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[Solution] Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light

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PS4 Controller Yellow Light

If you are a PlayStation 4 owner, you may have experienced the frustration of the yellow light on your controller. This can be exceptionally bothersome during extended gaming sessions.

The lights indicate certain aspects while playing the game with the PS4 console.

  • For Player 1: Blue Light
  • For Player2: Red Light
  • For Player 3: Green Light
  • For Player: Pink Light

What Does Yellow Light in PS4 Controller Mean?

The PS4 controller’s yellow light often indicates a low battery. The light indicates that you need to charge your controller. You might be unable to complete a game if your controller dies while playing.

There are, however, other problems that may be causing the yellow light on your PS4 controller. For instance, if the yellow light keeps flashing, the USB cable or port may be damaged, or there may be an issue with Bluetooth connectivity.

Either it could be a hardware problem inside the controller, or it could be happening by connecting the PS4 controller with multiple devices like the iPad.

In connecting the PS4 with multiple devices, you can fix the yellow light issue by resetting the controller.

The primary reason for the hardware issue is the flawed conductive ribbon film strip; if damaged, it could fail to call the some or all buttons function and can not communicate with the button inputs.

If the problem is not related to hardware, then it is recommended to try out alternative solutions to resolve the issue of the yellow light on the PS4 controller.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light?

#Method 1: Disconnect PS4 controller from all devices

The excellent solution which must be done first of all is that you need to disconnect your ps4 from all the devices, and for that, you are supposed to download the PS4 Remote Play application on your device.

This will let you control the system and disconnect your PS4 controller from all Bluetooth devices.

#Method 2: By Pressing the PS Button

  • Turn your PS4 off and connect your controller to the charging cable of the PS4.
  • Then turn it on and wait for the showing pop up “Press the PS button to use the controller” on the screen until the second beep sounds, hold the console power button, then again switch your PS4 until you see the same message on the screen and then unplug the cable from the USB port.
  • Now plug in the cable again quickly, keep pressing the PS button continuously, and the blue light will be flashed on the light bar.

This solution has been recognized as one of the best by many gamers who have faced this issue many times.

#Method 3: Try Resetting the Console or the Controller

While this method may work in some cases, it is not necessarily the best solution for fixing the issue of yellow light flashing. However, it is still worth considering as an option.

how to reset ps4 1536x864.png

Resetting the console or resetting the controller should be the first approach to fix the yellow light issue in ps4.

Because if your problem of yellow light flashing in ps4 gets resolved, you will not need to apply for other solutions.

#Method 4: Verify whether USB charging cable works or not

This reason seems minor but can prevent you from the long process of fixing PS4 Controller flashing yellow problems.

Check that the USB cable works correctly and your device is charged according to the requirements.

#Method 5: Choose the Safe Mode to Turn on the PS4

If none of the above-mentioned ways works, you still have one more way to fix the yellow light issue, and you must restart your Console in safe mode.

To perform this operation, turn the console off first and hold the power button for 10 seconds until the beep tone sounds.

Now press the PlayStation button on your controller after connecting your PS4 controller with a USB charging cable.

Now opt for the Restart the PS4 option by using the button, but you need to take care that you are not switching on the PS4 in safe mode if USB ports are not occupied because without connecting it with a USB cable, it will not allow you to restart in the safe mode.

#Method 6: Restart the PS4

If you are still facing yellow light flashing in the controller, one more thing is yet to do.

First, switch the PS4 off and on again, and with the spot of seeing the welcome screen connect the controller to PS4 by the charging cable.

While the yellow light appears, remove the USB cable from the USB port and replug it after 2 seconds, wait until the lights appear, and repeat this stuff, and the PS4 Controller Yellow light then turns off.

[Youtube] Fix PS4 Yellow Light

This YouTube video may offer a helpful solution if you’re experiencing a yellow light problem with your PS4 controller.


The PS4 controller plays an essential role in a variety of tasks. Gaming and navigating on your screen require DualShock controllers for optimal performance. There are, however, still chances that your controller can have problems, such as the PS4 Controller Yellow Light of Death.

So, this guide will guide you on how to fix your PS4 Controller Yellow Light blinking issue. Whenever none of the fixes work, it’s best to replace it (for outdated DualShock controllers) or contact Sony’s Electronics Product Support by visiting the official site.


Why is the light on my PS4 controller yellow?

PS4 controllers often display yellow lights when their batteries are running low. Seeing this light indicates that your controller needs to be charged.

How do I reset my PS4 controller’s yellow light?

Reset the controller: Look on the controller’s rear for a tiny hole near the L2 button. Put a paperclip or similar device into the hole and press the button. Hold it down for a short time, then release it. As a result, the yellow light should disappear from your controller.

Why is My PS4 Controller Blinking Yellow?

If your DualShock 4 Controller has a USB connector, a yellow light will appear if the cable is damaged or improperly connected. If your USB connector is damaged, you must replace it with a new one.