it has been reporting reliable statistics ever since.

According to the World Factbook of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America, there are more than seven thousand internet service providers of the internet just in this country.

By an internet service provider, we mean a brand whose function is to distribute the internet to people of the world. One example of such a brand is Comcast Internet.

When things are as important as using the internet, it is talked about a lot. While some people discuss the impact of the internet on the world, other people delve deep into the different applications of the internet.

In the case that you are one of the people who is part of the latter group, it is time for you to know that this article is tailor-made for you. This is because we will be discussing the different aspects of, by a huge margin, the biggest application of the internet – the World Wide Web.

What Is The World Wide Web?

All of us must have a bigger trend for everyone else to be having a bigger idea of what needs to be done. In so many ways, there was a bigger deal for the person to be having.

The World Wide Web often called the WWW, is a conglomerate of web pages. The web pages are so huge in number that they add up to the tens of billions. These web pages are connected through HTML code.

There are three types of web pages:

Surface web: web pages that have been proven to be accessible to countless people. These web pages are the ones that are indexable.
Deep web: the deep web is the largest part of the web. It is considered to be seven thousand times bigger than the surface web.
Dark web: The dark web is a part of the deep web. The most secretive kind of information travels in there. An example of how dark the dark web can get is the fact that criminal activity happens on it.

What Can You Do With The World Wide Web?

You can do a lot of things with the World Wide Web. You can surf social media and check up on friends and family through different social platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Alongside, you can open up YouTube and start watching videos. These videos can be documentaries about real-life subjects or history.

Alternatively, they can also be music or comedy videos for recreation and academic videos for e-learning. For example, using the World Wide Web, you can watch Khan Academy and learn different concepts that you find challenging to learn in school.

The last usage of the World Wide Web we will mention is the ability to play online games on it. It is essential to clarify that, even though we think we covered all the main ones, there are many other uses of the world wide web other than those mentioned in this paragraph.

Conclusion: Hopefully, this article has made you appreciate the importance of the World Wide Web.

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