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How To Customize Touchpad Gestures In Windows 11

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Touchpad gesture in windows 11 – An Introduction

In this era of convenience and comfort, everyone is somewhere looking forward to comfort, convenience, and hacks ways to optimize their productivity and time. And understanding that, windows let its users to customize their system in numerous ways.

In this blog particularly, we will look forward to how to customize touchpad gestures in Windows 11.

Types of Touchpad Gestures in Windows 11

There is various gesture-based customization that windows offer its user to increase their productivity. These gestures save your time and energy but allowing you to launch your favorite settings through some common basic features. Below mentioned are the three basic customizations to your windows 11 touchpad gestures. 

Tap gestures: This is one of the most convenient gestures, as to use this gesture mode, all you need to do is tap the touchpad of your laptop. And the system will sense the tap of one or more fingers and will perform the respective function.

Zoom and scroll gestures: The zoom-in gesture could be performed by tapping and pinching your fingers in an outward direction to your touch pad. This gesture function zooms in on your current page and acts as a magnifier to it.

The scrolling gesture is also a gesture function to scroll down your current page. To use this function through your touch pad, scroll down your touchpad with two fingers by sliding them in an upward or downward direction to scroll up or scroll down. 

Three finger gestures: The three fingers gesture available on your Windows 11 OS is a customizable gesture option. This customization option lets its user to customize the functionality of this gesture through swipes, taps, a new desktop tab, etc.

Enabling the Touchpad ‘Tap’ gesture customization through settings:

In my personal opinion, windows 11 touchpad gestures do make your life easy. In this section of the blog, we will see how to enable touch pad gesture in windows 11. Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable the touch pad ‘tap’ gestures to avail the customization of the touchpad tap function.

  1. Launch the settings of your windows operating system from the start menu.
  2. Now scroll down to  the settings menu and click ‘Bluetooth and devices’ tab.
  3. Now click the touchpad option from the menu.
  4. You will now see, a list of different options available stating the task of your touchpad option
  5. Click on the checkboxes associated to the gestures you want to avail.

The Touch pad gestures option is now enabled in your windows 11 operating system. You can also, change the sensitivity of this touch pad tap gesture windows 11.

To enable and customize the touchpad tap sensitivity, click the dropdown option of your touchpad settings and select your favorite sensitivity option.

Enabling the scroll gesture customization in windows 11:

The scroll touch pad gesture allows you to scroll your current windows page on your fingertips, by scrolling through the in-built laptop touch pad.

There is different customization option that windows allow it users to choose as per their preference. In this section of the blog, we will see how to enable the scroll touchpad gesture functionality on your laptop. To do so, follow the below mentioned steps.

Enabling the two-fingers scroll gesture in windows 11

  1. First of all, launch your settings in your windows 11 OS. To launch your settings, select setting from the start menu. Or you can simply use the shortcut combination key Windows key + I on your keyboard.
  2. Now once the setting is opened, you will find various lists of options on the left panel of the settings page. Now click Bluetooth & devices from the sidebar section of your settings.
  3. Now click the touch pad option from the Bluetooth & devices menu list.
  4. In the touchpad settings, now click “scroll and zoom” option.
  5. Now you will see a list of various customizable options being displayed with checkboxes.
  6. You can now check or uncheck the boxes, as per your customization preferability.
  7. You can also customize the direction of scrolling the touchpad to activate the functionality, from the same menu.

Enabling the three fingers scroll gesture in windows 11

Comparatively to the two-finger scroll gesture, the three finger scroll gestures are more customizable in nature. Following are the steps to customize the three-finger scroll gesture windows 11.

  1. Like wise to every first step, launch the ‘settings’ in your windows 11 operating system.
  2. Now click the ‘Bluetooth & devices’ tab in the left panel of your settings.
  3. Now click the ‘touchpad’ option from the list.
  4. Now scroll down and click the ‘three-finger gestures’ option from your touchpad options list.
  5. Now you will see a list of various functionality options to select from. These functionality option mainly varies from selecting ‘switch apps and show desktop’ option in your windows 11 to selecting the ‘switch desktops and show apps’ option.
  6. Now select and check the checkboxes as per the functionality that you prefer for the gestures to perform.

The switch apps and show desktop options: This is also the default three-finger gesture option. This option allows you to directly switch from one application to another. And it also provides the user a preview of all the desktops in use or currently opened.

Through this functionality, one can also do multitask by swiping the three fingers in an upward or downward direction.

The switch desktops and show desktop option: Similar to the first option, yet different to that; the switch desktops and show desktops option lets its user to switch between the available or in use desktops.

Change the audio and volume level: By selecting this option, you can use the functionality of increasing or decreasing the volume level of your device, through three finger gestures. If you are a frequent podcast or song listener, then this functionality could be the most ideal one for you.

How to customize touchpad gestures window 11

Now that we have already discussed that how to enable the windows 11 customization option in your operating system. Let’s see how to customize these three finger gestures step by step. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Launch the settings on your device.
  2. Now go the “Bluetooth & device” settings at the left panel of your settings.
  3. Now select and click, touchpad options.
  4. In the touchpad settings, now scroll down and click advanced gesture option.
  5. From this advanced gesture window, now select the customization options available.
  6. As, in the advanced gesture window, you will now see, a list of varied option available with its from down functionality options. Select and click the options of your preference, and click save.

With these steps you will now be able to customize your windows 11 touchpad gesture precision.


How to disable windows 11 customizable touchpad gestures?

To disable the touchpad precision option in windows 11, follow the below-mentioned steps:

First of all, launch settings:

  • Now click “Bluetooth & devices” option from the settings
  • Now select the touchpad option
  • In the touchpad option list, now select the three finger gesture settings or any other settings that you want to disable.
  • Now in the right side of functionality, you will see a dropdown-based box to choose options from.
  • To disable the customization settings, select nothing.
  • It will now disable the gestures functionality on your windows 11 operating system.

Do my windows operating system allow customized gesture options?

Yes, windows do allow its users to go for customization gesture controllability. But if you want to check so, follow the following steps.

  • Launch settings.
    1. Click ‘Bluetooth & devices.’
    2. Now click ‘touchpad.’
    3. If the ‘touchpad’ option isn’t available under the ‘Bluetooth & devices’ settings, then your current operating system might not provide customizable touchpad precision gestures.

What functions and actions could be performed through windows 11 touchpad precession customization?

There are various actions, functions, and options that a user can select as per their preferability. Below-mentioned table shows a list of various action and functions, that could be used to customize your windows 11 touch pad precision.

  S.NO.  Function    Gestures
 1To select an item  Tap touchpad precision
 2Scroll  Place two fingers on the screen and slide horizontally or vertically  
 3Zoom in and zoom out  Place two fingers on the screen and pinch in or stretch out  
 4show more commands option (Right clicking)  Press and hold the item
 5Show all open windows  Swipe with three fingers up on the screen

 6Show the desktop  Swipe with three fingers down on the screen  
 7Switch to the last closed app  Swipe with three fingers to the left or right on the screen  
 8Open notification Center  Swipe with one finger in from the right edge of the screen  
 9See widgets  Swipe with one finger in from the left edge of screen

10 Switch desktops  Swipe with four fingers to the left or right on the screen  


With these steps and procedures, we have now come to the end of this blog. In this particular blog, we shared a step-by-step method about how to customize touchpad gesture in windows 11.

Before ending the blog, we have also tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. To read more of such useful blogs, do subscribe to us, as we regularly post about new tricks and tips to help you increase your productivity and make better tech-based decisions.