Sony Alpha 6400 E-mount Camera With an APS-C Sensor

Sony is one of the world’s leading IT companies. How did they become so successful? The one thing Sony emphasizes more than its competitors is its cameras. This year, Sony has released a new model called the Alpha 6400 E-mount camera with an APS-C sensor, which comes complete with an 18 MP resolution for professional photography and 4K video recording capabilities.

The new Sony A6400 represents a new era of affordable cameras for photographers and videographers eager to upgrade their equipment without compromising quality or performance.

With an incredible variety of functions, the camera is ideal for a wide range of photographic purposes, from photography enthusiasts to amateur photographers to professional photographers and even Hollywood producers.

The Alpha 6400 E-mount camera with an APS-C sensor is a revolutionary new release from Sony. It’s the first mirrorless camera to shoot 4K video in Super 35mm crop mode, and it has been designed for easy portability for both still and video shooters.

This 18.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor offers improved image quality and features for enthusiastic hobbyists and advanced amateurs alike.

This new release has a lot of new features. In this article, we’ll review the camera’s core features and specifications and look at the first few images we’ve shot.

But with cameras like the EOS M50 from Canon and the X-T30 from Fujifilm having comparable prices and sized sensors, the area in which they compete is becoming increasingly crowded.

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Sony Alpha 6400 E-mount camera review:

Style: Mirrorless DSLR

Image format: 24MP APS-C sensor

Video format: 4K UHDTV (3840x2160p)

Sensor size: APS-C CMOS sensor

Focal length multiplier factor: 1.5x crop factor of a full-frame DSLR lens (1.


– Speedy, reliable autofocus

– Great AF for action shots

– Up to 11 fps shoot speed

– 4K/UHD video recording

– Wi-Fi/NFC connectivity

– Fast Hybrid AF up to 11fps shooting

– 11fps burst shooting (8fps with silent shutter)

– Has Smart subject-tracking and Accurate eye recognition

– High-Resolution LCD Monitor with Touch Focus and Touch Shutter

– Easy Setup

425 phase-detection AF points tracking system and EVF sensor to keep subject in focus – Continuous shooting mode (continuous AF). The Sony Alpha 6400 is the perfect camera for those looking to upgrade their everyday video and photography capabilities without getting into the high costs of a professional system. It has been designed to offer a lot of functions while maintaining a small, sleek design to make it easy to use form.

The Sony A6400 E-mount camera is designed for both still and video shoots. It has smart operability and pro-level features and can do continuous silent shooting at up to 8 fps.

Should you buy this?

If you want all the advantages the Sony A6400 has to offer for your photography, It’s worth getting. However, it might not be worth getting if you don’t need all these features and if you’re looking for a standard, full-sized DSLR type of camera.

Therefore, you must consider your requirements before making your decision to purchase. The Sony A6400 offers so many advantages over cameras of similar price and size, which makes it the ideal camera for action shots as well as panoramic photos thanks to its fast focus tracking system.