[Solution] Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light

 While playing the game with the ps4 console, the lights indicate certain aspects.

  • For Player 1: Blue Light
  • For Player2: Red Light
  • For Player 3: Green Light
  • For Player: Pink Light

What does Yellow PS4 Controller Light Mean?

If the yellow light is flashing in your controller, it indicates that your controller is plugged in to be charged.

There could be one or more reasons behind blinking the yellow light in your ps4.

Either it could be a hardware problem inside the controller, or it could be happening by connecting the ps4 controller with multiple devices like the iPad.

In connecting the ps4 with multiple devices, you can fix the yellow light issue by resetting the controller.

The major reason for the hardware issue is the flawed conductive ribbon film strip; if it is damaged, it could fail to call the some or all buttons function and can not communicate with the button inputs.

So, if it’s not a hardware issue, you should apply the other solutions to Fix ps4 Controller Yellow Light.

Disconnect ps4 controller from all devices

The excellent solution which must be done first of all is that you need to disconnect your ps4 from all the devices, and for that, you are supposed to download the PS4 Remote Play application on your device.

This stuff will let you control the whole system and disconnect your ps4 controller from all the Bluetooth devices.

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By Pressing the PS Button

Turn your PS4 off and connect your controller with the charging cable of PS4.

Then turn it on and wait for the showing the pop up “Press the PS button to use the controller” on the screen until the second beep sounds, hold the console power button, then again switch your PS4 until you see the same message on the screen and then unplug the cable from the USB port.

Now plug in the cable again quickly, keep pressing the PS button continuously, and the blue light will be flashed on the light bar.

This solution has been recognized as one of the best solutions by many gamers who faced this issue many times.

Fix ps4 Controller Yellow Light

Try by Resetting the Console or the Controller

One thing I want to mention is that this way works in very few cases, but it does not mean that you should avoid this way to fix yellow light flashing.

Resetting the console or resetting the controller should be the first approach to fix the yellow light issue in ps4.

Because if your problem of yellow light flashing in ps4 gets resolved, you will not need to apply for any other solutions.

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Verify whether USB charging cable works or not

This reason seems minor but can prevent you from the long process to fix yellow light flashing problems.

Check that the USB cable is working properly and your device is getting charged according to the requirements.

Choose the Safe Mode to Turn on the PS4

If none of the above-mentioned ways works, you still have one more way to fix the yellow light issue, you are required to restart your Console in the safe mode.

To perform this operation, turn the console off first and hold the power button for around 10 seconds until the beep tone sounds.

Now press the PlayStation button of your controller after connecting your PS4 controller with a USB charging cable.

Now opt for Restart the PS4 option by using the button, but you need to take care that you are not switching on the PS4 in safe mode if USB ports are not occupied because without connecting it with a USB cable, it will not allow you to restart in the safe mode.

Restart the PS4

One more thing is yet to do if you are still facing yellow light flashing in the controller.

First, switch the PS4 off and on it again and with the spot of seeing the welcome screen connect the controller with PS4 by the charging cable.

While the yellow light appears, remove the USB cable from the USB port and replug it after 2 seconds, and wait until the lights appear, and repeat this stuff, and the yellow light will not be displayed.

[Youtube] Fix PS4 Yellow Light

This Youtube Video may help to fix the ps4 Controller Yellow Light problem


I hope you have found the solution to your ps4 yellow light problem. If you are still having problems, then you can take support by visiting the official site.